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Brit's Peeps Say Drugs are Prescription, Bitch

11/12/2007 12:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

More Britney Spears people are coming forward, in the wake of the TMZ story that Britney tested positive for drugs last week.

A Brit source tells us, "The only thing that comes on the results are the prescriptions, that the court doctor prescribed." The source added, "There has been no illegal drugs or even alcohol in any of the test results."

We know Britney is seeing a shrink as part of the ongoing custody brouhaha. That could be what the source was talking about with respect to the court doctor.


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I hate k fed    

I don't care how many of you idiots comment on here, free press, and I can state my opinion also. Next...Britney Spears shouldnt be allowed to drive because she ran a red light. Where are the minds of all you people? She won't be allowed to drive her children because she ran a red light. She wasn't involved in an accident. Britney Spears only driving infraction that has been reported is that parking lot bump, which she has been CHARGED WITH CRIMINAL HIT AND RUN!!!! Let's all give up our civil rights RIGHT NOW! NO WAIT< if you have ever been married to a money leeching, porn hopping, pot smoking, babymakin', LOSER like Kfed, give up your civil rights as an American citizen FOREVER. This case is a disgrace.

2534 days ago


READ THIS... A small portion of insider information . . It is common practice for a record label to buy a huge portion of CD's as they are released. The deals are worked ahead of time and once the CD's are purchased BY THE RECORD LABLE, they are then set to go through distribution channels to be placed in stores. This is why BRITNEY SPEARS new CD was ever even ranked among the top of the charts.

Now, you see the drop off in the secondary sales stage.... this is where the CD now sits in stores and people are not buying it. The record label did what they could to make it look like it was a hot CD and they tried to prompt people to run out to buy it. Well, another failed attempt to mislead people into thinking that this trashy, sorry excuse for a parent and singer is done. Remember, when these CDs are released, it is the record label who is responsible for the initial sales and the misleading numbers released to the public. You now see how popular Britney's CD is and you see that it will continue to plummet to the bottom of the charts... BECAUSE, THE GIRL NEVER SINGS LIVE IN CONCERT, SHE USES EVERY TECHNIQUE AVAILABLE IN A STUDIO TO MAKE HER SOUND BETTER AND SHE IS BASICALLY A FRAUD. WHY BUY A CD FROM SOMEBODY WHO COULDN'T SING TO SAVE THEIR LIFE. All of you Britney supporters, the ones who live in denial and couldn't see the truth if it smacked you up side your fat head, KEEP BUYING CDs FROM SOMEBODY WHO IS MUSICALLY CHALLENGED AND PERPETRATES FRAUD AGAINST YOU...

2534 days ago

kevin christiansen    

you should stop treating your real father like an animal, oh that's right you don't want anyone to know your adopted, Illegally at that, I don't remember singing any paper's,

2534 days ago


I think alot of these traffic violations would not happen if there were not 50 million photographers around the car, that photographers foot would not have being ran over, i thought we all learnt from about 5yrs old not to go near moving vehicles, then there is the cop or sheriff who also got hit again if it wasnt for so many people around the car never would of happened, with this scrum of people around her car all the time it is impossible for things like this to not happen, and she went through a red light i think every driver does this at least once if not more in a lifetime, she hasnt being arrested for DUI like LiLo and Paris Hilton, this really is trial by media, i dont know if i could handle what she is going through right now

2534 days ago


When they find her dead. Who, will be blamed?

2534 days ago


Kfed will end up loosing the war

2534 days ago


kfed dont have a job because of the strike

2534 days ago

Gossip Girl    

I'd eat her macaroni and cheese... right from the source.

2534 days ago


okay like all of you are driving me nuts! please leave me alone!

2533 days ago
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