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Brit's Peeps Say Drugs are Prescription, Bitch

11/12/2007 12:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

More Britney Spears people are coming forward, in the wake of the TMZ story that Britney tested positive for drugs last week.

A Brit source tells us, "The only thing that comes on the results are the prescriptions, that the court doctor prescribed." The source added, "There has been no illegal drugs or even alcohol in any of the test results."

We know Britney is seeing a shrink as part of the ongoing custody brouhaha. That could be what the source was talking about with respect to the court doctor.


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death on a cracker    

Britney is a whore... the paparazi are all whores... they deserve each other... they love each other and they will all die together.

2539 days ago


Oh, prescription pills like Anna Nicole? Gee, that's much better.

2539 days ago


Do YOU get paid to blog here, 'Fly on The Wall'? ... Sure sounds like it ...

2539 days ago


People on ludes should not drive

2539 days ago


LEAVE THE B*TCH ALONE....... Z z z zzzzzzzzzz

2539 days ago


You can fuss all you want about the press chasing Brit and while there is some truth to it there is also truth to the fact that if she would stop running around like a manic chicken there would be no one to take pictures of or write about. She is 2/3's of her own problem. And the dragging the children around at all hours is rediculous. Children of that age need a schedule and a mother who givers a darn about them.

2539 days ago


All pictures would have time and date stamps, if they didn't want them for deceptive purposes

2539 days ago

death on a cracker    

Do YOU get paid to blog here, 'Fly on The Wall'? ... Sure sounds like it ...

Fly on the wall is ALWAYS here... its really sad.. whats even more sad is he/she is just a little troll... it doesnt get paid to write what it does... it just has nothing else to do all day...and night. it just likes trolling.

2539 days ago

what a b**ch    

What the hell is wrong with britney dont she understand what shes doing to those kids of course all she thinks about is herself (as usual) she'll never be a good mother. she dont deserve those kids at all. GROW THE F**K UP BRITNEY

2539 days ago


hey Britney, why don't you get some help. You really need it! Do you seriously think you're fooling anybody? maybe just yourself. Why don't you try to stay out of the news for at least one night, and take a defensive driving course. These things will help you get your kids back. Unless you don't want them back, do you? I hope yopu get your life back on track, but the reality is that you've made your own bed...and you know what they say, now lie in it.

2539 days ago

reality chk    

Have you forgotten you are dealing with real people?
For some reason TMZ is trying to bury Britney Spears.
The intense media stalking never allowing her to have
even a normal day doing everyday stuff. You cause most of the negative stories you print , lights flashing,
her way blocked constantly by photo togs. Your stories
are always slanted to the negative. How wonderful if
she could go thru this trying and emotional time and be
able to center her self by during normal everyday things
You make that impossible, she is kept off balance by
all of this. Kevin was not well thought of before this.
Yet you continue to feed and abate his attorneys. It
seems like you have an ax to grind. What you are doing
is a crime.

2539 days ago

Lola La Pistola    

Yeah, right! I knew it! How much did she pay the quack that prescribed the "prescription medications" knowing they would interfer with the drug tests, thus, giving her an excuse?

Bullcorn! The doc knew that prescribing whatever he gave her would be an excuse if her drug test came out positive.

I don't buy the excuse.

2539 days ago

Lola La Pistola    

Hey #28

Get a life.

2539 days ago

death on a cracker    

reality check, she lost any credibility when she let the papz pump her gas... they are connected at the hip and she loves it... dont forget it either!

2539 days ago

Lola La Pistola    

I suppose it just means that she's just naturally a dumb ass.

2539 days ago
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