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K-Fed Be Damned! Brit Drives with Kids

11/16/2007 10:49 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She's been plenty o' mess lately, but Britney Spears is apparently still allowed to drive with her children -- for now.

TMZ caught the popwreck picking up Jayden James and Sean Preston at the Four Seasons yesterday afternoon, the kids strapped into the back seat as Spears drove and her court appointed monitor rode shotgun.

K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, has been trying to change the terms of Britney's custody to bar her from driving with the children -- especially after seeing video on TMZ of Britney blowing a red light with the kids in the back.


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... and BTW, hows about the LAPD/BHPD do something about: broken headlight, driving w/ sunglasses at night, and no license plates. If any of us did that, we'd get hassled and ticketed -- not kissed up to like you do to that attention whore.

2541 days ago


I am a little surprised at her drug test showing up postive for Adderall? My Son who is 20 takes it for his ADD and in the past 2 months has lost like 15 pounds on it to where they have to keep re-adjusting it so it will work, but not make him lose so much weight. So, if this is what Britney is taking for her ADD, then I am confused at why she is still carrying around all that extra weight still? I have to call my Son everyday and ask did you eat something, come over I'll make you something just so he will eat because he has no appeitte.

2541 days ago

Insert comical name here    

I'm starting to think she is addicted to having that swarm of leaches shoving cameras at her. Is this what she needs to feel important? This girl is messed up. Perhaps the judge should issue some sort of order regarding the kids and the paps. Parading them in front of that mob has to be having some sort of ill effect on them, not to mention the driving dangers.

2541 days ago


This pic was taken Thursday, the hearing about her running the red light and failing the drug test is Friday (today). It will be interesting to see if this Commisioner/Judge has any b a l l s! He is giving her too many breaks, why does he put up with her poor excuses anyway?

2541 days ago


Crash and die already.

2541 days ago

Enough, already!!    

Why does TMZ allow these thinly-veiled "ADS" for millionaire websites, stock picks, and self-serving idiots promoting their own websites, to appear?


2541 days ago


Brit's album is down to #7 now...below Jay-Z, Eagles, Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood and Josh Groban. She's sliding fast, bye bye pop tart.

2541 days ago


We all agree she needs a driver, but why does she find it so difficult to stay at home?

2541 days ago

Sick of people calling her the victim    

Are you kidding me? She hasn't even gotten that front light fixed yet. She does not take care of things. Poor kids.

2541 days ago


I don't have a lot of sympathy for the paps who get run over while they are doing stupid things. However, Britney is one of THE WORST drivers I have ever seen. Running red lights, swerving in the road, making lane changes on a busy street without a signal, parking in a handicapped spot while tanning (!), speeding, hitting a car in a parking lot (and not even a bumped bumper--she plowed into the side of the vehicle) and taking off without so much as glancing at the other car...the list is endless. Oh!! And she frequently does this while TEXT MESSAGING!!! AND WITH HER KIDS IN THE CAR!

These things cannot be blamed on the paps. The problem is that she doesn't acknowledge that the purpose of the world is anything besides to serve Britney.She totally expects everyone to do whatever they need to do in order to make sure that she isn't inconvenienced. Additionally, she clearly feels that she is above the law. She's Britney Bitch, and she doesn't have to listen to what anyone else has to say about anything. As her attorney told the judge, the judge doesn't understand the life of a PopStar and being a PopStar, she should obviously be exempt from having to get up at 8a.m. to take a drug test.

Today in court the judge should AT THE VERY LEAST rule that she can no longer drive with her children in the car. It isn't like she can't afford driver

And get some plates for that damn car!!!!

2541 days ago


love the ding on the front driver's side ... that is classic.

2541 days ago


Perhaps the judge is finally realizing what many of us have known for a long time which is TMZ, Kfed and Kaplan are in cahoots together, and trading information on Britney to publicly damage Britney as much as possible including; creating themselves the very traffic situations they are running to court about.

Most of those video cameras and photographers who are camped out on Britney's door and who are in constant cell phone contact with each other regarding her whereabouts are being paid by TMZ.

TMZ constant coverage of Britney turns into advertising profit; KFed and Kaplan are trying to win the lottery through child support. These three entities are obviously in constant contact with each other and are trading information.

That traffic light was a non-issue and I guess the judge saw it that way too; but what is LA going to do about the constant harassment of Britney Spears by the paparazzi? It's not possible for anyone, male or female to drive while being surrounded and pursued CONSTANTLY by paparazzi.

Yet perhaps if the custody issue is resolved humanly by reinstating joint custody with follow-up on Britney like counseling, etc., this will no longer be news and TMZ will have to find someone else to feed off of.

2541 days ago


Sigh TMZ looks like you people really don't have much to do that watch Britney's every move...Britney has never been ticketed for DUI nor has she ever been in jail. I don't understand you guys. the accidents which she has been involved in has always been BECAUSE of the closeness that you PAPZ get to her car...leaning on it to take her picture, blocking her path.surrounding her car with camera's...Your the danger.!!! and it's too bad JUDGE ITO 2 doesn't see what anyone does, including K-fed...I dont see the video that x-17 had up yersterday that shows K-FED burning rubber in the truck with the boys in there..But thats because you to busy screwing BRITNEY up...Lets be fair for once...

2541 days ago


Brit, Brit...

Fix the damn headlight already. Using headlights in a tunnel is usually a good idea, too.

2541 days ago


Thats not a ding on the drivers side, thats a dent!
Didnt she just buy that car?

2541 days ago
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