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TMZ to Oprah, E!, Discovery, NBC -- Hello, Anybody There?

11/16/2007 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For three days, TMZ's been trying to get answers from Oprah, E!, Discovery Health, and NBC. And for three days, radio silence.
Jan Adams and Robert Rey
We want to know why they put doctors on talking about plastic surgery who are not board certified in the field. In particular, we wanted to know why Oprah, NBC and Discovery Health showcased Dr. Jan Adams, who operated on Kanye West's mom the day before she died. The Dr. has 3 DUI's, multiple malpractice cases, and on and on. The director of the Medical Board of California is now going after his license.

We also wanted to know why E! is using doctors who are not board certified for "Dr. 90210" -- in particular, Dr. Robert Rey and Dr. David Matlock.

Oprah, Discovery, Jan Adams
We've been asking for a comment for three days now -- Oprah, E!, NBC, Discovery Health are not returning calls.


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Barbara who posted at 2:24 said he (Dr. Rey) gained approval by Oprah because he is black. Many (not all) white people today agree with this because it isn't the first nor will it be the last time Oprah Winfrey has led the (white) public down the garden path. But when she wants to get herself out of a tight spot she calls on the professionalism of a caucasion (not black) person to save her, i.e., Dr. Phil who stood beside her through the trial of the cattle ranchers of Texas v. Oprah after she said she would stop eating hamburgers...blah, blah, blah. Well we know how it all turned out. Tall Texas Dr. Phil got a TV show and multi, multi millions of dollars and Oprah got her reputation wiped clean so she could exploit the white race another day. (Can't wait to see the replies to that). And let's not forget she also gets kickback money from the Dr. Phil Show and now Rachel Ray - and so , so many others.

Oprah has built her empire and the empires of her many black friends on the money of the white people - particularly the white stay-at-home moms of Chicago. She knows how to hire people who will make her rich, richer, and richest in TV. She keeps many homes all over the world but has decided to save mother Africa through educational efforts. Most of what she does is for her good - including her middling help for others. She should try to educate the blacks in this country so that the sensless procreation as well as annihilation of themselves by themselves will stop.

She's a money making machine - most of which she keeps and some she gives away if only to make herself look good publically. She needs nothing except to keep her reputaiton squeaky clean so that she can make more money - and so goes her cycle.

I have never bought into her schemes. I don't believe she likes white people. And I do believe her agenda includes lining the pockets of black people at the expense of white people. Some white people are finally getting it. I also don't think she isn't a truly happy person. There is a void in her life that she just can't seem to fill and I don't think she ever will. She acts differently with white people than she does with blacks. She even talks differently when in the company of blacks.

I am offended when she only points out the flaws of white people and lauds blacks for the slightest amount of good they might do. Each is so far and in between that she seems to be trying desperately to turn the tide of racism. White people are taking more and more notice of her efforts to undermine white people - no matter how many Kennedys and Cruises, and Travoltas she fakes to like. I"ve gone many years now without watching her show because of what I've observed of her behavior. It's only recently that I've actually watched a couple shows to see if anything has changed and it hasn't. Nothing has changed. I look forward to the day when she retires to live off her wealth and leave the airways. I just don't think she matters anymore. She's reached her goal - she's rich. Now we need someone with her drive but who has the agenda of the entire globle - not just their own sphere of friends.

2535 days ago


Oprah thinks she knows everything- and she is the most GULLIBLE person on the planet. If someone says it or writes it, she believes it. She promotes books that other people read in high school and acts like she is a genius for having discovered it. None of her staff can tell her the truth. She owns all those places to live but has shows on the environment and kisses Gore's ass. OF COURSE she'd bring on doctor without questioning his credentials. It's her way of working.

2535 days ago


To LaChatte, YumYum, and Oprah is a racist - and anyone else who DOESN'T think the sun rises and sets over Oprah's big head...and especially for those that do...

She is not as charitable as she would have people think - especially the easily fooled. Those charitable donations she likes to send over the airwaves to make herself look good are for tax deductions not because she is so all fired giving. Even I make a slight donation each year and get a deduction. Anyone can. But for her it is a must or her tax bill would be one of the greatest in our country each year.

Another reason I stopped watching her show - again - is a few months ago when I gave her another bit of my time, she said she was asked by someone who she'd like to come back as - if she could - after she dies and she said, "I'd like to come back as myself, of course." And she made it seem like the person who asked her was an idiot for even thinking she'd opt to come back as someone else.

