Gobble Up Some Truth from Rob Zombie

11/15/2007 2:36 PM PST
It's turkey time, y'all! But before you head out to bag that bird, Rob Zombie and PETA have a little message for you.

Just like Butterball's hotline, which provides wonderful recipes for cooking your turkey, PETA has a hotline too, 1-888-veg-food, offering recipes for bird-free veggie meals. Rob Zombie recorded a very special and gruesome message for the hotline. It might turn your stomach a bit to hear what your Thanksgiving feast may have had to endure before being lovingly roasted in your oven.

TMZ contacted Butterball, one of the country's largest turkey suppliers (other than "I Love New York" rejects) asking for comment on the accusations posed by Rob and PETA. No response has been received.