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Dr. Adams' GF Gets Restraining Order

11/13/2007 4:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained documents filed by Dr. Jan Adams' ex-girlfriend, claiming alcohol brings out his "Jekyll and Hyde" personality.

The papers, filed in L.A. County Superior Court in 2002 by Deborah Pratt, seek a restraining order, claiming, "Defendant has an unfortunate drinking problem and unless restrained immediately, will assert the worst side of his 'Jekyll and Hyde' personality when he is intoxicated."

She goes on, "Defendant is very attached to my children and he has been abusive when intoxicated in their presence, so he must stay away from them, also.'

She claims that on occasion he burst into her home, threatened and chased her in his car. Dr. Adams filed papers denying the allegations. The judge granted the restraining order.


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Thurston H.    

keep both Kanye and the Dr. Jan Adams lifted up in your prayers...
just a reminder we all fall short...

thurston h.

2538 days ago


Anyone can go on Oprah nowadays. Yes, he has a medical license ( I would assume so) but this does not mean he is a good, skillful surgeon. I work for surgeons myself and I can tell you that they ALL have lawsuits. I have never come across one in my life that does not. What concerns me is his criminal background, violent background ( restraining order ) plus all these other sorted stories we are hearing about him.
Also, why is he publicly talking about a patient's private medical facts ? Patients do have rights ( even deceased ones I believe ) and doctors take a medical oath to protect them.
What about the grieving family ? Does he not care how he is affecting them ?
It seems to me he is more concerned about how much money he can make and how many talk shows he can appear on. I also read that another qualified surgeon chose not to operate on her due to a medical condition she had. It would be quite interesting to find that out. Lastly, why did she surgery take over 8 hours ? It should not have taken that long it seems. Lots of unanswered questions, but my heart really goes out to Kanye and his family at this sad time.

2538 days ago

kathy king    

I was Jan Adams girlfriend at O.S.U. in the early 1980's... what a sad story for everyone!!! I'm not surprised about the alcohol abuse.

2538 days ago


To #13, yes, if the doctor was caucasian, people would have claimed he was a member of the KKK and killed Kanye's Mom on purpose because she was an American who happened to have chocolate colored skin.

2538 days ago


They hate to see a successful black man. What is the point of all of these stories. EVERYONE---WHITE, BLACK, BROWN or RED has skeletons in their closet or pasts. ALL have made mistakes..what in the heck do any of these stories have to do with anything.
Also, I'm sure that nearly EVERY surgeon has lost or will lose a patient at some point. Donde West is famous..... so this is why Dr. Jan Adams is in the news. If she had been some 'non-famous' person no one would have heard about this.

I'm watching Harvey on CNN right now and he's such an ASS. He is such an exaggerator...........AHHHHHHH. Crazy! He's making up stories as he goes along....he makes me sick!

2538 days ago


Kathy King are you trying to get your 15 minutes of fame too? Who cares that you dated this man back in the 80's?

2538 days ago


Wow... In our own backyard we have people that are so ignorant, selfish, and cold hearted. We all have went against the grain when told not to do something. But is that grounds for negativity. Someone has lost a mother,daughter,sister, and a friend. Please keep that in mind. Everyone makes mistake but know that we all problems and we all have to die someday. Out of respect for the West family please stay positive. We never know when it will be our day and how we will leave this place. Your negative thoughts should be kpet to yourself.

2538 days ago


Dr. Jan Adams is a nice person at heart and in mind, I once had a consultation with Dr Adams and he was very professional, He talked to me as if he cared and he did not smell of liquor, nor did he seem to be withdrawn, I feel for Ms West i really do but, She knew what her options where and maybe she had a condition that could not be detected by the test that is needed for her surger. It was just her time, and the lord wanted his angel to come home, now she can watch her son and protect him from above.

2538 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

I tip my hat to you, Mr. Levin, and your staff for scooping the L.A. Times on this one. This Dr. Adams is/was an apparent alcoholic with a messy private life. And darn, Oprah, you've done it again. You promoted the lying author of "A Million Little Pieces", Seinfeld's dishonorable wife's purportedly pilfered cookbook (and made this otherwise unremarkable housewife a bestselling author) ...and now Dr. Adams. Harpo Productions will soon need a vetting bureau. Thanks, TMZ. When you're good, you're really good.

2538 days ago


Ms. west has died in a very sad way.. For all u idiots who cant respect her & kanye please dont post any dumn ass comments.. That goes for no# 9 & stop makin this into a racial situation. This was a women that may have chose the wrong Dr. 2 perform surgery on her, that's it. Rest n peace Ms. Donda West , Kanye west my sympathy goes out 2 u my brother stay strong..

2538 days ago


Dr. Adams ruined my surgery as well he did a lift and breast augmentation and they still lool horrible and bad scars he said he would fix them for free and then said i would have to pay i said i wouldnt let him perform another surgery on me again he deserves to be locked up

2538 days ago


To 14,16, and 17.... TMZ took down some of the racist remarks that caused my reply. Evidently you were not able to read it. So my reply still stands for the simple fact that such a person to type such a thing must be such person. May you rest in peace Dr. West

2538 days ago


And on the contrary Mr. RedBear, I have been taught quite well. I have been taught to assess people by the way they live and treat people, not by their race. I have been taught by life that in most situations I am forced to clarify my integrity by other races due to thier preconcieved notions that they have most likely picked up from televison or other ignorant people. That is all I will say about that matter as I had every right to reply in such a way to such an ignorant remark. The fact of the matter is, is there may or may not be a Dr. out here who is practicing in such a negligent manner and I hope there will be a thorough investigation before something so unfortunate, especially if at the hands of someone who is licensed, happens again.

2538 days ago


There is nothing raciest here. A woman went against some very strong advise NOT to have this surgery done , until she went for clearance about another health problem that could cause complications. She ignored this and had the surgery done by another dr who had lawsuits against him. So sad that she died, but she knew the risks she was facing. I feel she did this to herself. What differance does it make what color she was ?? She did this to herself out of vanity. She was a very pretty , vibrant and smart woman who went against dr orders. What is raciest about that ??

2538 days ago


I don't care what color, sex or affiliation this doctor is. The fact that he 'seems' to have a history of sloppy plastic surgery is what bothers me. Yes, I know the allegations have yet to be proven, however, the fact remains that Kanye West mom is dead and Adams did the surgery on her. It is NOT uncommon for others to 'come out' and reveal their horror stories after an incident like this. Look at all the children who hid in the shadows around Priest abuse until more and more stories were revealed. My best guess is that this doctor will be punished for his sloppy and careless work.

2538 days ago
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