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N Word Lives at the Laugh Factory

11/16/2007 7:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A ban on the use of the N word? Now that's funny!

Last November, TMZ posted exclusive video of Michael Richards' out-of-control racial tirade, forcing the venue to forbid use of the word. To mark the so-called "first anniversary" (the date is actually tomorrow-- we would know), factory boss Jamie Masada held a "press conference," where he advertised that Richards would be there. He wasn't. Shocker.

Masada surprisingly admitted that several comics continue to use the slur on his stage, saying "We tell comedians don't use the 'N' word', but if they do, I fine them and they have to give (the money) to charity." The penalty: a whopping $20.00. That's gotta put a huge dent in the wallets of folks like Damon Wayans and Carlos Mencia -- both of whom Masada fingered as offenders of the golden rule.

Reps for both yucksters are still trying to verify if/when/where such donations were made. But wait, there's more: 15 feet inside the club's front door is a showcase proudly displaying Richard Pryor memorabilia -- and guess what word is all over it.


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2476 days ago


sorry but i saw paul mooney on hbo on saturday night. he was performing at the laugh factory and he must have said the n-word 300 times. i'm just sayin'

2476 days ago


richards is not funny whether he uses the n word or not. i wouldnt pay a dime to see him or most other comics today. sinfield, hugley, ect, boring as hell. ive heard funnier people at parties after a few drinks. so who cares about richards

2476 days ago


The USA racist black man shall always have N word racism in his soul & said soul shall be more than he can control.

2476 days ago


so what your saying it only cost 20 dollars to say that word. if enough people say it we can start a charity called "say the n word for 40 acres and a mule" everytime someone says it 20 will go toward buying the reperations for past wrongs done by past whites

2476 days ago

huh?'s been a year already? Man, time DOES fly.

2476 days ago


I think the B word, the W word, the C word, and other words derrogatory to women are equally bad.

No one hesitates to say those words, including TMZ, who uses it as part of their headlines.

Apparently women don't rate in America. Except to be B's, W's, and C's.

2476 days ago


As a foreign man - I am especially entertained by the N world of the USA & I enjoy how you say Taco Bell & Starbucks & is it possible to how you say hip & hop?

2476 days ago


ok, let me get this straight: it's ok to use "The N Word" if you're a black comedian or a hip hop artist, but if you're white, they want to cancel your show for it's use in a private phone conversation taped without your knowledge? Do I have this correct?

2476 days ago


You must have forgotten.. You are supposed to be ashamed to be white. Especially if you are a white male.. Then you have committed the greatest atrocity of all times!

2476 days ago


Paul Mooney is the bigest racist in comedy. I thought he was HIV + years ago, what happened with that?

2476 days ago


monkey see , monkey do. are yall feeling left out? do you want to liberate yourself? say it , stop complaining, why are white people complaining about saying a word that could possibly get you beatdown? I'm a black man and i am appalled at how white people are feeling left out on saying the N WORD. I'm going to be the first person to say this,BLACK PEOPLE DO NOT CARE IF YOU SAY IT OR NOT, if you feel so left out just say it, BUT, if you get up in somebody's face saying it like you are threatning them, you might need some help getting up. I know what it is,a lot of white boys like to say it to piss off a black person then try to say '' oh rappers say it all the time, why can't we'' like any of yall care about what rappers say. A lot of yall don't even listen to rap anyway, the only thing people listen to rap for is to try to point out the negative, and rappers are the ones trying to tell the real story. The politicians aren't walking around in the streets seeing people suffer, the pastors aren't either. The problem is not saying the Nword,it's the reaction that a person has when he or she hears it.

2476 days ago


Hip -hop , ghetto behavior , hood life and rappers have ruined everything that is cool about being black these days. That's why you see stupid white girls embracing the music and those dumb ass dance moves Soulja and hip hop brings. It's the dumbest part of being black and that's how people want black people to be defined as being all like 50 cents and snoop dog who are not a highly intellectual sharp and or attractive people. Hip hop is popular because it's all the those thing some whites, deep down, are glad they are not. But like being entertain by it and sometimes feel good that they can act and dance like those buffoons.Like , hey Iknow how to get ignorant when I want to have fun , I just acct like thos n-word in rap videos . Just admit it guys(whites) ,you love it when 50 cents say the n-word . It makes you feel less guilty about thinking it deep down . Get's you off the hook .That's why you love that dumb A### rap music and those ignorant A## rappers who use the n-word for your entertainment and amusement.

2476 days ago


hey reggie, I'm feeling you . It does seem like white people are mad. when white people say the word, they say it to try to piss off a black person, like Micheal Richards was doing, he wasn't saying it to be funny, he was trying to piss off the dudes that were heckling him. Rappers in a sense, have changed the way people look at the word. PLUS , how in the hell are they going to pick NOW to bury the word, they should have did that in the 60s and 70s. I guess some people are content with being racist.

2476 days ago

Insert comical name here    

What, there wasn't enough racial bickering on the site today so TMZ had to throw some bait out there? Why do they encourage this? Are they paid by the comment or what???

2476 days ago
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