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K-Fed Be Damned! Brit Drives with Kids

11/16/2007 10:49 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She's been plenty o' mess lately, but Britney Spears is apparently still allowed to drive with her children -- for now.

TMZ caught the popwreck picking up Jayden James and Sean Preston at the Four Seasons yesterday afternoon, the kids strapped into the back seat as Spears drove and her court appointed monitor rode shotgun.

K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, has been trying to change the terms of Britney's custody to bar her from driving with the children -- especially after seeing video on TMZ of Britney blowing a red light with the kids in the back.


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black panther    

this white trash is such a mess!!!lol

2531 days ago



Take those kids away before she hurts them ! She probably wants to, because she knows how upset it would make Kevin !

She is obviously doing all of this for attention. She has a deal with X-17 for petes sake. She is selfish and obviously mentally ill, and if I were the judge I would order a full psych. evaluation !

2531 days ago


julia - go roll another doobie.

2531 days ago


Did she hit something with this car too? It looks as if not only is the driver side headlight out, but it looks dented as well?

2531 days ago


Gotdamn did any of you read the flippin article. The Court Monitor was in the car with her. I'd blow a few red lights if I had folx chasing me down the street with my kids in the car. Hell if it was safe to go I'd go, to get away from y'all. I wonder how you jerks would feel having people chasing you all day. I know some of y'all would die if you couldn't get your damn 8 dollar coffee from Starbucks without being accosted from your car to the door.

2531 days ago


I hope she stays well. I don't know how she does it with all those irresponsible camera people always in her way.

If they cause something, will they be held accountable?

2531 days ago


Why doesn't she just get a driver?? It's not like she cannot afford it. It would be much safer for the children. Even when by herself, the way shes drives, she is endangering the public. No points for brains here.

2531 days ago


Cowgirl, your comment made absolutely no sense as you have no idea who I am or what I do. Perhaps you made that comment because you are currently in the act of rolling one, and assume everyone else must also be a loser, like you.

2531 days ago

Fly on The Wall    

Awsome to see Brit with the Fly glasses in - I wear mine alot but not at night.

Brit is the best.

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Thanks again Harv.

2531 days ago

Fly on The Wall    

Oh I will not be around much today as I have some things I must get done (work related)

Thanks again to all.

Thanks to all my fans.

2531 days ago


And note to L.A. Cops.........she still doesn't have her license plate. If that were a "normal" person on the street, we would be in big trouble. I understand the photographers are always around her, but someone is going to get hurt or killed before this all ends. Next time it may not be a foot that gets run over. Let's hope she doesn't have a wreck with those babies in the car. WAKE UP JUDGE!!!

2531 days ago


Well first off..I do think she needs some guidance on the parenting front. I think growing up the way she had too, she missed out on all of that , so she doesn't know how to give it to her children. Secondly, I think that this whole mess of going back to court over running red lights is ridiculous. Obviously her ex husband his lawyer are just looking for publicity now. I mean how many times have each of us ran a red light, god forbid I would have some strange people with cameras following me around with my kids...who knows what would happen. Lastly, this is directed towards you TMZ....I am from Louisiana, and I find it very offensive the way you apparently think it's funny to make fun of the way we talk down here. You know that not all of us are raised like this, nor do we raise our kids like this. I am very well educated along with everyone in my family, and yes we do use slang words in the south, but not the the extent that you like to write them. I don't think that whoever it is that writes these stories would like for the rest of the world to stereo-type them with the area they're from. Atleast down south we know our manners and I can say thanks for my parents and our schools for that.

2531 days ago


Isn't that monitor is doing a swell job keeping those kids safe? If there's malpractice for the "court-ordered monitor" profession, she is certainly committing it!

2531 days ago

Fly on The Wall    

One last note.

People really care if she has a license plate?

And for that matter a seat belt on?

I am glad people worry about her safety - we would hate to lose Brit.

Thanks for the comments.

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See you all when I get a chance to get back on - thanks for the emails.

2531 days ago

Little Mom    

Leave her alone...I if asked any Mother out there if they have ever run a red Light with there kids in the Car, I guarantee you most would say they have, and K-fed, get a life, get a job and take care of yourself.. stop making her pay you.. be a your kids you can take care of them yourself without her money... Britney... Please go and get help for your depression hun... your kids love you and will always Love you... God will protect them while you go and take care of yourself and get your head on straight...

2531 days ago
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