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Lindsay Lohan

Checks in

and Out of Jail!

11/15/2007 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan checked in -- and out -- of the Lynwood Jail. According to the Sheriff's website, the actress was arrested at 10:30 AM and checked out at 11:54 AM.

Lohan booking photo
That's just 84 minutes, two more minutes than Nicole Richie!

The time served was related to her wild DUI escapades this past July, when she commandeered a car in Santa Monica and took three young men on a wild high-speed chase.

Lindsay subsequently enjoyed an extended stay at a rehab in Utah. She recently returned to Los Angeles with her new rehaboyfriend, Riley Giles. She's been serving her community service time at a local Red Cross.


No Avatar

Fred Harris    

It begs the question, who cares?

2503 days ago


Is it me or does it look like she got lip injections

2503 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

What community service........signing autographs?

2503 days ago


#39 Hey, You are a smart cookie. Never, ever drive with any alcohol in your blood stream. I got a DUI with a blood alcohol level of only .04. It is a very common and erroneous misconception that you CAN'T be charged with DUI if your BAC is lower than .08. Wrong! .08 is only a general guideline, If the authorities feel you are incompacitated at any BAC, they will charge. If you flunk the field test, you will have to pay a trial attorney a lot of money to go to trial. It's almost better to just take your lumps, especially if it is just a simple DUI with no injuries. You got zero alcohol in your system, they have nothing on you, just that simple.

And Asthema Patient, who cares if Zoe mispelled a word. She never claimed to be world class spelling bee scholar. She's just sharing her general knowledge, take it for what it is. Lots of people mispell words, no big deal.

2503 days ago

Old School    

Linsey Lohan is Looking FAT and Ugly at 21 years old.

2503 days ago


OMG this girl needs a life . She better get it together or she will just be another dead star. She could have the world by the balls but no she just another junkie.

2503 days ago

She Never Learns    

Lindsay is on probation for three slip up and she is REALLY going to jail............Remember Paris violated probation, that's why she was in the can for 30 days.

Its only a matter fo time.......

2503 days ago

Miss Behave    

I threw up in my mouth a little bit looking at the skank's nasty eyebrows, teeth and ho-hair. Lindsay and Britney are nose and nose in a race to the Courtney Love finish line.

Firecrotch with a mile-long thingy. Old and all used up.

2503 days ago


i am glad she is getting her life together go lilo

2503 days ago

Miss Behave    

Oh, I forgot to add: old, used up and BROKE.

2503 days ago

Ms Kris    

Oh goodie-another celebrity got away with their crimes.

84 minutes in jail

I am ashamed for the police department handling her cases.

2503 days ago


Wow - now there's a punishing sentence for this twit.

Maybe I'll move to Follywood so I can commit crime after crime and serve a couple of minutes.

2503 days ago

sandra weisz    

she is getting away with whatever she wants to do because she is rich and famous. her mug shot isn't bad. lets face it we have a class system now, like in england. i just don't want any more drunk drivers hitting me. she' ll still make movies, probably even more as long as people go see them, or buy them

2503 days ago


That's BS! Run off to rehab and hide. I'll never pay to see any movie that spoiled brat is in!

2503 days ago


Once again these role models for some young teens have shown our young teens you can do the crime several times and you won't get much time. These kids know you won't do hardly any time for yer 1st, 2nd or even 3rd offence. No big loss to them. Back in my drinkin days, I got busted fer drunk driving. I did days and weeks for my offences which I'm glad I did because it taught me a lesson. If I would only had to do a matter of minutes for each one, well I 'd most likely be having a beer right now & gettin ready to go out drinkin. I grew out of all that now. I guess we just got a messed-up system now-a-days. Hey Lindsay, If it will make you feel beter, my money is on yer friend, Bratney oops, I mean Britney to kill someone first with a car before you, Nicole or Paris. Seems that's what it's gonna take to wake -em- up.

2503 days ago
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