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Patient Claims Dr. Adams Got Her Pregnant

11/13/2007 3:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In another stunning lawsuit, a patient of Dr. Jan Adams claims he got her drunk after surgery, had intercourse with her and got her pregnant.
Jan Adams
In a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Teana Lucas claims she was a bartender and Dr. Adams was a customer. She says he agreed to perform liposuction on her upper arms and abdomen. The plaintiff, an aspiring model and actress, alleged as the procedure was about to begin, Dr. Adams "whispered in plaintiff's ear that he 'loved' her, that he was 'going to marry her."

According to the suit, after the procedure, he started making house calls to her home. On November 24, 2004, the suit alleges Dr. Adams told her she should get dressed and that he was taking her out for dinner. After three glasses of wine, the heavily-medicated plaintiff claims she was "heavily intoxicated." That's when, according to the suit, Dr. Adams took her to his house and had sexual intercourse with her.

Lucas claims she became pregnant and Dr. Adams wanted her to keep the baby but she didn't. Eventually, she says Dr. Adams referred her to an OB/GYN who could "take care of the problem."

Lucas also claims he botched her two surgeries. She sued for sexual battery and malpractice.

Adams denied all the allegations, but settled the case.


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With these mal practice suits and not even being board certified....this guy seems nothing more than a quack!...You would think Oprah's producers would have checked this guys credentials out before letting him be on her show back in '03!

2506 days ago


Ok, this is getting terrible! HOW CAN IT BE THAT AN INTELLIGENT WOMAN LIKE MRS. WEST DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THESE THINGS??? aren't these matter of public record??? WHAT A SLEAZEBALL! this is terrible.... Kanye, you go get him and shake him like a british nanny!

2506 days ago


Why is this guy still on Discovery Channel, if all of this is public record?!?

2506 days ago


Donda West may not have done her homework, but I can understand that.

1. He's on TV, and it's not that far-fetched to assume that maybe the Discovery channel did some checking before they gave him the gig.

2. He's black, blast me all you want, but I sense a degree of afrocentrism here, she chose him based on race.

3. He's very attractive...she's an older single lady, something could have developed, and it would have been very media friendly and beneficial to both of them had it worked out.

I don't hold any of these against her. Any or all of them could have led her to make a decision in his favor.

My big question is how could he send her home afterward? I know people who have had relatively minor procedures and their Dr. made them stay in the hospital for 1 or 2 days. Donda West had access to the finest after care facilities in the world, and he sent her home?

2506 days ago


#20... wth?? that makes no sense. Maybe the first point is believable, but the other two points don't make any sense.

And I don't understand either how he could send her home UNSUPERVIZED??? just doesn't make any sense :(

2506 days ago


Kanya is gonna put a hit out on this dude, just watch. It'll LOOK like suicide...

2506 days ago


Kitty--I don't even know what to say about such ignorant comments! Are you sure you want the world to know how dumb you are?

2506 days ago


I always thought he was gay. Hummmm!

2506 days ago


Maybe they should have done research on this doctor before choosing him because he's black. Kanye is a racist and I have no problem believing his mother raised him to be that way, so I'm sure this doctor was chosen at least partly because he was a black man. Maybe they should have chosen a doctor by his credentials.

2506 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Don't bash Kitty #20. Those are good points. We tend to hire our own kind (when possible) and studies show attractive salespeople are successful - even if they are not qualified. Clearly, her plastic surgery was not a necessity. She took a huge gamble and lost. She shouldn't have been so concerned about appearances. It's a sad commentary on our society.

Kitty - I am with you.

2506 days ago

Insert comical name here    

Okay, 12 seperate articles on this subject in the last four hours? Get off it. At least glue a few of the facts together and post like once every hour. Shesh, talk about overkill.

2506 days ago

Great One    

Why would an educated woman like Donde West not check out the Doctor that was going to perform surgery on her. I do not understand this. This Doctor is a joke. Surely Kanye could afford to send his mother to a REAL DOCTOR.

2506 days ago


Dr. Jan Adams was... married to Susie Field ......TED FIELD the billionaire's ex wife ( they have three children together) Jan and Susie lived in Emerald Bay the very exclusive community in Laguna Beach Ca.....until about 6 months ago!!!!!! Didn't Ted start a major rap label???

2506 days ago


Hey Kitty, Good comments. I also had wondered why they let her go home so soon after such a long surgical procedure. Inexcuseable!

2506 days ago


This story just keeps getting worse. I bet he wishes he'd never operated on Ms. West given the amount of attention now being focused on him. I hope he loses his medical license.

2506 days ago
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