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Takes CNN to the Mat

11/12/2007 4:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's a case of "he said -- but you didn't get to hear it."

Quizzed by CNN about whether he has ever used steroids, pro wrestler John Cena quickly responded, "Absolutely not!" -- then offered nearly three minutes of follow up. But when CNN made its edit to their special, "Death Grip: Inside Pro Wrestling," Cena's response was replaced with: "People conceive things because performance enhancing drugs have got the spotlight. It's a hot thing to talk about. I can't tell you that I haven't, but you'll never be able to prove that I have."

Needless to say, the folks at World Wrestling Entertainment are pissed! They've posted the original, unedited video on their official website, along with the following response:

"In a country in which the news media is highly suspect, and the quality of unbiased reporting has been thrown into the trash can, CNN has stooped to new depths. Notwithstanding the fairness, or lack therein, of CNN's recent piece entitled "Death Grip: Inside Pro Wrestling," perhaps the best example of how CNN misrepresents and unfairly presents their biased, if not illegal, point of view is the comparison of WWE's unedited video above to CNN's edited version. CNN's depiction of John Cena as it relates to steroids is not only professionally and morally wrong, but damaging to his character." Now 'dems fightin' words!

UPDATE: A rep for CNN has issued the following statement: "CNN has reviewed the footage of Mr. Cena and additional video from that interview has been added to the program which aired in replays of the program on Sunday." For more sports stories, check out tmzsports.com!

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Actually it's most of the posters on here that are faker than wrestling. Some are just tools of the WWE. Like TMZ.com is.

2537 days ago

RingKings Radio!    

It's just another way that the media puts a spin on Pro Wrestling in a Negative light. Very unprofessional on the part of CNN, but what can you expect from a network like CNN other than this type of response. If anyone wants to truly investigate sports, why not investigate the 19 year olds in College Football that are ripped out of their mind and don't have the testosterone levels to achieve that naturally. Wrestling continues to be the blackhorse scapegoat for the media in Sports News.

2537 days ago


First of all i am in the Wrestling business on the Independent scene and i have worked with john cena back when he was a nobody in ROH...yes he is a very large dude....but no he did not take steriods to get like that if any of you knew any better you would know that he was a body builder before he got into wrestling.....get off his back and for those of you that thing wrestling is fake lol...come step foot in the ring with me one good time or anybody that i work and we will show you just how fake it is...i promise you will change your mind.

2537 days ago


Ummmm...excuse me "Cliff" but you say YOU worked with Cena back when he was a nobody in ROH? Cena N-E-V-E-R worked for ROH, and that says to me that YOU definitly N-E-V-E-R worked for ROH and probably never worked with Cena either. And as for his body? Yes, he did get his size while bodybuilding earlier in his career, but where do you think THAT body and THAT size came from other than steroids? He may be telling the truth that he is not on them now or even since he started wrestling, but to say he has N-E-V-E-R used them is a flat out lie.


2537 days ago

"d-bol"breakfast of champions    

To Staci,
You are one of the many ignorant sheep my post was directed to. You can ABSOF%CKINGLUTELY get that big without steroids. If you think he is juiced, then any man with any appreciable amount of muscle is juiced as well. Get your lazy a$$ off the couch and go to the gym and you might gain some muscle as well. My God, people like you make me sick, so jealous and envious of others because they are something you are not or can never be and you must degrade them and their hard work to make you feal better. Please, just exit the gene pool now, you have clouded the pool enough as it is!LOSER!!

2537 days ago


“Captain D-Bol, ” exactly why would a girl want to go to the gym and work out so she can be like John Cena? You’re a blabbering idiot.

2537 days ago

"d-bol"breakfast of champions    

Not a blabbing idiot you 20 something, perezhilton/TMZ reading, 3,000 MYSpace cyber friends having, whopper eating nuts#cker. The reason I called her out is because she said you cannot build a body like that naturally, which you can. The majority of fat a$$ Americans, man or woman, think the only key to a better body is drugs, which is simply not the case. Anyone can build their body if they try. And if they decide to use pharmological aids, then that is their perogative. Now go back to MySpace and chat with the 3,000 friends you have but have never met and post some more videos on youtube.

2537 days ago


CNN's response is bull. I DVR'ed the Sunday repeat, and nothing was different.

2537 days ago


i love wrestling, watched since i was a kid & love cena as an entertainer...but who cares whether or not he or anyone else has used any enhancement drugs?? there's a damn war going on people...like he said, "bigger fish to fry"!!! by the way...where's all the support for our man barry bonds?? come on folks, let's be equally unbiased here!! hasn't been proven...

2537 days ago


I completely agree with TMZ on this one. the way they portrayed John Cena is damaging to his character. News media is supposed to show unbiased informative programming. not defamating, libeless content. The FCC should step in and fine CNN for this. Personally i think that WWE should pursue a lawsuit against CNN. Especially for a guy like Cena who has brought so much notice to WWE and showed great patriotism to the Marines of this great country.

2537 days ago


You know, the bottom line is CNN basically doctured the interview! Whether Cena does or doesn't take steriods (while serious) takes a backseat here. As someone who works in the TV business myself, I find what CNN did to be sickening!

They also doctured another fact too. They said when Chris Benoit was found dead, there was steriod in his system. That's true to an extent BUT what they failed to tell you is that it was testosterone in his system, not anabolic steriods! Also, they failed to point out that he was taking testosterone to correct past steriod use for erectile dysfunction!

Finally, that segment with the Dynamite Kid was bull. I read the very tabloid that he's featured in and let me say that his actual comments were vomitting! Considering the story with his ex-wife, he shouldn't throw stones! I've also heard and read from other wrestlers and their spouses (including Davey Boy Smith's ex, Diana Hart Smith) about how big of a d*ckwad he is! The only difference between TDK and Benoit is that he didn't kill his wife and kids but then again, his wife had the smarts to leave before that could happen!

Back to the subject at hand, CNN's report is very tainted right now. They should apologize. On this one, I wouldn't blame WWE or John Cena himself if he did sue!

To the fan that said the shows are better now that he's not on, I have to disagree with that notion. The shows weren't great when he was on and they still aren't all that now that he's not on!

2537 days ago


CNN is like any other news medium in America and in the Arab Countries. They slant the facts to throw their point of view to you and expect all of us to bite. TMZ also does this since tyou TMZ fellows are just an online tabloid.

2537 days ago

Another disappointed person.    

-"Pro Bodybuilder"

Just like it is genetically impossible for people to grow past seven and a half feet?

2537 days ago


the quote "I can't say that I havent, but you'll never be able to prove that I have" that you guys are still taking out of context IS explained IN THE UNEDITED VERSION OF THIS VIDEO.He's not saying that he has taken steroids you bunch of ignorants. He's saying that he can't say that he hasnt taken steriods because NOBODY will believe him anyway. And he says that you'll never be able to prove that he has because EVERY single blood test, urine test, hair test, any test that he has taken since he was 17 was NEGATIVE FOR DRUGS.

2537 days ago


This just shows that what he said is true. He said he never took them but no matter what he says people will still think and say whatever it is that they want without even knowing the man personally!!!!!!!!

2537 days ago
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