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Patient Claims Dr. Adams Sponged Off Her

11/13/2007 6:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Another patient of Dr. Jan Adams sued him for malpractice, alleging he left a foreign object in her body.

In a lawsuit filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Lori Ufondu claims that in 1996, she underwent breast augmentation by Dr. Adams. In 2003, she underwent revision surgery by another doctor, who discovered that a surgical sponge was left, she claims by Dr. Adams.

Ufondu claims the sponge and its belated removal caused a distortion in her appearance, creating a deformed right nipple, a puncture wound, loss of sensation and "horrific scar tissue."

Following Dr. Adams' surgery, Ufondu claims she was feeling "sharp, needle-like pain in the area of this scar tissue." She says she complained to Dr. Adams, who allegedly responded "by laughing in a derisory fashion, claiming that the pain would subside."

Ufondu obtained a judgment in excess of $100,000. Her lawyer tells TMZ the doctor has not paid, and he's trying to enforce the judgment. Her lawyer adds that there are several outstanding judgments against Dr. Adams, who has ignored his obligation to pay.


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afraid of Jan    

I bet he didn't even clean his surgical tools...gross

2533 days ago

what ?    

so any dirtbag can be a doctor and ruin as many people's lives as they want as long as they get the "OK " signature from the patient which basically is if you say no then no treatment .. I hate doctors! greedy bastards! :)

2533 days ago


There is no doubt Moms needed some plastic work. But to die is a little much. Plastics is easy surgery. It's just General Surgery. In operating rooms, plastics is an easy day. Breast work is easy. Weighing the bloody sponges is the hardest part of the case. But in my many years of Surgery I've seen the wrong extremity taken off. I've seen a Hernia patient die and I have seen the dead come back to life. I've seen drapes catch on fire and I've seen instruments left in patients. Surgery is no joke. In the Civilian world, Doctors go too fast. Time is money. They have to get to that next case regardless if they over schedule. I am sorry nobbody helped this Doctor be better. In the O.R. we are a team. We work together for the patient. The team failed not just the Doctor.

2533 days ago

Wouldn't his insurance have to pay

2533 days ago


my brother and mother both had black docotors. my brother's black optometrist told him he had cataracts when he didn't. my mother's black doctor didn't believe she was developing alzheimers, even though we told him she was, when she couldn't tell him the year or the president. she now has fullblown alzheimers and would have really benefitted from being put on aricept 6 months earlier. they now use different doctors. draw your own conclusions.

2533 days ago


You've gone a bit overboard on this one...can you just hold off on the Dr. Adam's stories for a bit? It's overkill.

2533 days ago

Oh, Hell to the NO!    

I'm sure Dr. Jan Adams is not the only surgeon with skeletons in his closet. You might find a few more. By the way, Dr. Jan Adams appears frequently on the Discovory Health channel on cable for all of you who don't know who he is. My sympathy to Kanye West and his family. And I guess the comment about "someone pushing up daisies" refers to the fact that both the patient and the Dr. are black and the son is a rapper, so ergo, the Dr. will be dealt with?....I mean please, wouldn't that be too racist idiot.

2533 days ago


Condolences to the West family.

The autopsy report is not even out yet. TMZ and others...STOP HATING. I'm amazed at how you're able to dig & find out all these stories but haven't found out who killed Biggie. Go find out.

As an educated and conscious family, I think that even Dr. West would urge you not to destroy a man's life, who himself is accomplished, graduated from HARVARD and was able to get into the t.v. industry, another accomplishment. How many of us have accomplished even half of that? Unfortunately, these types of things do happen sometimes and in fact are EXPECTED to happen. That is why ALL doctors are required to get malpractice insurance...even yours! Have you compared how many success stories Dr. Jan has? Do you think he said "Let me go kill so and so?" In your persecution don't forget the liquor in George Bush's closet!

2533 days ago



Yes his insurance would pay if he had coverage. Even if he did have medical malpractice insurance his coverage may be very small. It depends on what he chose to have for himself. I doubt this man even had coverage. If he had a previous suit filed against him,his previous insurance carrier would have raised his rates, and he may have not been able to pay. No other insurance carrier will pick him up, and if they did, he will pay through the nose for it. Just like us and car insurance, once we get in an accident, it follows us no matter where we go, and all other insurance companies know about this.

He may have some type of coverage thorugh his hospital, clinic that they pay for, but its usuallu 100,000 max, and any awarded amount over that the docotr would be responsible for.

2533 days ago


#74: Tina Minasian, once again, your forgot to mention that you LOST your malpractice suit against your plastic surgeon. You forgot to mention that you smoked against doctors orders, etc..... Infections happen & are a risk with any surgery. You also forgot to mention how you've spent 4+ years stalking and harrassing your plastic surgeon and HIS family out of REVENGE. You are EVIL! Hiding your revenge behind religion- you obviously know NOTHING about religion. You are full of lies. What a pro you've become. You are money hungry and sue happy. Go smoke another cigarette and leave my family alone! Instead of spending your life trying to get revenge against others, why don't you take care of your own family... What a sad life you live.

2533 days ago

Get a life or die already, you're annoying the rest of us.    

How is it that every comment on this site turns into "black bashing". This MAN just lost his MOTHER at the hands of an incompetent DOCTOR...That's the story. Whether they are white, black, green or yellow doesn't make a damn difference. Oprah didn't kill DR. West. You people should really get a life outside of your limited racist world. You just might find some happiness. PEACE! dumb asses.

2533 days ago


This happens everyday with normal people. Just because it happens to be a celebrity we now have to ask the question.

Is it the patient or the doctors responsibility to understand the health risk associated with plastic surgery?



2533 days ago


Well, now we've heard everyone else's side of the stories. There are always two. Eventually we'll hear the doctor's. Regardless of his personal issues, whatever they truly may be, it is likely that her death was NOT related to anything he did "wrong". Time will tell. Give it a rest already.

2532 days ago
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