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Lindsay Lohan

Checks in

and Out of Jail!

11/15/2007 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan checked in -- and out -- of the Lynwood Jail. According to the Sheriff's website, the actress was arrested at 10:30 AM and checked out at 11:54 AM.

Lohan booking photo
That's just 84 minutes, two more minutes than Nicole Richie!

The time served was related to her wild DUI escapades this past July, when she commandeered a car in Santa Monica and took three young men on a wild high-speed chase.

Lindsay subsequently enjoyed an extended stay at a rehab in Utah. She recently returned to Los Angeles with her new rehaboyfriend, Riley Giles. She's been serving her community service time at a local Red Cross.


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Phillip Brand    

Lindsay's mugshot is UGLIER than Nick Hogan and Mel Gibson's combined!

2502 days ago


It's amazing what Hollywood gets away with. If this was anyone else they would be serving the time that was sentenced to them, even in the overcrowded jails, but because they're rich and famous they just get to step into jail and right out. I think the only way that these people will actually learn to obey the law is to have to actually spend some real time in jail and be treated just like everyone else, no putting them in "private" rooms so that they can't be bothered, they need to know what it's really like to pay for your crime.

2502 days ago


Don't know what the fuss is about...MANY DUI arrests do not involve even being booked at a jail, simply cite with a notice to appear in court, then released FROM A POLICE STATION to a responsible family member who signs an affidavit affirming responsibility of the arrested person and they are taken away, presumably home. The fact this person, or any person for that matter, is taken to a jail just spends more tax dollars on a wasted effort. Jail is usually always involved when a person is believed to be under the influence of a controlled substance, not alcohol, UNLESS the DUI charge is a felony charge and not the usual misdemeanor offense for a simple DUI arrest.

2502 days ago


marilyn monroe, anna nicole, river phoenix, ryan white (amazing young man that died of AIDS but not the way you girls out there would). do you want to cut your life short in these ways? what does it take for you immature, spoiled brats to wake up and stop putting yourself in danger but even more important all of ours???? ultimate human selfish little girls you all have become........

2502 days ago

ike Warren    

She looks older than me and I am 50 years old in 2 weeks. All hagged out

2502 days ago

BOEING 787    

84 minutes, a plane spends more time taxing to the runway from the terminal in a
big airport in holiday traffic than Lindsay Lohan spends time in jail.

2502 days ago


Let's say she committed a murder, how many minutes in jail would that get her?

2502 days ago


Plus, all the money and ego cannot always save your life and it makes me sick that all of the people out there that have lost their family members to drunken drivers have to see your stories on the internet and t.v. every single day- YOU ARE ALL DISCUSTING!!!!!!!!!

2502 days ago


Meantime anyone else who kidnapped a bunch of young boys, scared them half to death and could have caused a serious death would be in jail waiting a hearing, but nope not our celebrity. Jail is an IN and OUT burger for them. What a joke. So over it.

2502 days ago

Tiger Tale    

Question: What is the difference between Lindsay Lohan and American criminal justice?

Answer: Lindsay is free!!!

2502 days ago


Is it just me or is this completely crazy? Is this standard procedure and we only hear about it when it's a celebrity? It just seems like a ridiculous waste of time and resources, paperwork etc.
I hope things work out for Lindsay but she doesn't seem the least bit humbled by her time in rehab, sneaking around while she was there with her boyfriend and ignoring the guideline of avoiding relationships for a while. She's a talented young actress but she won't get anywhere until she grows up and learns a little humility and gratitude.

2502 days ago


What a JOKE, if it were any normal person they would be in jail for a few to several weeks. I hope they get everyone that gets a 2nd DUI to protest at any sentence longer then what Lohan got, 84 minutes. I had friend get a DUI in Suffolk County New York at 11pm there was no bail for him he was held over night till he was arraigned at 9am and it was his 1st ever run in with the law..... 84 minutes for a 2nd offense

2502 days ago

gossip fan    

It boggles my mind that someone can get 2 DUIs within weeks of eachother and also have cocaine on them and only spend less than an hour and a half in jail! All the regular people facing a court date for DUI should bring up that point in court. What's fair for the famous drunkees should be fair for the not famous drunkees.

2502 days ago


I see a lot of complaints about Lindsay getting off easy by doing her community service at the Red Cross. Granted it is physically easier and cleaner than most assignments she could have gotten. However, in the long run, it may be a big help to the Red Cross. Just think of the number of fools who have never done anything chartible in their lives, who will donate time, supplies or blood just hoping to get a peek at Lindsay.

2502 days ago

Miss Behave    

At this point it's not a matter of Lindsay "growing up" or gaining a little humility or gratitude. She wasn't just sneaking around at rehab with conk-eye Riley, she was doing yum yum on him in the turlet for cryin' out loud. CLAssy.

It's not a matter of Lindsay hanging with "bad influences," she IS *the* bad influence. She's the "bad crowd" that has damaged those in her path, time and time again. She's succeeded in becoming fugly--inside and out. Congrats on that, Lindsay.

She and Unfitney don't realize that the paps and the public are here now just for the Freak Show. A kind of comedy/tragedy.

2502 days ago
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