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Fire Dept. Called to Donda West's Home

11/12/2007 6:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Dr. Donda West was at her home when 911 was called.

We're told that at 7:35 PM Saturday night, paramedics responded to a 911 call and transported West to nearby Centinela Freeman Hospital in Marina del Rey. We're told it was a "sick person call."

A hospital spokesperson tells TMZ that an unresponsive West was brought to their ER around 8:00 PM Saturday night. They attempted to resuscitate her, but were unsuccessful. She was pronounced dead around 8:30 PM that night.


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I would think there were drugs available for the pain.
maybe too much drugs for her system.

2501 days ago


dallas, tx:

Privacy doesn't mean we all shut up about it, and I don't know what kind of world you come from where you think it might. It simply means I can read about it on a website instead of peeking in one of the family's windows for a glimpse of the body, or shoving a microphone in Kanye's face and asking him how he feels about his mom being dead.

2501 days ago


Ignorance is bliss on the site. Wow! I mean, some people really shouldn't be allowed to have an opinion. It almost seems like a violation of my rights.

2501 days ago


i actually cant believe some people to make such cruel comments racist comments at that ! you wouldnt like if someone commented on your loved ones death... but you know what ?you are probably the people who live in trailer parks,and are glad because a successful african american woman has died, who just happens to have a successful african american son! And i cant help to think of how much class you lack due to the fact that you would come on here and make comments when any hardworking, respected person has way more to do than come on here and degrade themselves. **********I bet if you said that to som
eones face you would have at leat 5 less teeth in your mouth********** R.I.P> DR. WEST
I bet there isnt a doctor in from of your name **** I'm adressing everyone who made ignorant racist, kfc chicken comments. come get some!!!!!!

2501 days ago


Please post the name of the dr and place that killed her so they can go down.

2501 days ago

bewildered bystander    

Now Kanye finally has something REAL to be upset about

2501 days ago



You're stupid.

Think about it and let it set in for awhile.

2501 days ago


Kanye will probably blame this on Bush!! HA-HA

2501 days ago

Biased information    

Shame on the tabloid media for exploiting this tragic event. Who raised you people?

2501 days ago


Maggie - I'm sorry. I meant to put #13 (the girl who thinks we're being too mean) - I totally agree with you - if you're not going to listen, why should anyone try and stop you?

And #28 - why do you come to sites like this if all you do is complain about the way they portray a story? Stick with CNN (who's also running the story, mind you) or another reputable site, this one is MEANT FOR FUN - lighten up!

2501 days ago

Dog Chapman    

What is a kanye west and why should we care?

2501 days ago



my mom did and she's still alive

2501 days ago

Suthyrn Gyrl    

In this day and at this time, YOU ARE WHAT YOU SAY! Even if you are not a fan of Kanye West and the very sound of his voice or the mere mention of his name mortifies you, keep in mind that only cowards kick towards the downpressed man. To say despicable things about a deceased woman whose best judgment produced an incredibly successful son and whose possible worst judgment POSSIBLY led to her demise is to say to the world "I am incapable of human decency." It also makes me wonder about the source of your apparent pain. I will pray for you, as I pray for the West Family. Remember: "A guarded tongue is a guarded soul."

2501 days ago

Marlb Man    

Who the hell is Donda West???

2501 days ago


JC - Thanks. I was confused. I love it when another reasonable person shows up to post. ;) As much as I support the freedom to put whatever one wants on a comment, it gets tiring when no one uses the power for good, lol.

2501 days ago
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