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Patient Claims Dr. Adams Sponged Off Her

11/13/2007 6:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Another patient of Dr. Jan Adams sued him for malpractice, alleging he left a foreign object in her body.

In a lawsuit filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Lori Ufondu claims that in 1996, she underwent breast augmentation by Dr. Adams. In 2003, she underwent revision surgery by another doctor, who discovered that a surgical sponge was left, she claims by Dr. Adams.

Ufondu claims the sponge and its belated removal caused a distortion in her appearance, creating a deformed right nipple, a puncture wound, loss of sensation and "horrific scar tissue."

Following Dr. Adams' surgery, Ufondu claims she was feeling "sharp, needle-like pain in the area of this scar tissue." She says she complained to Dr. Adams, who allegedly responded "by laughing in a derisory fashion, claiming that the pain would subside."

Ufondu obtained a judgment in excess of $100,000. Her lawyer tells TMZ the doctor has not paid, and he's trying to enforce the judgment. Her lawyer adds that there are several outstanding judgments against Dr. Adams, who has ignored his obligation to pay.


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TMZ reader    

TMZ...enough already! Switch topics!

2534 days ago

Grammar Cop    

I really don't think "derisory" is a word!

2534 days ago


You all should be aware that Dr. Adams is NOT a board-certified plastic surgeon. I've confirmed this with the office of American Board of Plastic Surgeons. (I'm still trying to find out what specialty he's certified in, if any). Just because you've been on the Discovery Health Channel and on Oprah and has an office in Beverly Hills does not make you a legitimate good doctor. All it means is that the doctor has paid a lot of $$ to a public relations firm to put him on TV. This is an unfortunate fact of practicing (cosmetic) medicine in the new century and in SoCal.

2534 days ago

Dr. Steve    

When you live in the LA area, the one commodity that is available to women is an abundance of well trained, qualified and board certified plastic surgeons. Over a 100 just in the immediate area. So, why would someone with the where with all of Donda, a highly educated person, with seemingly necessary resources go to a doctor with a history of abuse, .malpractice, DUI's, accused of misrepresenting his credentials, and a series of lawsuits against them. Ask your self this question, if you were about to embark on some serious surgery and you had the time and luxury to do your homework why in the world would you chose someone like this. If another doctor advised her not to do these procedures, what is wrong with these people. How badly do you need a tummy tuck and a breast reduction? Is it worth jeopardizing your life? Sure there are some questionable doctors out there just like any profession. But people, think about it. We have to be responsible for our own actions. At least thats the way I see it. I am sure if I had the chance to talk to Donda especially in light of the results, she might have had a different view and it possibly could have saved her life. Be happy with who you are. You were created that way for a reason people.

2534 days ago

Dr. Steve    

de·ri·so·ry (d-rs-r, -z-)
1. Expressing derision; derisive.
2. Laughable; ridiculous: a contribution so small as to be derisory.

2534 days ago


TMZ you are just a tad bit hyper on this subject today...But as a member of the medical profession, I advise everyone to research your Doc well ahead of selection. Alot of the negative history(judgements,arrest record?!) are usually public record. Popularity does not always equal competency. There are even review sites on the net...

2534 days ago

Silverlake Lucy    

Actually when you live in LA the main commodities are all the little twinkie-wanna-be-starlets who at 18 naturally have the undeveloped figure that all the insecure women want to magically youth themselves into, and all the so-called "Plastic Surgeons" without the proper or legal board certification needed to perform body altering procedures. For goodness sake there's tons of unethical practioners willing to take her $10,000 - $20,000. Why didn't she call Dr. Ray???

2534 days ago

Dr. Steve    

I guess some people have a problem with public information being public. Wait till the rest of the stuff comes out on this guy. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Sit back folks and watch. You may think twice the next time you want to tweak something.

2534 days ago


any surgery comes with risks. but would I personally have plastic surgery, um, only if they paid me muncho dinero.

2534 days ago

equal opportunity offender    

lol...Grammar Cop got pwnd.... go away Grammar cop....go learn English...lolololololol

2534 days ago


This man will be a bum living under a bridge by the time HARVEY gets finished with him.

R.I.P Mrs. West.

2534 days ago


He looks sleepy. Like Big Daddy Kane.

2534 days ago

Marlb Man    

Watch that cow Oprah make this all about her! Oh, poor Oprah. Maybe she should do her homework before booking/promoting these "expert's"!Stupid racist pig!!

2534 days ago

just me    

From the looks of this guy I would not let him pull a splinter out of my cats butt... let alone do major operations on any one I care about... This is what you get when the Medical schools have minority quotas.... the most qualified do not get in... just the darkest color... God Help us All

2534 days ago

Sean G in the D    

Who would've thought that Kanye's mother's insistance that her surgeon be African American would cost her her life. HOW SAD!

2534 days ago
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