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Donda West -- Big Trouble on the Table?

11/13/2007 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Donda West's operation lasted eight hours -- twice as long as it should have. We're told Dr. Jan Adams began the operation Friday morning and finished Friday evening. He then sent Ms. West home, rather than to a recovery center, which we're told, would have been appropriate.

Several doctors at Centinela Hospital where West was taken, tell TMZ they believe the excessive amount of time it took to perform the procedure strongly suggests either something went wrong during the operation or the doctor was just too inexperienced.

We're told she was dead the next evening at her home before paramedics arrived.

What's more, Dr. Adams is not Board Certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery.


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Marlb Man    

Who da hell be dundee west?

2504 days ago


Just curious--It was meant to be sarcastic, moron. God, you people are dumb.

2504 days ago


I CAN'T BELIEVE OPRAH WOULD PUT A NON BOARD CERTIFIED DOC ON HER SHOW!! If I were Kanye's Mom I would have felt comfortable with a doctor that had been on BOTH OPRAH & Discovery Channel!


2504 days ago


as far as her choosing someone who isnt "topnotch" , Im sure that she had no idea that he wasnt board certified. We can blame it on the media...who brainwashed us in to thinking that he was 'topnotch" They were looking for a charismatic ,goodlooking, charming doctor for television ratings, and it sure didnt hurt that he is black (oprah and discovery) and didnt bother looking into his background (multiple DUI's, no plastic surgery certification , state medical board trying to pull his license).

I have always said that people , when asked to refer them to a "good" doctor, will always refer you to a "nice" doctor, not necessarily a good one. Donda is no different than the rest of us. How many of YOU have checked with the medical board, the better business bureau, or have done a criminal background check on your physician? Your dentist? Your counselor? Your child's boy scout leader? i have found in lifes dealings, that most of the people that are truly the best in their fields are not the most successful...due to the fact that the public wants good and "nice", and the more left brained a person is, making them more precise, the less right brained they tend to be, making them less social and thus less desirable to the public.

To say that Donda was looking for a "deal" and that this was related to money issues is absurd to say the least. She simply went along with the flow...just like the rest of the sheep...believing that this was a "good" doctor because Oprah and Discovery told us that he was.

2504 days ago


She went to him not because he was cheap but because he was the only one that would do it despite her pre-existing medical condition.

2504 days ago




My beloved dog had simple bladder surgery and came home less than 24 hours afterwards. He died in my arms 24 hours later. He should have stayed at the vet!

2504 days ago

Will's Boo    

Indeed this is a sad story. I just don't understand how a woman of such intelligence would actually go through with this procedure even after she was warned that it was too risky. Thats what Hollywood does to you - make you believe that you need to look a certain way. Regardless - my condolences go out to the West family.

2504 days ago


I am a critical care Nurse Practitioner and I've also had cosmetic surgery, so I have some input into this whole matter. First of all, I had a minor rhinoplasty which was minimally invasive. I'm in my 30s and even for such a simple procedure my boards certified surgeon made sure I had proper tests done in order to clear me for the 1.5 hour surgery. Being an educated person I also did my own research before deciding on my surgeon. Why Donda West didn't do even the most basic research just boggles my mind. Maybe because she based her decision upon this man's charm or the fact that he hosted a show and has been a Oprah. In any case it's not very smart.

Eight freakin' hours on the OR table is a long time for even a healthy person! Being under anesthesia for so many hours can seriously compromise one's cardiovascular system, not to mention other functions. Just by looking at Donda West's pictures I can guess that this is woman with Type II Diabetes and Diabetic related circulatory issues. Sending this woman home after 8 hours of surgery on the same day is just so irresponsible. I'm astounded that neither Donda or her post-surgical caretakers questioned this plan beforehand, and I am even more astounded that this surgeon and his staff discharged her home.

I think we shouldn't drag vanity into this tragedy. Donda didn't die because of vanity, she died due to various factors which could have been preventable. Cosmetic procedures serve many purposes and undergoing them should be personal choices. But those personal choices must be balanced out by realistic expectations and safety concersn. If you choose to have procedures done to make you feel better, fine, but learn to love yourself first and then do your research!

2504 days ago


When he operated on Joan Rivers, he made the incision in a oval pattern around her face and put his foot on the back of her head and pulled as hard as he could. That's gotta hurt.


2504 days ago

Dawn Day    

Jzz #43,

Obviously you sacrificed your education for your spouse's?!

2504 days ago


Kayne is egotisic and his big mouth came full circle. Don't go around in life thinking your above everyone. It's sad of her death but it was preventable. Maybe now he will shut his big mouth up.

2504 days ago

College Grad    

First of all, for all of the posters who are in some way blaming Dr. West for her death ....get off your soap box. Everyone in life takes risk everyday. For example, there is a risk that you could die in a car accident today, but that doesn't keep people from driving. It doesn't matter if she died getting surgery or if she died some other way. The point is a man has lost his mother, the only mother he'll have in life, and regardless if you like him or not, some sort of compassion should be given. What kind of sick individual finds solace in someone else's misfortune; it says a lot more about you more that any of the despicable things you could say about Kanye or his mother. I have friends who have lost parents that they were close too, and I wouldn't wish pain like that on my worst enemy. You people need to really get some psychiatric help because you are obviously trouble individual, who don't have loving relationships with your parents or you would understand his grief. I can only pray for you individuals as well as Kanye and his family and hope that you all find the peace and solace that is needed to make your lives better.

2504 days ago


wtf? people spend more time researching their car purchases than their surgeons. this is a big word to anyone contemplating surgery of any kind..

2504 days ago

Lola La Pistola    

That's not true. I work in a plastic surgeon's office and a breast reduction and tummy tuck take about 6 hours and if there was liposuction involved, as well, as with most tummy tuck procedures, then it is about 7 hours.

However, we NEVER send our patients home after a tummy tuck. They all spend the night at the hosptial for observation.

2504 days ago


We need to be careful about accusing someone based on these facts. Surgery's can routinely take a lot longer than expected. I had a breast reduction in 1997. The doctor said it would be about 2.5 hours. It ended up being over 5. Sometimes, you get in there and things aren't what you thought and you have to take more time.

These things happen. It's sad, and the woman didn't deserve to die, but she knew the risks going in.

2504 days ago
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