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Donda's Surgeon -- I'm the Victim of "Sleaze"

11/13/2007 1:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Plastic surgeon Dr. Jan Adams has told TMZ that he was the doctor who performed cosmetic surgery on Kanye West's mother Donda before she died.

Dr. Adams told TMZ her death, which followed a tummy tuck and breast reduction, was unforeseen and could have been caused by a heart attack, pulmonary embolism, or massive vomiting.

Dr. Adams tells us West consulted with him over a period of four months. He says she changed her mind numerous times, sometimes greenlighting the surgery and sometimes halting it.

As for the TMZ report that Beverly Hills doctor Andre Aboolian refused to conduct the surgery because of a medical condition that West had, Dr. Adams said of Dr. Aboolian, "He is sleazy and manipulating the truth to elevate his own importance."

Dr. Adams says he did nothing wrong.


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The real reason Kanye's mom died is because she was too cheap. She went to a ghetto plastic surgeon who screwed up the procedure. In life you get what you pay for. The thing that is incomprehensible is how these rap/hip hop artists gloat about bling bling and having money for dis n dat but either Kanye was too cheap to help out his mom or his mom was plain too frugal to get a good doctor.

2538 days ago

Oz Bnks    

I could have sworn I saw Dr. Jan selling wooden legs with kick stands on the corner of Hollywood & Vine last night!!!

2538 days ago


I am a big fan of Kanye and this hit me in the heart because anyone who si a fan of him and followed his career knows how important his mom is to him. I believe that there is malpractice at fault and that the hospital or dictor should be sued for liability. WHO SENDS A PATIENT DIRECTLY HOME AFTER THAT TYPE OF SURGERY!!!!!!?????? And why wasnt anything prescreened (like her healt, allegic reactions to medication) tested? This upsets me soo much because the worst thing that could possibly happen to any one is to lose a mom.

and TMZ i love your site and everything, but have some respect this isnt Anna Nicole Smith, this was the death of a respected mother and DOCTOR who served as a humantarian for Chicago and thier public schools. HAVE SOME REPSECT./

2538 days ago

College Grad    


Could you be any dummier? I'm pretty sure she didn't go to him because he was cheap, i'm pretty sure she went to him because he was a well-known plastic surgeon who appeared on numerous t.v. shows and specials. And i'm pretty sure given his reputation he wasn't cheap at all. There is no proof that he even did anything wrong anyways.

2538 days ago

Hot and Spice    

I had a plastic surgeon to tell me that all surgery is a high risk, no matter how small the surgery maybe. I don't feel like its any body business why the mother die. When James Brown second wife die ,the news didn't tell what type of surgery she had they just said that she die from cosmetic surgery. I will tell a person to go with what they feel is best for them and do research on the doctor befor you put your life in a strange hand! My sympahty goes out to him because he is an only child. But I don't agreed for the public to send his family money in behave of his mother. He have enough of money to sustain him him it nobody but him.

2538 days ago


This guy is a real sleazeball and should not be practicing medicine.
However, I wonder about Ms. West's judgment on this. This Doctor is KNOWN for having tons of malpractice suits against him, and for basically being a horrible surgeon. I understand that the average Jane may not be able to reasonably discover these things. However, Ms. West had money and savvy to spare, and is also a Ph.D. so she was not a stupid woman. Any person with half a brain would do a bunch of research before having ANYONE perform elective surgery on them. It seems she was already turned away by several well-reputed surgeons due to a pre-existing medical condition that they were concerned could make the surgery quite dangerous. She probably knew this guy's reputation as a hack, but since she desperately wanted the surgery and he was the only one greedy enough to perform it, she decided to take that risk. My guess is she fully knew the risk she was taking with this guy, and probably just decided it was worth it. The price of vanity, I suppose.....I wonder if her son agrees it was worth it.

2538 days ago


It's sad his mom died but she should have not picked a 'Quack' for her surgery!..hello.

2538 days ago


#40..comment is inappropriate, but funny like he##.

2538 days ago


this QUACK murdered KANYE WEST MOTHER...I hope he gets popped

2538 days ago


If you can't tell by looking at this guy that he is nothing more than someone waiting to get famous, you have no sense of perception. I would never have let this man touch me.

2538 days ago


I wish a lot of strength to Kayne
His mother seemed like an exeptionnal person. Maximum respect.
and....If she changed her mind numerous times, over a short period (4 months) why did the doctor operate?

2538 days ago


what Dr. would let anyone come straight home after surgery!!!!! u need to be in a hospital so they can watch you!!!!!!!!! I'm sooo sorry about this such a untimely death

2537 days ago


At University of Michigan hospital, Dr. Adams was chief resident in reconstructive surgery.
I am fine now after the bilateral mastectomy, but I was awakened painfully one morning when Dr. Adams just yanked my drainage tube at 6:30 in the morning without even waking me up and telling me about it. I sure did complain to my surgeon about his bedside manners and his this act. His face has been painfully etched in memory since that scary morning.

2537 days ago


Dr. Adams was the chief resident in reconstructive surgery at University of Michigan, when I had my prophylactic bilateral surgery with reconstruction. One morning I was awaken very rudely and painfully at 6:30 A.M when I screamed and woke up, Dr. Adams was on my side and said, " I just yanked your drainage tube out", he was not even apologetic for not waking me up before he did that, and just walked away. I did complain about his bedside manners to my surgeon, but not sure if anything was done about it.

2537 days ago
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