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Dr. Jan Adams -- His Appearance on "Oprah"

11/13/2007 12:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In November of 2003, Dr. Jan Adams -- the plastic surgeon who operated on Kanye West's mom before her death -- appeared on an episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

According to his bio, Adams has made "countless appearances" on television -- including serving as host for a show on the Discovery Channel called "Plastic Surgery: Before and After."

He also co-hosted NBC's "The Other Half" with Dick Clark, Danny Bonaduce and Mario Lopez.


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As if O doesn't have enough to feel guilty about with her school in Africa. I hope this is not true.

2480 days ago


It is always sad when someone you love dies. However, to just place blame on the doctor or hospital is not right either. There are several factors that we all must weigh before having surgery, and making sure the doctor is legitimate and board certified would be a necessary step. Patients also should be honest about their health, medications (Rx or over-the-counter--herbals included), and even seek a second opinion to see if the surgery is necessary. We have to remember since doctors are not perfect let alone God, things can go wrong. It is a risk we take sometimes because we have no other choice, other times because we want to just alter our bodies.

2480 days ago

I Love Rock n' Roll    

#8). Realist

What gives you the right to call me stupid? This site is for blogging opinions..The first amendment gives me the right to express myself.

What state are you in? I'll come over there and open a big can of whoop ass on your head.

2480 days ago


They both have the same posture while sitting

2480 days ago


No big loss, if you have not noticed on the news, there is no shortage of black people still on earth. Did anyone care about the 10,000 people that got whacked in Danfur in the past two weeks? thought so.

2480 days ago


just because ms west died does not necessarily make dr adams a quack. people can have complications from procedures all the time, the anesthesia can often be a big factor.

2480 days ago


LA woman---God bless you! I feel the same way...Why do these people think they have the right to call others names, or even have the right to make ANY remarks about ones comments? State your opinion, and mind your own business!

2480 days ago


Oprah Winfrey needs to realize that people stupidly associate anyone on her show as having better than average qualifications. She should have had her staff look into Jan Adams background. Instead, she had that quack on her show just because he was a black doctor. If she wasn't such a racist, and had decided to profile a qualified doctor irrespective of their color, perhaps Donda West would still be alive. But then again, seems Donda West just had to have herself a black plastic surgeon. And now she's dead because of it.

2480 days ago

College Grad    

5. It will be interesting to see how long it will take that black, fat ass, honkey hater Oprah to distance herself from that surgeon.

Posted at 10:37AM on Nov 13th 2007 by LA WOMAN
Honkey hater....have you watched the Oprah show lately? Who do you think is on the show, in the audience, and supporting Oprah...duh white people, white women in particular. I'm pretty sure that Oprah isn't a "honkey hater" as you described. And why would she distance herself from him, it hasn't been proven that he did anything wrong.

2480 days ago

College Grad    


Are you really serious? So just because she picked a black doctor who had been on many t.v. show and well know she was in some way wrong for that? How can you be sure that Donda only picked him because he was black? So would it had made you feel better if the doctor was white, then people would be saying she should have gotten a black doctor. Your comment is just stupid. She has Rachel Ray on her show because she can cook, now if she goes out and gives someone E-coli poisioning would that in someway be Oprah fault. Just like she had this man on the show because he was a well known doctor.

2480 days ago


I always suspected Oprah was nothing but a racist and then I heard her on that radio program making her racist comments against whites. Then of course we all know about some of her comments about whites made at the time she opened her segregated school for girls in Africa. Then who ends up molesting those girls, a black. Oprah has some nerve, she wouldn't be anything if it weren't for the white people that put her where she is. And her white fans have kept her there. She had Jan Adams on her panel because he's black. And now someone is dead because of that black quack.

2480 days ago

tooth fairy    

I bet Kayne's mom picked that doctor because she saw him on Oprah and other TV shows. She was thinking "He is on so many TV shows, he must be legit and his background must have been checked by TV stations and production houses." Well, you can't assume anything these days. Some people just have ways to get around.

I bet Oprah had him on her show because he was on discovery channel and other shows. Oprah's people just assumed he was safe. It's like "Discovery Channel must have checked his background."

2480 days ago

ya get what ya deserve    

His remark about TV appearances shows how arrogant this rimshod doctor is. "countless tv appearances"? Umm, not quite.This guy had a show about plastic surgery, but he wasn't even a board certified plastic surgeon. Does anyone do their homework anymore? It took me two minutes to look this guy up on two websites to see that wouldn't let this quack near me with a scalpel. I can't wait for it to come to llight about his bogus credentials.. .And what does appearing on Oprah mean, she's a frigging talkshow host, how does that make her special? She is nothing but a woman, with no special qualifications to give half the advice she does, on a talkshow for folks with nothing better to do that stare at TV and think she is some kind of oracle.

2480 days ago


wow it amazes me that white people come on these boards and use every opportunity they can to be racists!!! No wonder everryone hates you/!

2480 days ago

HiHeelz in Callie    

People, people, people, try to remember that a woman died tragically. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, this T.V. Personality/ Doctor perfomed surgery on Donde West. Hours later she died. Let the autopsy tell its story, then if necessary take it to the courts.

If you have issues with Oprah, go to her website and whine about her there. Trust me. She can handle whatever you or anybody else can toss her way; however, I bet if you were ever in her presence, you'd be kissing her ass just like everybody else. It's human nature. I've seen high-ranking white racist Klansman kiss her "fat, black (and I'm proud of her ) ass" and praise her just like her dyed-in-the wool fans of every race. Give the Oprah angle a rest. She's a talk show host with a good reputation. That's all. Just a human. If you have a need for the services of someone who has appeared on television it's up to the consumer to check out the professional. Personally, if I had the money, I would have looked into the doctors who operated on the people on the "Extreme Makeover" show. Now they've got some real skills. And for you racist's they (the Extreme Makeover dotors) come in all races.

Enjoy the day!

2480 days ago
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