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Donda West -- Big Trouble on the Table?

11/13/2007 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Donda West's operation lasted eight hours -- twice as long as it should have. We're told Dr. Jan Adams began the operation Friday morning and finished Friday evening. He then sent Ms. West home, rather than to a recovery center, which we're told, would have been appropriate.

Several doctors at Centinela Hospital where West was taken, tell TMZ they believe the excessive amount of time it took to perform the procedure strongly suggests either something went wrong during the operation or the doctor was just too inexperienced.

We're told she was dead the next evening at her home before paramedics arrived.

What's more, Dr. Adams is not Board Certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery.


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2502 days ago


I feel sorry for her. Please some people who are idiots stop judging this woman who wroked hard her whole life. Do you know how hard it is to be a professor at a college? She was a bright woman, who seemed to be a good mother. God forbid, she wanted to feel good about herself. Sounds like she had issues with her weight, and excess skin, and wanted a recution, and tummy-tuck. She wanted to improve what God gave her, not get rid of it. I guess we should all stop wearing make-up, and dying our haire, and getting dentures, vaneers, or wearing contacts because its not natural, and God will send us to Hell. How damn stupid to think this way. God looks at a persons heart, and soul.

Although I feel sorry for her, she should have checked his credentials, that is our responsibility for ourself. Maybe she was caught up in this mans reputation, him being on Oprah, and working in a wealthy area, she assumed he was, or maybe didnt even know she should have checked him out. If a doctor is not board certified, you have to ask why. Any good , confident doctor would take this test . One that doesnt want to take it, isnt confident he will pass- plain and simple. So, I would run far, far, away from any doctor who isnt.

This woman had previous heart issues, and was 59 years old, and had mutiple surgeries on the same day. She should have been in the hospital overnight to be monitored.

2502 days ago


This is an outrageous and tragic needless death. Why was this guy allowed to be a TV spokesperson posing as a legitimate plastic surgeon? Perhaps the station is partly responsible? And why wouldn't this woman with all that money at her disposal be foolish enough to ignore the advice of a certified surgeon who instructed her to get particular medical clearance before he would do surgery on her and, instead, let this shyster touch her? Did she know he was not Board certified? I'm not an advocate of cosmetic surgery, but no one deserves to die for someone's arrogant, criminal behavior. This butcher should be in jail.

2502 days ago


Dr. West didn't do enough research on her doctor; she had previously been told not to do the surgery because of a potential heart problem;she didn't insist on a recovery center after having a major operation...All of these things were HER responsibility, and any sane, normal person would have the sense to check on these things before a surgery. Yes, we have all been subject to people or experiences that didn't quite pan out as we had hoped, but for something this major - you need to know the facts. So what if he was on Oprah, so what if he had a show on Discovery - he obviously looks at his profession as a cash-cow, not a way to better someone's appearance. HIs personal life has nothing to do with his profession - but his reputation as a physician was certainly called out before this tragedy, and a little work by Kanye and his mother may have prevented such a tragedy from occuring. For someone so educated, Dr. West should have known better than to just go home, you can't completely blame the doctor for that one. Medical boards should really start looking more closely at the plastic surgery industry, and the doctors that are just in it for the glory - if you can't pass the medical boards - you shouldn't be allowed to practice any kind of medicine - it's a flaw in the system, and I wonder how many more people will have to die from unneccessary, or even necessary, but "just not performed properly" surgeries. There is no such thing as a simple procedure, especially when anesthetics are involved - I've never had a surgery, and even I know that...

2502 days ago

chicago's wonder.woman    

kitty & just curious - THANK YOU....

It's so funny when people on here are so busy trying to knock someone else, they make themselves look just as dumb.

Anywho - this is a 50/50 blame situation, they are BOTH at fault, after the first doctor said no to SAVE HER LIFE it should have been a call to weight watchers or bob green and a trip to a bra fitting specialist. or a nice soul searching sabbatical to re-think priorities.

I would take being chunky at 58 with a successful child & a prominent career of my own over being outwardly appeasing ANY DAY.

2502 days ago


My thoughts and my prayers are with Kanye West and his family at this time of their grief and sorrow. However, I cannot believe and refuse to accept the allegation that Dr. Jan Adams is not Board certified. I went to the Medical Board of California's website but it is currently down. Unless I see it myself, from a reputable source, I won't believe this allegation.

2502 days ago



2502 days ago


I hope they take his license, and that still wont bring her back!

2502 days ago


Thank you for your compassion. I think all patients should be kept over night or sent to a recovery center for at least one day. but that is not how it is now. I think it has a lot to do with insurance. I have had 2 ruptured discs removed from my lower back, plus two knee replacements. a roto cuff repair and that crumpled bone. I was sent to a rehab center after the knee replacements for therapy.. But nothing else. This coming Dec 4th I have to have surgery again. Another roto cuff surgery on the other shoulder.. Luckily I have a good dr who has done all of these surgeries and will do this one too. But I will go home the same day and have good friends and children with me. It is not the dr. It is the hospital and insurance co who will not let you stay. I am so sorry for this woman. But when your health goes you do have to be careful what you do. Mine has to be done. But my health is excellant because I took good care of it and will be fine. I would like to look like some of these movie stars too, but not when I am 80 and still kicking with a full life. I am very thank ful for my blessings in liife and thank GOD, for them. They replace any thing false that I could ever get. .

2502 days ago


NOT board certified??!! How could this intelligent woman have made such a tragic error? Why, considering his history, was this Dr. still licensed at all?
Sad sad sad

2502 days ago


Check out some of the horror stories about the doc on this board:

2502 days ago


Thank you SAKURA. I thought that was odd to. If I was Kanye I would be investing some serious change to investigate the hell out of this dude and sue his ass into oblivion if I found out you had my Mama on a table for 8 hrs and killed. Sakura your post was the most honest without being offensive so I appreciate that. My mother has Diabetes. It's pretty much hereditary in African Americans. Much like Osteoporosis is more prevalent in Asian and Caucasian women. (At least that is what I've read.) In essence, she really didn't have no business opting for elective plastic surgery anyway if that is the case. And I'd be damned pissed if a doctor...or a man passing himself off as a doctor, didn't let my mother know the even more prevalent dangers ahead of time. Of course there are some risks with surgerys, but if you have a preexisting conditions such has diabetes...and probably High Blood Pressure too right Sakura? Hell, another condition African Americans have a higher rate of. Man...I'm so angry right now. Maybe because I'm thinking about my mother. I can't believe I defended this man. Mostly because I too watch Oprah, use his products and see his show. Damn...I think Plastic Surgery needs a serious overhaul.

2502 days ago


#63 It is the doctors responsibility to say NO!!, and not do the surgery. This is to take precedent over everything. Had this man been board certified, and ethical, he may have told her no surgery.

I can sympathize with Ms.West, because she probably wanted it so bad, she wasnt thinking anything could possible happen to her. You shoule always get two opinion before having any surgery, and she did. One said no, and the other siad yes, and because she wanted it so bad, she chose to go ahead. Her decision really doesnt matter, she is not a doctor. This was his call. If a 13 year old comes in, and wants surgery, its up to the doctor to say NO! You are too young for lets say a boob-job. Many people think with their emotions at times, even though they are normally intelligent about other things.

2502 days ago

What took so long    

Well I guess it's high time the Discovery Channel find a new host for their plastic surgery show, a host that knows what the **** he is talking about.

2502 days ago


Not board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery? That should have been a red flag to Ms. West. This information, combined with another doctor saying he wouldn't perform the surgery makes this incident a result of both medical and CONSUMER error.

2502 days ago
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