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Chef to Don King -- You Burned Me!

11/15/2007 3:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

And in this corner, boxing's horrible-haired pimptrepreneur, Don King, who may have boxed himself into some trouble with Florida labor laws -- and now his former cook has served him up a big fat lawsuit!

Kevin Barnes was hired last year by Henrietta and Don King to prepare fancy chow at their $10 million Palm Beach mansion. Barnes and his fellow workers say they worked all kinds of overtime at the Kings' palace, but never got paid for it -- a recipe for a delicious court case.

Amazingly, King had no comment.


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biggest slime ball of them all......this jerk don king needs to rot in hell...just another loser who uses crap is one step above this creep!!!!!!

2502 days ago


Don, unless they were white you have to pay them.

2502 days ago


this guy is a total JACKASS. and he is ugly as hell like a truck that ran over his face.

2502 days ago


10 million dollar estate! Race baiting sure pays.

2502 days ago


Hey TMZ, "have" should be "has" in the first sentence.

2502 days ago

montana mike    

hey don-call imus, i'm sure he'd like to help you

2502 days ago

Biker 1957    

Do not be persuaded by these parsimonious prevaricators, they lie like hounds as they attempt to besmirch my good name for their own pecuniary interest. I am sure that once I have my glorious day in court that THE WHOLE WORLD SHALL SEE, that I am as innocant as the driven snow! Free at last! Free at last! Thank God 'al mighty we're free at last! Only in America!

2502 days ago


Die you ugly m.f. I hope someone ties you up, puts a stick of dynamite up your azz, lights you up! The Big Bang theory you know.

2502 days ago

He's Boring now    

Not another uppity hi profile celebrity wanna be (Couric, Liza, Marlo) who mistreat the hired help. When will these people learn that those who work for them are closer to them than nearly anyone and can make their lives miserable if they are not treated right? Dummies the whole bunch of them.

I love the Butler, Maid and now Cook stories that show the other side of these Liars and mistreaters of the mere common, or as Leona Helmsely put it, "little people".

Pay up you convicted Murderer

2502 days ago


2502 days ago

Julie G.    

Don, you forgot to brush your hair!

2502 days ago


Speaking as a member of the working class, I will never understand how someone who lives in a 10 million dollar mansion could underpay hardworking people who serve them. Bastards! The worst part is, a lot of these people started out in rags themselves but once they worked/sleazed/slimed/ their way to riches they forgot where they came from.

2502 days ago

Hollywood's a Hazard    

These "Stars" who mistreat domestics and servers end up eating much piss spit and snot.

2502 days ago

Craig P    

As Don King would say, Only In America.

2502 days ago

Thats One Ugly Skanky Hoe    

Don Kings needs to do two things.

#1 Take a nappy.
#2 Get a Tyson face tattoo.

Only In America!

2501 days ago

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