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Dr. Adams Allegedly Leaves Patient Butchered

11/16/2007 5:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A woman says she was left falling apart at the seams, literally, after an extremely botched plastic surgery by Dr. Jan Adams. She tells TMZ she thinks she was lucky to survive it.

The woman's intense surgery was chronicled on Adams' Discovery Channel show, "Plastic Surgery: Before and After" -- with the horrifying results she says conveniently edited out.

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I've seen a few episodes of Plastic Surgery: Before and After where "Dr." Adams is usually just the host of the show and comments on surgeries that people are having done with other surgeons.

But one episode I watched, Dr. Adams performed one of the surgeries that was featured on the show. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the was horrifying...the patient I believe had some lipo and maybe a tummy tuck and the person looked disfigured after the surgery. Meanwhile, Dr. Adams was saying that the result was great blah blah blah...I couldn't believe how bad the result was!

I figured a plastic surgeon who was hosting a plastic surgery TV show where he constantly warns viewers to make sure their surgeon is board certified would in fact be board certified himself. What a joke this guy that horrific surgery he did makes sense after seeing what an incompetent a-hole this guy is.

2471 days ago

Someone who knows    

This goes out to Sue happy people !! Ya know what ?? When a medical mishap happens to you or a loved one, you would not have the same opinion. And you are such a misinformed IDIOT. Later in life you may need heart surgery or any medical attention & when (not if) something goes wrong and you or a loved one sue that doctor, that would automatically mean YOU MUST WANT ATTENTION & FREE MONEY too then. Right?? You are an IDIOT like I said.

2471 days ago

Someone who knows    

I TOTALLY AGREE WITH by the lost !!!!

2471 days ago


To: by the lost #16

So quick to judge....already convicted the man of kiling a woman based on what? You obviously know nothing about medicine and your are ignorant. You and many others seem to think doctors make tuns of money and are living a life like the Dr. 90210 perception. Doctors USED to make lots of money. Insurance doesn't pay crap. They end up working in the negative. Medical pays pennies if that. Plastic surgery might pay well, but not like people think. That is something of the past. It's people who are in finance, business, and busy attorneys who are making the big bucks. The show Dr. 90210 makes it look like Plastic Surgeons are filthy rich. Simply untrue. The Plastic Surgeons that do have some money work their ass off to have what they have. Plus, this type of situation is what plastic surgeons have to deal with- crazy patients....probably the case with all doctors in different fields of medicine with crazy patients. You are truly ignorant! "By the lost #16" your angry words show jealousy of us "rich" LA people with our fake bodies. You're just JEALOUS!! I can only imagine what you must look like...probably fat and frumpy, stupid, uneducated and lazy and poor- poor because your simply to lazy to go to college and make something of yourself. Your probably on welfare and resent those who have things- even if they work their ass off to have it. Plastic Surgery is costly so it probaly isn't an option for you based on your welfare check. JEALOUS! Go hide under a rock where you belong!

2471 days ago


Go hide under the same rock. I feel sorry for any doctor that has you as their patient.

2471 days ago


Want a decent figure? Stop freaking pigging out on fastfood washing it down with Coke purchased at local Supermarket for $1/10 littres. Eat lighter and more importantly healthier, WALK, only use your car when really needed, move to Manhatten to not use car (that is a joke though) and you'll get the results (unless there is some genetics issue).
If a one wants to eat like a pig and be a lazy dope and then hope that some magical scalpel will turn her into Gisele Bundhen - 's not gonna happen. Gisele Bundhen freaking eats right and does all kinds of activites.
It's a body for God's sake, it is not a fabric or a fat suite you can alter, it's a living organism.

2471 days ago


To: Sue Happy People,
You sound like a caustic surgeon who needs anger management classes, you IDIOT. This (alleged) Dr. Adams was out of control and the sycophants who surrounded him should too be punished. Discovery Health has some 'splainin to do, but they aren't talking. Why? Are they proud of their famous Doctor?

You're correct on one point only...we don't yet know what the cause of Mrs. West's death is and the autopsy report will be the determining factor. However, this does not excuse this loser doctor with a God Complex bigger than the world, from responsibility for his untoward behaviors. Hey IDIOT, do you want to be operated on by a DUI drunk? You do, oh, call Jan Adams, I hear he has room for you since all his patients' have cancelled.

2471 days ago

Marlb Man    

Ok, odet, you are all knowing. It has been proven that people that have medical procedures done on television show's are at best, attention seekers. I am not reffering to Ms. West I am talking about the patient pictured above. In my OPINION, medical procedures should be done in private, not for the curiousity of the morbid public.

2471 days ago


Oh, Dr. Love,

And doctors who appear on television do so for what reason? Dr. Drunk signed a contract and was paid big bucks, probably more than he made as a surgeon. Excuse me, but this guy is a television whore.

And you Dr. Love? Are you too on TV to boost your worth?

2471 days ago

Marlb Man    

Odet-- You seem to miss the point I was trying to make. Are you a little slow? All of this, in my opinion, should be done in PRIVATE. Private would mean not on TV! Do you comprehend what I am saying?

2471 days ago


Oh, Dr. Love, how perceptive you are. Yes, I am mentally retarded (an NO offense to the MR people).

Are you suggesting that the Network have a show about plastic surgery without patients? Yes, you are. Your IQ sounds much lower than mine, but don't fret, there is help available, Dr.

2471 days ago


And by the way, Dr. Love, Mrs. West's surgery was done in private, remember, or do you have Altzheimer's too?

2471 days ago

Marlb Man    

Odet, Can't get the point. I hope you don't have children. Have a good day!!

2471 days ago

How horrible...

2470 days ago


The scars are not the doctors fault, that can happen to some people

2469 days ago
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