Now if that doesn't scream narcissism I don't know what does. Ugh! Did anybody else see that show?

Well, that one really clinched it for me. I will never watch her again or any other show she owns or sponsers - which by the way is a lot. I am now free at last, free at last, Thank G*D almighty I am Oprah free at last.

2535 days ago


Oprah's angel network is supported by DONORS not by Oprah. She is tight as a tick with her money. AND she uses white women as her donors and then ignores white people. One day someone will write a book about this charlatan. She doesn't think American blacks are worthy of her educational promotions (ironic that she would promote education in everyone but herself!). She said she built that school in Africa because the blacks THERE would appreciate it. Well, yes they did- one woman in particular did. What is this obsession with Africa? It is geopolitically unstable and yet money is thrown into it. Oprah never answers for her mistakes until she is publicly caught- and then she pulls the "poor me I have been so trusting" crap. I am grateful for every person who speaks OUT and says that she is a poorly educated, self promotional woman who hates white people (obviously) and people need to start watching how she operates.

2535 days ago

Kemi at Impaired Stars Canada    

Did someone say TMZ is a batch of wannabe Journalists? This is not the everyday blog. This is an entertainment news blog that is quoted as a reliable source by CNN, Access Hollywood, People, Entertainment Tonight and countless media. It is run by AOL too I believe it's under AOL News.

2535 days ago

Kemi at Impaired Stars Canada    

OMG, in response to your Oprah bashing by TMZ, true it was 2003 Jan Adams came on the show and by then, I would say Dr Adams had settled 2 malpractice suits in 2001. Oprah's staff DID not do their research! They totalled almost $500,000. Producers have to do background checks because going on Oprah with a plastic surgery practice is like getting a free commercial on Superbowl Sunday. You heard TMZ say this and they were right.

Next, this was a BLACK doctor. Kanye talked about how President Bush did not care about black people during Katrina. (he sang this in one of his songs....It's like Katrina without FEMA, on a flight without a VISA, Martin without Gina) now it's like Kanye without Donda! This is too creepy and sad as can be when I hear that song. You know what he says about black artists and MTV's bias during the VMA. Kanye is not anti-white as some portray him on this site. Kanye is not talking about this BLACK doctor who probably, and I mean allegedly probably killed his mother. (Credentials Alert) It's Thanksgiving week over there in the States and then Xmas everywhere. Imagine your loved one gone and not there for the holidays! This poor guy said this was his "biggest year" after his CD sales started peaking on September 11th, 2007. It is the year he will probably NEVER forget!

I listen to this CD daily and I hear something else in "Art imitating Life." When Biggie Smalls died, his CD "Life after death" sounded like he predicted his own death! Now, GRADUATION: the one thing Donda wanted him to do. His excuse for dropping out of college, Producing music for everyone and his mom said "not until you get paid for it!" Then there's "Stronger" which Kanye taught us that something that doesn't kill us will make us stronger. He needs Alexis, his fiance who Donda told we in the media that "the best thing about her is that she loves my son!" What can make a mother with a rich and talented son more happier? He need her most at this time to make him stronger.

"The Good Life" which we all want is what Kanye achieved and his mom was rewarded with with Kanye's success not just financially but emotionally. Did this include plastic surgery go wrong? It shouldn't have! If I were Kanye, the first person I will be after will be the California Medical Board. A DUI conviction prevents most health professionals from practicing...but 2 DUI convictions? Malpractice does not prevent you from continue working but malpractice+DUI should have suspended that license and sent Jan Adams to REHAB! Then re-apply for the medical license after a board review. Why? For public safety of course.

Kanye probably doesn't need the $$$$ judgement if he sues and is awarded in a potential wrongful death suit. It won't bring back Donda BUT it will set a lesson for all agencies and health professionals with regards to public safety. It will also send a message to TV medical shows and talk show producing executives who portray these professionals in good light to the public. The next track that sends me to teary pieces is "Flashing Lights" which is the next single coming out. When I hear the girl say "flashing.....lights", I just think about a 911 call to an ambulance! Finally I drown in tears when I hear that "Homecoming" going back home to Chicago? Then I say someone is going home. It is his mom!!! Then there is "I Wonder" if..........this can ever happen to me? We always wonder about things and never think it can happen to us. When Kanye said "I had a dream that I can buy my way to heaven" in "Can't tell me nothing", my neighbor said....Kemi, "Donda bought her way to heaven", I lashed out calling her insensitive that anyone can choose to improve their appearance. "Scuse me , is you saying something" said Kanye in that album.

