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GLAAD Unhappy with CAAN

11/15/2007 6:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

GLAAD and CAANAfter viewing TMZ's story about nepostar Scott Caan's anti-gay slur toward a paparazzo, GLAAD pumped out a statement chastising him.

"While Caan's anger at being harassed is understandable, responding with that kind of vulgar, anti-gay slur is simply unacceptable," said Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation President Neil G. Giuliano. "We've reached out to Caan's representatives and called on him to apologize for his defamatory, dehumanizing remark."

UPDATE: Scott Caan issued the following statement to TMZ: "I am sorry for using such a derogatory word. I was being harassed by a paparazzi, and unfortunately, the word slipped out. I don't ever condone the use of that word and I deeply apologize to anyone whom I may have offended."


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did some one forget the first amendment or what ?
and GLAAD I for one wi be gade when you are DONE !!!

2536 days ago


WTF. some of you are more stupid and hypocrital than i imagined. if he had used the n-word all of you would have jumped on the bandwagon and say that 'ooohh emmmm geeeee, the n-word is bad, he must apologize!!!!1111oneoneeleven". but because it's a deragatory term for a homosexual, it makes it ok? grow up. if that's the kind of nonsense you're teaching your kids i fear for society

2536 days ago


He probably loves to suck a hard one.

2536 days ago


I hate to be a whiner but I can't to tell you how many times I have been insulted by various types of people, I can't complain because I am a straight white female, who am I going to complain to? What ever happened to sticks and stones? what ever happened to free speech? I notice the paparazzi are so close to these stars or "persons of interest" they are close enough to smell their breath. That must be very annoying, I don't care who you are. Britney spears is running over everyones feet all the time, could it be because they are hanging from her car or standing so close the girl can't even drive away without crippling someone? I think GLAAD should be glad they have the time to monitor everything that everyone says about them, kind of an Al Sharpton thingy going on there, must be nice to have this kind of time on your hands. It really works against them though, I had gay roommates when I was younger, male roomates and their straight sister, I loved them like my own family, I can no longer deal with gays because of the delicate flowers they have become, I would be afraid to open my mouth let alone live with them. Nice going GLAAD. Now lets get back to ME, who do I complain to when I am insulted? anyone? Everyone has a group of watchdogs except me, I have feelings too ya know.

2536 days ago


I am tired of every time someone says something wrong they are persecuted as if this is Nazi Germany.
If he is anti gay so be it.
This is America ,deal with it.

2536 days ago


"Levin is openly gay and shares a home in Los Angeles with his boyfriend, a chiropractor."


Levin uses TMZ as a forum to "get even" with his enemies and promote his causes, so it should be no surprise he went after this non-story.

2536 days ago


We are in the land of the offended. GLAAD probably pays people to say this crap so they can get on TMZ or other homo loving news. This used to be the land of freedom of speech, but the liberals have done away with that. I guess the only people not allowed to be offended in this country are the conservatives, republicans & Christians.

2536 days ago


Well congratulations. Once again some group whines that they are offended, and someone gives in and apologizes. Way to go, GLAAD. Bunch of whiners.

2536 days ago


Your right Joe.
He shouldn't have apologized.
Just because it offensive to some people ,we still have free speech.

2536 days ago


As a Catholic Conservative,I believe you are right Stevie

2536 days ago


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NO IN-DA-BUTT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

2536 days ago


get over it!

2536 days ago


Mrs. Cheryl Soto

THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY!!! people can say what they want too! & IT affends me to even see gay people, let alone watching them hold hands at the awards, LIVE ON TV!! YUK!
It's pretty obvious that your and un-educated idiot! Sorry if this offends you, but it is a free country.............

2536 days ago



2536 days ago


Ahh yawn! give it up GLAAD. FIRST!! BITCHES!! Where's Britney??

2536 days ago
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