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Britney Runs Over Another Photographer!

11/15/2007 10:46 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's a dangerous job to be snapping Britney Spears' picture -- last night another paparazzo screamed for Brit to please remove her tire from his foot.

TMZ caught Brit at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, where the drivin' popwreck was surrounded by photogs as she made her way into the parking lot. The paps refused to move, despite several warnings and documented footage of how Britney rolls. Moments later, Brit shockingly rolled her new wheels over a guy's foot.

These days, every time she goes out, someone gets hurt! Expect to see that shoe on eBay any day now.


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Enough is Enough    

Any damn idiot that gets that close to a moving vehicle deserves to have their damn foot ran over. Also, the idiot should be grateful he didn't get his whole damn body ran over.......(as this is what is likely to happen next ! ) What is so hard to understand about this ????????? And to try and BLAME Britney, is just ludicrous, and also very cheap of TMZ.....

2445 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

C'mon Brit! Start putting outlines of feet with slash mark through them on the side of your hoopty. Kamikaze style!!!That would be So Cool! Seeing as you already are a Kamikaze of sorts!

2445 days ago


if he wasnt standing so close so she could drive in to the parking lot his little foot wouldnt be hurting right now! id run em down! they need to back OFF BRIT

2445 days ago

idaho potato    

I'm not a big fan of Britney (surprise) but if every time you drive, you have 500 balls being thrown at you, what are the chances that you hit one once or twice?

These paps stand in front of BS's car in order to trap her. Back off little flies!

TMZ and ALL THE REST need to stop this crap.

2445 days ago


It's about time someone did something to the paparazzo. I can't figure where they actually think they have the right to step in front of you and you are expected to stop your car and let them do whatever they wish. They all have been warned many times and they get what they deserve when it comes to running over their itty bitty footsies. If you don't want to get run over like that, then move your idiot butts out of the way!

2445 days ago


WHAT? She has to just sit there until a bunch of dip$hits decide that they will get out of the way after they have taken basically the same shot over and over? That makes NO sense. She has a right to move.
I am pretty sure if a car is moving slowly, that common sense will tell someone to MOVE. Oh, that's right, we are talking about people who have NO intelligence.
I am not a fan, but, enough is enough. She didn't do a thing wrong, the goofballs who say she should just 'sit' and wait, are crazy.

2445 days ago



2445 days ago


While I'm not a huge Britney fan or supporter, the papparazzi are at fault here. You were all told to back up and yet you don't listen. I've seen it time and time again on Sunset and Hollywood Blvds. They swarm around the car like roaches and ignore the people telling them to back up. Its really sick. Get a real job.

2445 days ago


If you don't want your foot run over, get your feet out from under the car. It's that simple.

2445 days ago


One of the few times I'll take Britney's side but if she has paps hanging all over her car to the point that she can't even drive away, then any pap that gets run over deserves it. There should be a law against any photographer coming within 20 feet of a moving vehicle. Hit them with a few hefty fines and some jail time and maybe the idiot photogs will back off a foot or two so these people can move. This is ridiculous. No one is safe from the paps and it's their fault not whoever they're trying to photograph.

2445 days ago


I would have gunned it and run them all down! What a bunch of a$$holes...get the flock out of the way!! Not a Brit fan either, but what part of "MOVE" don't they understand?????

2445 days ago


Ok, she's an idiot, but the papanazis are ten times worse. We really don't care to see anyone that much. And the difference between yesterday's photo and todays photo is nil. Morons, stop stalking the other morons, we don't care. TMZ and the other gossip columns don't need all these photos to write what they write. They should start arresting those morons for impeding traffic.

2445 days ago


keep running them over britney!!!!
but why would you lay on top of a moving car.
just like that stop light.
i was with tmz on that one until i saw how they actually lay on top of her car like that i mean come on yall!!

2445 days ago


Still doesn't give her the right to run over someones foot without getting in trouble. If it was common folk, we'd be locked up. Hire a driver and use back entrances for crap's sake.

2445 days ago


Perhaps those photogs need to get the heck out of the way. If he got his foot run over he was way too close to the car. What an idiot.

2445 days ago
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