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Dr. Adams Allegedly Leaves Patient Butchered

11/16/2007 5:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A woman says she was left falling apart at the seams, literally, after an extremely botched plastic surgery by Dr. Jan Adams. She tells TMZ she thinks she was lucky to survive it.

The woman's intense surgery was chronicled on Adams' Discovery Channel show, "Plastic Surgery: Before and After" -- with the horrifying results she says conveniently edited out.

Watch TMZ TV tonight to see the surgical nightmare. Check your local listings.


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Vanity kills... just be "you"!

2533 days ago


Good statement made by "mom" and she happened to first too! Lets listen to her!

2533 days ago


How horrible...I cannot believe that Discovery would allow that to even air.

What the freak, man....that hard up for viewers??!!

2533 days ago

Someone who knows    

I live in Michigan, and I have had elective surgery that went terribly wrong!! What bothers me the most is he falsley advertised himself as a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and so did the establishment he practiced out of, and The Hospital too !! All said that he had a wonderful record with No Lawsuits. They all LIED. Its all about the BIG ALL MIGHTY DOLLAR. I think that we should have more access to doctors track records. The state of Michigan is protecting the doctors and NOT THE PATIENTS.

2533 days ago

Ihma Khunt    

OMFG, look what he did to her face! He should lose his licence forever. She's mamed, for life.

2533 days ago




2533 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Now that certainly puts the burden of proof on the Discovery Ch, who has claimed innocence and a lack of any knowledge! I would say that that is worthy of a lawsuit! Too bad, because I really love the D.Ch.! That is just SLIMY!!!!!

2533 days ago


What another one? Discovery Health is a disgrace and should be held accountable for allowing this fraud to continue on TV. Yes, I know his program was cancelled this week, after Mrs. West's death, but they should have cancelled him a long time ago. Television and radio broadcasters have a "personal behavior" clause in their contract and obviously, DUI's and restraining orders go against that clause. Discovery Health should be sued by every woman who was harmed by this druken butcher.

2533 days ago


"do your research" before chosing a doctor to cut you up? Wow...thanks random blonde woman...I never would have thought to do research. Jeeeze..what trailer park did they dig you up from?

2533 days ago


you do not have to be board certified to do plastic surgery. Anyone can do if they have someone dumb enough to let them do.......boob job anyone????

2533 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

She'll never be able to smile again. At least, until the cash settlement comes in. Go for the cash honey. Money heals all wounds.

2533 days ago


These women play the "victim" role so well....what pros!! I can't even listen to the videos. It is so foney and fake. They love this attention. They chose to have plastic surgery with risks and all and when things don't go "perfect" they now claim they were "butchered." Give me a break! These women just want attention and free money. These women are the very people that are driving doctors out of medicine, they are the reason insurance rates are outrageous, and why our society is known for being sue happy. How many of you have had difficulites finding a doctor or one that speaks English? These women are the very ones to blame for this. It is very uncommon for someone to die from complications from plastic surgery, but it is a risk and it can happen. If this had not happened to a celeberty's mother, the media wouldn't waste their time. Plus, you are only hearing one side of the story. Doctors can't defend themselves or explain their side of the story because of patient confidentiality. Patients can say what ever they want, even lie. Just because you hear something from the media or these patients who claim they were harmed, does not mean it is true. And even if there is some truth to it, they choose to take the risk. These women make me sick! Just because someone settles a lawsuit doesn't mean they did something wrong. Sometimes you settle just to make them go away...or maybe you had never been sued and thought it would be easier to just pay them off so they would just go away....or bad legal advise. People who haven't been sued obviously have no clue how stressful it can be, the unjustice of it all, and how corupt the legal system is. There is no penalty to the person who files a lawsuit. The majority of doctors have malpractice cases filed against them. It's easy for a patient to file a lawsuit. Just because they have had them, doesn't mean they did anything wrong or that they are bad doctors. I hope all doctors who are watching the media, make mental note of these women's names. I wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole. They should be banned permanently from medical care. Doctors are here to do their best to help you when you are sick, some are here to do reconstruction after cancer or reconstruction from birth defects, some do plasitic surgery so those of us who want to look better have that option, etc...... There isn't always a perfect outcome. Nobody is perfect, not even doctors. I hope that one day these women or their loved ones get sick and need medical care but can't find a doctor to help them. For all of you who are making judgment against this doctor, as far as I'm concerend, YOU shouldn't step foot in another hospital or doctors office again. You don't deserve to be treated by any doctor. You are one of them. At the rate medicine is going it won't be long before we no longer have American English speaking Doctors. People such as these women claiming to be "victims" are the reason it's become so hard to find doctors. Doctors are leaving medicine left and right. Medical Schools enrollment are at the lowest in history. It's not worth the risk to go into medicine. Doctors used to look at a patient and think "how can I help this person." Now Doctors should think "how is this person going to try and destroy/hurt me and my family?" What a sad world we live in. When things go wrong or not perfect, they have their hand out. The answer to them is always "what can I get out of this?" It's all about money. This attack against Dr. Adams is disgusting. It's none of anyones business except the doctors involved and Kanye West's family. The autopsy was just done and it will be weeks before they are available, yet Dr. Adams is being painted by the media as a monster. I pray to God the autopsy comes back and Dr. Adams is not to blame. If that happens, who's going to give him his reputation back? Who cares what Dr. Adams does in his personal life. Ex girlfriends...exwives...etc. What does that have to do with him as a doctor? He's had lawsuits, most doctors do. If you look at how many patients this doctor has seen, I'm sure the happy patients far outweigh the unhappy/unsatisfied/revengeful/sue happy patients. Patients need to take responsibility for their choice and that includes the risks. What comes around goes around. What a sad world we live in!!!!

2533 days ago

Marlb Man    

She has fake lawsuit written all over her. Dr. "Patch" Adams rules!

2533 days ago


Actually, the whole "sue-happy" America is a media myth.

But there are those who still love to claim that people are suing each other constantly in America and winning outrageous sums for no good reason. These same people are also lobbying to limit the rights of an individual to seek justice in a civil court. Coincidence? I don't think so.

2533 days ago

the lost    

Outrageous. I wasn't going to comment on Dr. Adams stuff, but this is too much. Please people, this is NOT all about wanting money. This is about being compensated for the HELL that this QUACK of a Chop-Shop Doctor put them through. There are a lot of cases against Dr. A. And they are not because of some hype. It was obviously covered up very well for a long time. It took the DEATH of a woman to shine the light on Dr. Adams to reveal him for who he truly is. This man should go to PRISON! It is one thing to cheat people out of money with material things (i.e. fake diamonds or money scams etc.) but it is another thing to ruin someone's physical health for the sake of money. Dr. Adams is a criminal plain and simple. I am not a Kanye fan, I don't care for LA rich people getting their bodies all faked up with shallow surgery. But I DO feel bad for anyone who pays top dollar only to suffer. Not only that, Dr. Adams is an unprofessional CREEP. Sexual harassment etc... have also been noted as part of his practice.

2533 days ago
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