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TMZ to Oprah, E!, Discovery, NBC -- Hello, Anybody There?

11/16/2007 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For three days, TMZ's been trying to get answers from Oprah, E!, Discovery Health, and NBC. And for three days, radio silence.
Jan Adams and Robert Rey
We want to know why they put doctors on talking about plastic surgery who are not board certified in the field. In particular, we wanted to know why Oprah, NBC and Discovery Health showcased Dr. Jan Adams, who operated on Kanye West's mom the day before she died. The Dr. has 3 DUI's, multiple malpractice cases, and on and on. The director of the Medical Board of California is now going after his license.

We also wanted to know why E! is using doctors who are not board certified for "Dr. 90210" -- in particular, Dr. Robert Rey and Dr. David Matlock.

Oprah, Discovery, Jan Adams
We've been asking for a comment for three days now -- Oprah, E!, NBC, Discovery Health are not returning calls.


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Dr. Rey is board certified. Dr. Robert Rey is his tv show name. check out the Board of Plastic surgery. (privacy)

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yr not kiddin anyone    

Wow! Dr. Rey is NOT Board certified??!!! If this is true, that show needs to stop. There are some people who will fly across the country just to see him, and have him do their surgery.
Why don't YOU GUYS at TMZ investigate EVERY TV Doc, and blow the lid off their real situations and botched surgeries, if they have any. That would be a reality program we would ALL watch. So, how about it??????

2511 days ago


Good don't answer you. Who in the f... are you guys, God? Savior? This is not Britney where you can present this and present that and get away with it. You believe you are saving the world, keep on believing. I can't wait until something BIG happens to you guys. Oh God, I can't wait. I feel it coming. Keep on and you might get burn. Ohhhh I can't wait. It will be juicy, juicy, juicy. Ignorance is the best medicine and you guys deserve to be ignored. PEOPLE YOU ARE NOT JOURNALISTS. YOU ARE TABLOID, HEAR.... YOU ARE TABLOID, MEANING scandalous, immoral, shamefull????? should I go on? You will not relax until you beat on this people and one of this days you will blood in your hands. I can just see, it is not our fault because she put herself out there or they put themselves out there. GOOD finally someone has some sense.

2511 days ago

diana g    

say something!!
cmon!! you're killing me!

2511 days ago


Totally irresponsible for someone of Oprahs stature and influence to allow Doctors on her show that are not properly certified. She has extremely well paid staffers to do her researchfor her. Any guest she brings onto her show has an automatic stamp of approval and endorsement of Ms. Winfrey.

Ever since the Incedent in Paris where she went Ballistic over a closed store I have really wondered about her integrity. This is just another questionable situation she is involved in. The girls schol in Africa is mired in Scandal and disgrace. There have been allegations about abusing her staffers in Chicago. And The general Ominipotent attitude she exudes.
If i were Obama I would get away from her as fast as possible.

2511 days ago


Dr. Rey is not Plastic Surgery boarded. Having friends who are surgeons in Los Angeles, it is a common running joke amongst them that these "tv surgeons" are not board certified and are after the celebrity. Dr. Rey trained at Harbor-UCLA for general surgery and did a fellowship in plastic surgey with additional training in breast surgery, he likely is board certified in general surgery, but not plastic surgery. And if you guys notice on his show, the guy just does boob jobs the whole time, unlike other docs on that show that do more labor intensive surgeries like face lifts, tummy tucks, facial reconstructions. Since he really just does one kind of surgery and probably has done thousands, he has experience --- but I wouldn't go to him for a facelift!!! You do not been to be boarded in plastic surgery to perform it, but I do find it sad that he keeps coming on shows like ET criticizing other surgeons for not being "qualified" when he himself has not cared enough to study hard for his plastic surgery boards and pass it so he can be critical of others. I'm sure he is a good surgeon, but I would appreciate it if he stopped trying to be a celebrity and concentrate more on being a good plastic surgeon.

If you want to see if your doctors are board certified, check the american board of medical subspecialities site. I think the bottom line is with all of this, if you care considering any surgery, check out your's easy to do, it is all public record.

2511 days ago


#34 Sues - Completely agree.

2511 days ago


They should have to do a disclaimer and a public service announcement about researching your doctor at the beginning of any reality show using a doctor that is not board certified.

2511 days ago


Another Orpah-news media situation:The recent news involving Oprah Winfrey’s decision to remove the book THE EDUCATION OF LITTLE TREE from her book list seems to require further exploration by thoughtful people.

For more information, see the article …

“Oprah bumps book ‘Education of Little Tree’ from list; readers can explore many factors involved”
November 9, 2007

2510 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

Please stay on this, TMZ. I'd also like to see you do some background checks on the rest of these doctors now

As for Oprah having 'experts' on her show, remember she's in the entertainment world. I've seen several 'experts' on her show that when you do a little research, their backgrounds aren't so impressive.
Rhonda Britten would be a good example, a so-called 'life coach'; what she really is, is a scammer running seminars women with poor self-esteem. I have two friends who attended Britten's seminar and they couldn't believe how fake she was. But she had the Oprah blessing -- priceless for such scammers.
And this will get some argument: Dr. Phil. Control freak if there ever was one.
Egomaniac 'experts' are Oprah's favorite guests and seldom when they give their opinions on the 'victim' guest have they spent more than five miniutes analyzing that person before the show starts.
Don't believe me? a little research into Oprah's 'experts'.

Now Dr. West is dead.
Oprah, whatcha got to say now?
Or will it be gf Gail that'll speak for you *again*? Coward.


2510 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

Here's what's happening all too often. Woman goes for a procedure, it's successful. Woman tells ten friends how great the doctor was and how great everything turned out. Four friends, so impressed, they skip checking out the doctor and just go for it.

And then, of course, there's Oprah.
Why if Oprah has an 'expert' on her show that expert has to be the best, right?


Fact: People counting on Oprah 'experts' are playing russian roulette.

2510 days ago


...and another thing...who the h*ll is this oprah to decide what we should read or should not? Does her narcisscism have any end? I had to laugh at the person who posted that only she would have a magazine with herself as the featured covergirl on every issue.

I think it's time to replace ms biggie O with a new talk show guru.

2510 days ago


Anyone who has a doctor on their show who is not board certified should say they are not or do not put them on the air. There is vast majority of people that do not look up their docs credentials. Most people go by recomendations how many pregnant women in the USA look up there docs credentials. There are board certified doc. who are bad too.

2510 days ago
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