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Donda West Warned About Surgery

11/12/2007 6:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that just weeks before Donda West died, a plastic surgeon refused to perform procedures on her because of a health condition that could have led to a heart attack.

We've learned Beverly Hills physician, Dr. Andre Aboolian, was set to perform a tummy tuck and breast reduction on Ms. West, but told her she needed to get clearance from an internist whom Dr. Aboolian recommended. We're told West never went to that doctor, and subsequently had the procedures performed -- but not by Dr. Aboolian.

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It should read #20 you are not Dog Chapman. You are nothing but a wannabe fake.

2501 days ago


I know that his mom meant the WORLD to him. So sad at his loss. Even more sad that this was 100% preventable.

Surgery is dangerous not matter what the reason. SAD loss.

2501 days ago


Remove the unacceptable posts please, this is not funny to put degrading posts, its disturbing that tmz does not restrict idiots from putting comments,
thank you

2501 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

Kanye......I am truly sorry your Mom died.....BUT, may this serve as a LIFE LESSON for you. You THINK you are WISE, you are NOT. Time to finally learn when to accept what is said to you and NOT FIGHT IT......Your Mom IS dead. Can't bring her back, but you can learn to SHUT UP and LISTEN to what OTHER people have to say, besides YOURSELF!!

2501 days ago


Anybody remember Totie Fields? Just goes to show you, if you are denied plastic surgery for medical reasons, there's always some MD out there who will do it even though it is contraindicated.

2501 days ago


She was getting breast reduction which is actually covered by insurance if it causes back ailments. It's not like she was doing a "Pam Anderson". But still, how could they perform the surgery if they didn' get clearance from her primary? Greedy bastards. . I see a big malpractice suit.

My prayers to Kanye and fam. this is terrible!!

2501 days ago

Alicia Dean    

It's pretty sad people are so self-centered they cant even offer kind words during someone's loss. If don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all. Whether you are a Kanye fan or not, everyone has a mother and this is a tough loss. Think about how you would feel if you had to loose a parent or significant loved one in the public eye. Would you want to endure personal criticism an scrutiny as well as deal with your grief? Get over yourselves and pray for West Family. My condolences..

2501 days ago


I am very sorry about your loss, this is my plastic surgeon, Dr. Andre Aboolian is an amazing doctor and if she didnt listen to him then god does things in mysterious ways. It was meant for her to go, but my heart goes out to him and his family, R.I.P Donda West. He was trying to help her, but its obvious she helped herself!!!

2501 days ago


Ooh! I'm surprised at the hate that seeps through all these messages. You people are so sick - get some help, PLEASE!!

2501 days ago


Wow, way to take the opportunity to scold Kanye. Really. He should learn a lesson about attitude from his mom's death.

2501 days ago


Some folks need to stop being jerks, Kanye's attituide has nothing to do with his mother dying! Nine times out of ten she did what ANYONE would do she went to get a second opinion, and they told her it was no big deal and they could do it! Nobody just decides with that much going for them in life to put there life at risk for a flat tummy....have a freaking heart!

2501 days ago


Ummm ... I don't actually think Kanye is disputing his mom's death.

2501 days ago


My condolences to Kenye. As for you, TMZ, you are really making some serious hay out of this story, so it would be nice if you too expressed some sort of sympathy for the passing of someone's mother.

2501 days ago


She died in vain

2501 days ago


It is unbelievable the lows that some of you people will go to!!!!! Making insulting remarks about a woman who has just passed, leaving family behind. Have some respect for her and for her family and keep your remarks to yourself!! This is at an all time low.

TMZ... how about giving this family a bit of privacy... and not allowing anyone else to comment. This is disrespectful and out of control.

2501 days ago
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