"The Glory" is a track where I almost fall out of the tub when I do my daily Kanye tribute. This is where his mother has already reached. (Glorious Heaven) "Big Brother" the tribute to Jay-Z who gave him that chance. You know all the Jay-Z tributes on Kanye's album. Our mother's gave us a chance to live. For some reason, Barry Bonds is in the news and that track is also on Kanye's CD the very same week his mother died. This is just too creepy and ironical and finally the "Bittersweet Poetry" and "Goodnight" which are bonus tracks on my CD which my brother bought in Japan. Have you heard these ones? They are not on the North American CDs. I KNOW YOU ARE SAYING THAT I AM A REAL KANYE WEST FREAK. Not a freak, but I admire talent.

As a Journalist of 12 years, we all worked on this story all week. Our first lady died in cosmetic surgery too in 2005. Our nation collapsed in mourning. Her Excellency Stella Obasanjo (google it) and see the similarities in this tragedy. Life sometimes imitates Art. I met Kanye in 2004 in Atlanta at the album launching of the first album. I was fascinated with the teddy bear logo which I told him when

2535 days ago


I am really shocked that Dr. Rey is not as highly qualified as they come. Why would they even give him a show? And Dr. Jan was narrating that show like he was the bomb himself. They made me want to save money for my cosmetic surgery when I get old so I could go to them. It was very misleading.

As for Oprah, she was just fine with the press until she backed Obama instead of the Queen. Now, the National Enquirer is taking her down every week. They used to not bother her. Wonder who owns the Enquirer? I know, just wondering if you do.

2535 days ago

Marc Anthony    

Isn't Oprah the jerk who publicly flogged that writer guy (whose name I can't remember) for ad libbing his best selling book? Ah.... what goes around comes around. God doesn't like ugly... especially self righteous ugly

2535 days ago

Kemi at Impaired Stars Canada    

Marc Anthony, haven't you heard about the Oprah curse?

Dr Jan Adams.
James Frey: the phony book guy.
The Oprah School abuse in S.Africa.
Jessica Seinfeld's plagairism by Jerry's wife.
The Trisha Meili "O magazine" rape interview.

TMZ, can you make a live link to my media news site?

2535 days ago


Dr, Rey not certified, Stupid E channel needs to cancel that show, Dr. Rey makes me want to throw-up he is so stuck on him self, and that skinny 10 year boys body on his stupid wife of his, her little girl needs to be put in her place as well by her parents, she a little snot, her sarcastic mouth, is way to mature.

2535 days ago


GO TMZ!!!! FINALLY someone is asking the hard questions to the media. I hope you get some answers, cause you're definitely asking the right questions!

2535 days ago


Hi I am a medical student. I have worked with and dated plastic sugeons. One plastic surgeon told me that in fact Plastic surgeons lose Board Certification if they participate in TV shows that are for pure entertainment and not educational purposes.

so all those guys on Extreme Makeover and The SWAN they are not certified as is against the BOARD's code of conduct.

You also should know that surgeons don't need to be certified in Plastic Surgery to perform those proceedures... that is why they call themselves "Cosmetic" Surgeons because technically they are not "plastic surgeons".

I also know some inside dirt on one of the Docs on Dr90210 but it would be wrong of me to divulge:o

geez there is so much I can say but Karma is a bitch so I will keep this to myself.

2535 days ago


LMAO someone check Dr. Phil's creds!! haha

2535 days ago


Again, I am a medical student so I will tell you that assuming that Ms West died due to something that Dr. Adams did is wrong. She could have died from a blood clot that traveled to her lungs (pulmonary embolism). Having surgery increases the chance of that happening but so would taking a long plane ride. If that were the case, that was just bad luck and has nothing to do with the surgeon performing the procedure.

2535 days ago


All you people downing Okra for her actions, yet I would venture to guess that the majority of you supported her and watched her sleezy show before this mishap!!!

How else could she become the higest paid talk show host ever... you don't get that by just being black!!

And 20% of the population being Negros, doesn't compute!!

If you want to see a real change... wait until Obaaaaaaaaaaama gets in there!!

2535 days ago
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