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Brit in Hot Water by Flunking Drug Test, Bad Driving

11/12/2007 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A source connected to Britney Spears tells TMZ that one of Brit's drug tests has come back positive, but the source claims she actually passed. The source maintains it was a false reading.

Meanwhile, K-Fed's lawyer has contacted TMZ, telling us he will subpoena a story we aired about Britney running a red light. Kaplan wants the tape for an unscheduled court appearance on Wednesday.

The story, which ran Friday on TMZ TV, shows Britney -- her kids in the backseat and the court-appointed monitor in the front -- blowing a red light at an extremely dangerous intersection Thursday night on her way home. A close look at the video shows that she held her cell phone up to her face just seconds before running the light -- it appears she's texting.

Kaplan has already asked the judge to prohibit Spears from driving with the kids in the car. Commissioner Scott Gordon is set to rule on that motion on November 26. The latest development could accelerate that decision. The Commish has been troubled by Spears' driving -- the incident Thursday night could jeopardize her visitation.


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I'm going to say that probably a number of you have been in serious accidents,10% have Dui's, 90% have at least 1 infraction, 95% have never driven in LA traffic and 99.9% have never even sat behind the wheel with camera flashes going off, let alone try to drive, Or as is starting to come out, had a court appointed monitor hollering, go, go, go! ducked down in the passenger seat at a red light in the dark with flashes going off. The cell phone had to be to protect her eyes from all the glare of the cameras,as I really don't think even Britney could text and drive under those conditions, Point being Britney is a Better driver than most people.
O' next time you get close to a moving car, stick your foot under a wheel, it doesn't matter who is driving.

2535 days ago


The numbering just seemed to change. My comment about the front seat passenger is for poster #73 who said -- You say there was a court appointed person in the front seat but in this picture there is clearly nobdy in the front passenger seat.

2535 days ago


I don't care what you do for a living, you get up early when your babies wake up and you take care of them. You stay home, feed them, play with them, snuggle with them, take them outdoors for fresh air. You make sacrifices. You get to know them. Britney has proven she is all about Britney. Selfish and undeserving of those two children!

2535 days ago

rock I.Q    

You dont come here everyday do you.. lol go view the video a few pages back ...

2535 days ago


Lucky [#74]

Look closer at the photo. You can just see the very top of the court monitor's head. She's ducking way down in the seat, presumably because a) she didn't want to stare death in the face or b) she doesn't want photos of herself on the internet so Britards can march outside her home yelling "SPY" and "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE".

2535 days ago


Maybe she would staighten up if everyone would just leave her alone. She is a human being for crying out loud!! Leave her alone and let her get her life back together.Britney avoid the paps and fight for them babies!!!

2535 days ago


I haven't watched the video, as my time is really worth something. But, was her car surrounded? Was she being closely followed? And I thought the Court appointed Monitor had to be with her at all times? There is no way, she is not in that car.
God. BritBrit, stay home with those kids and just stop with all this. No one wants to watch you behaving like this.
It is horrid watching this day after day. I thought Mama Spears and her were talking? I really wish Mama and Daddy Spears would get together and do some intervention with her.

2535 days ago

Blah blah blah    


The monitor is ducking in the front seat. You can clearly see this in pictures posted yesterday on other sites.

2535 days ago


Maybe she could be a good mother but right now she sucks at it. Knowing that the paps are everywhere, why not keep the boys in one of those estates she owns? They are children and being children they are easily amused. I'm sure she can find something they can all do without putting them in danger. She can run her errands when she doesn't have them.

Even if the light turned while she was going through the intersection, there's no reason for that cell phone to be in her hands. That court appointed person should've taken from her and beat her upside her head with it. Good mother my ass!!!

2535 days ago


you need to use the time or a date, TMZ will pull comments at there discretion

2535 days ago


i wonder who was the lucky cop was that got to watch britt pee?

2535 days ago


Britney is over 25 years old. She shouldn't need her mommy and daddy to clean up after her anymore. Their job raising that dumb drugged up hick is over. People act like she's some stupid kid, she's not a kid. She's a grown woman who cares more about drugs and booze and getting those idiots to snap her picture every time she leaves her house than her own children and her career. Hopefully her judge will wise up and snatch those poor babies away from her dumb stupid ass forever. They'll have a good chance at actually growing up then.

2535 days ago


For Pete's sake when you people get it. How do you expect her to have
clear vision with flash bulbs popping in her eyes. She should sue the
big P's for stalking her and flashing bulbs in her eyes while driving.. The
state ligislature should take acton on this matter and prevent them from
coming within 10 yards of her car. Group stalking should be a criminal

2535 days ago

Blah blah blah    

Some of you are saying there is no one in the passenger seat. There is someone there, you can see either their back of top of their head. Why would Britney have the seat belt on an empty seat, she is not wearing one. But in Brit's world this would make sense.

2535 days ago
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