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Donda West Warned About Surgery

11/12/2007 6:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that just weeks before Donda West died, a plastic surgeon refused to perform procedures on her because of a health condition that could have led to a heart attack.

We've learned Beverly Hills physician, Dr. Andre Aboolian, was set to perform a tummy tuck and breast reduction on Ms. West, but told her she needed to get clearance from an internist whom Dr. Aboolian recommended. We're told West never went to that doctor, and subsequently had the procedures performed -- but not by Dr. Aboolian.

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There are comments on here that are a little inappropriate and I think that TMZ needs to watch what people say about others , it is a sad thing when anyone dies .So to all of you with cruel words I hope that people say nasty things about you when you die

2540 days ago


Never been a Kanye West fan, but he has all my sympathy today. He must be devastated by this news. She died way too soon before her time should have been up. Apparently, she has always been there and been a strong force in his life. I'm truly sorry, Kanye.

2540 days ago

Well then I guess it is her own fault then isn't it

2540 days ago

death on a cracker    

cant get them to listen to anything can you?? i mean... WTF??? she wanted it done and by god she was going to get it done!... she did and now... well...

people, let this be a lesson... when the po po or a doctor says don't do it or step away from the car... do as they say... and maybe you wont die.

dont act like you da all mighty ,dont have to listen to no one.....

2540 days ago


Doesn't it piss you off when something like this happens? It could have been so easily prevented by listening to a doctor's advice - by what does the doctor know anyway, he just went to how many years of medical school? And now that poor family has to deal with all the nasty rumor and supposition that will OF COURSE be a huge part of this. I feel so bad for them.

2540 days ago


LMAO @ #8

I'm so happy you feel validated.

2540 days ago

Dog Chapman    

#15 Amber

I find your post offensive, maybe they should censor you.

2540 days ago


I sympathize with her right to make a poor choice. As a student of hers, I remember her telling me ..... "it's my way or no way."
*Peace be with you.

2540 days ago


R.I.P. Dr. West...My sympathies to Kanye West and his family.

2540 days ago


This is so sad, my thoughts are with Kanye and family

2540 days ago

Bob. My name is the same forwards and backwards    

Kayne has got to be the biggest, egotistical tool on the planet, but that is a sad loss. $100 says he sues, because his mother didn't take the advice of the doctors.

2540 days ago

just wondering    

...ONLY specualtion here...but...if she had a heart condition as many do at her age..then the risks associated with bleeding would cause blood clots that become high risk for strokes and heart attacks...ANYBODY who has any kind of sugery is always at risk for these complications...and if u r't in tip top shape ur risk for complications dramatically increase....time will tell..but the publicity from this may save others in the future who have unecessary operations when they r't in tip top shape...again...only speculation.

2540 days ago


You're sooo right #15, I 2nd that.

2540 days ago

I Love Rock n' Roll    

What a tragedy. Here we have an extremely intelligent woman who loved her family whose life was tragically cut short because of complications from cosmetic surgery.

I cannot understand why people who are probably beautiful on the inside (what really counts) are motivated to surgically enhance themselves on the outside (only counts in the entertainment industry and with other shallow individuals).

You are risking your life undergoing any type of surgery. How horrific. Now the remaining family members are left with only memories of their loved one.

Sympathies to the family and try and focus on all of your good memories of Dr. West and all that she contributed to those who came in contact with her.

I'm sure she would want all to be strong as she had to be strong as a single african-american parent raising a child on her own.

Remember: It's always the darkest before the dawn.

2540 days ago

MsAlSharpton are not Dog Chapman.

2540 days ago
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