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Donda West Warned About Surgery

11/12/2007 6:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that just weeks before Donda West died, a plastic surgeon refused to perform procedures on her because of a health condition that could have led to a heart attack.

We've learned Beverly Hills physician, Dr. Andre Aboolian, was set to perform a tummy tuck and breast reduction on Ms. West, but told her she needed to get clearance from an internist whom Dr. Aboolian recommended. We're told West never went to that doctor, and subsequently had the procedures performed -- but not by Dr. Aboolian.

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Steel Citys finest    

Why are people no longer happy with the way that God made them and her age? Is it because her son is now rich and famous that she even had the surgery in the first place.....What a price to pay to look a certain way!

2444 days ago


For those of you who don't know what to say out your mouth. Please stop leaving stupid comments! It's always hard to lose a love one. My blessing to the family.

2444 days ago

doggy dog    

The price we pay to look our best. Society has us thinking the only way to look good is anorexic or so in shape at certain ages we resort to horrible things that we do to ourselves. This is a very crazy and wierd society we live in. I have had a breast reduction with no complications. That is such a shame but then if she knew their could be problems why in the world for vanitys sake would you ever do this. I had to have my reduction due to back pain, grooves in shoulders my forwarded shoulders! It was a doctor recommened surgery so I do feel sorry for her but if I in anyway knew that I had heart problems and it was a no go well then it would have been a no go! So sad she wanted this so badly. My thoughts and Prayers go to the family in this time of need.

2444 days ago


Save a buck, lose your life.

2444 days ago


Paulie, I know how you feel. My father will be dead 6 years beginning of December. It's something a child, close to a parent, ever gets over. You learn how to cope and deal and move forward but that's the best a person can do.

It's disgusting to me the kind of remarks being made here today.

RIP Dr. West. Condolscences to Kanye and family.

2444 days ago


You know there are people who are protesting military funerals right now too, and that is their right. I think it sucks, it's cold and heartless but this country was born for freedom to do and say whatever we want. You have to accept both sides of the coin. I don't like Kanye but it sucks to lose your mom, so I'm sorry for his loss. I'm fairly certain though that he doesn't give a rats butt what this white girl has to say or that he even reads this site. So go ahead and vent people!

2444 days ago

Here 4 Beer    

Wow...TMZ, you sure have a lotta retards on here today. My codolences to Kanye and his family. RIP Donda West.

2444 days ago


"don't know what to say out your mouth"

As opposed to?

2444 days ago


So so sad. I had an acquaintance who became paralyzed for a year because of botox injections.

Many, many people die or become disabled due to cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately, TV only portrays the "makeovers" rather than the horrific results others suffer.

Hollywood and TV shows portray only the successes, not the failures of these surgeries and injections.

They are very very dangerous!

2444 days ago

6. Well then I guess it is her own fault then isn't it?

Posted at 4:10PM on Nov 12th 2007 by Michael


Exactly. Her own damn, selfish fault. You roll the dice, you'll possibly get snakeyes.

2444 days ago

Jizzled 1    

You know regardless of how Kanye 's Mother passed..its a lost. A lost
of someone who has been with them through the thick and thin and now
she is not there. Yeah, you are to go on with you life but it is
easier said then done. I too lost my mother and is still misssing her
like crazy but it took me reading over and over Psalm 116 to feel good
and such a comfort that my mother 's soul is being protected. No Im
not a advit church going fanatic but a believer in the
Almighty...from reading the comments some of you need to read a
scripture of two on death and respect...

God Bless you Kanye and may God take care of your mother and your


2444 days ago

Charles Almon    




2444 days ago


I really don't think Kanye's going to be checking the TMZ boards today. I think we're all safe.

2444 days ago


My Condolences to Kanye and his family.

2444 days ago


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2444 days ago
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