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Britney's Mercedes

Kid Free

11/16/2007 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Britney Spears can't drive with her kids in the car.
The move was made after a court hearing today, during which Mark Vincent Kaplan, K-Fed's lawyer, officially informed the judge that Brit blew a red light with her kiddies in the car last week.

We're told Commish Gordon issued the sealed order, as stipulated by lawyers for several of the issues.


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WOW whoever posted about the car seats and how they are buckled NICE catch!!
They are not clipped in!
I have a 2 year old who can get out of his seat if those metal things aren't clipped in properly I am quite sure hers can dangerous, especially in a convertible with the top down.

The fact of the matter is...she does not care enough about those babies to take 2 seconds to bucle them in properly .... SAD

2476 days ago


Have any of you or anyone you know ever run a redlight(even if its yellow and you zip thru without attempting to stop). I mean intentionally OR by mistake? Have any of you ever had a traffic citation with kids in the car? Are most of you saying that if you get a traffic ticket and you have kids in the car then you should never be allowed to drive with your kids again? Just because cameras follow Britney around 24/7 doesn't mean she drives any better/worse than millions of drivers out there. Maybe the courts should use her as an example and then make it a law that anyone that gets a traffic citation and there are kids in the vehicle then that driver can never be allowed to ever drive with a child in the car again. There would be alot of adult drivers hurting financially because they would all have to hire drivers just for the children. So before you all condemn Britney take a look at your own driving habits and see if you can admit you've never done some of the same things yourself.

2476 days ago

just me    

I sympathize with Britney in this crappy trouble but there might be some good that can come of this. Maybe this will force Britney to add a Mercedes S-Class Sedan to her car pool and hire a chauffeur, maybe even a professional licensed bodyguard for personal protection too. I really think she needs that. Without that, I would encourage her to carry pepper spray and to beat up paparazzi the way she did with that umbrella. They are a threat to her safety and the safety of her kids and I think defense against their assault is justified.

2476 days ago

TMZ reader    

I've about given up on Britney ever getting it together. Her website is still not up and running and her album has been out for 2 weeks! There's been no promotional appearances and sales have dropped to a dismal 80,000 units in only the second week of release. Let's bring back the true queen of pop...Paula Abdul. Watch her crowning achievement, "My Love is For Real" on youtube. Stunning cinematography and choregraphy, gorgeous costumes and set design and a truly excellent jam! Let's see Brit come up with a video HALF as good, bitches!

2476 days ago


I’m coming in late, so I apologize if this has already been mentioned here.
TMZ release more information on their show tonight. They said she had been traveling in the opposite direction, & was going to make a right turn at the red light. There was a long line of vehicles in front of her. She became impatient, s-o-o-o with the monitor and her kids in the car, she drove on the wrong side of the road, passing all the vehicles in front of her, through the intersection, made a u-turn, and then made the left turn through the red light. What a moron! Next, it was claimed her prescription for Adderall(sp) was forged. There must be so much more going on that isn’t being leaked. At least the monitor was in the car, so that Britney couldn’t put a spin on it. Maybe the monitor requested that Britney not drive when she is in the car, monitoring the kids. I know I would.

2476 days ago


I think the negative comments are coming from TMZ staffers... Because someone sure as hell is putting her in the top 2 of the country her first week here and #1 over out of the closet TMZ!!!!

2476 days ago


OK, maybe no one told these people there is VIDEO of this actual scene!! X17 has it, and it's clear as one was in front of her, she was first in line!!! stop the damn false lies you report that is against the law.

2476 days ago


To: (9:38PM on Nov 16th 2007 by Kristi)

The video only shows what happened after she made the u-turn. I believe the monitor told the court what happened before.

2476 days ago


The boys may be "buckled in carseats," but their harnesses are not adjusted correctly. The bar should be level with their armpits, not on their tummies. They are at risk of being ejected out of their carseats!

2476 days ago

another mother    

Are they even buckled in at the bottom?!?!?! Aren't those silver things supposed to be locked in at the bottom!!!!!

2476 days ago


Amazing that so much attention is given to a person. The same can be said for each of us, every day. Give it a rest already...

2476 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

I think the decision is absurd if the commissioner's decision was based "strickly" on a video from a gossip site. To be fair, he, or his law clerks (um, maybe you don't have them in La La Land) he would have had to review every video on every site, every video on every tv show, and read all the tabloids at the supermarkets, etc. I didn't read all the posts, so I'm not sure if there is any "real" information contained in any of the posts. I do agree that Britney should have gotten a drive long ago, but she really seems to love driving. The thing that keeps coming back to my mind is how the pap smears got into a scuffle with the body guard when he was carrying one of the kids (e.g., the were WALKING) and the pap smears were crowding them in person just like they do her car. So has she been forbidden to take the kids out in daylight??? Since k-dud doesn't, they really need to get a little fresh air every now and then. What is k-dud motive? 70-30 custody so he gets more $? Someone posted that that additional child support isn't decided by the family court, but by the supreme court. Ah, duh, if he gets family court decides he gets additional custody, don't you think the next step will be the supreme court? Will Brit still be paying for all this? Ek gads, I'm picturing the CA supreme court justices reading tmz to base their rulings on. Only in la la land, my friends.

2476 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    


And what's up with the "Trashy Britney Photos"??? I think she look great in lots of them. tmz and its sponsors just don't realize that k-duds funds are soon to disappear ... then what once k-dud can't pay this site anymore?

2476 days ago


I fell bad for Britney's little boys. They always look scared and miserable, especially the youngest. It seems like she has no maternal instincts, and that's so sad. At least Kevin seems to be a protective Dad and doesn't drag them around in public~his priority seems to be the kids, I wish I could say the same thing for Britney. Her kids will HATE her someday.

2476 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Oh, ppppllllluuuuueeeeezzzzeeeee, Stellar J, HOW, pray tell, do you know WHAT his priorities are???? It isn't the kids. The kids to him = cash collateral. When was the last time he visited his other kids? I'm sure if he did visit them, it would have been posted all of the world to show what a good dad he is to them. NOBODY knows what goes on in the house he LIVES IN (not owns or rents) - nobody except the kids, him and the porn queen of the hour. Oh, and maybe the guy who deliveries k-shiits goodies.

Anyone that praises that piece of shiit is new to this Britney / Fed-Ex saga...and THAT'S THE TRUTH.

2476 days ago
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