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TMZ to Oprah, E!, Discovery, NBC -- Hello, Anybody There?

11/16/2007 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For three days, TMZ's been trying to get answers from Oprah, E!, Discovery Health, and NBC. And for three days, radio silence.
Jan Adams and Robert Rey
We want to know why they put doctors on talking about plastic surgery who are not board certified in the field. In particular, we wanted to know why Oprah, NBC and Discovery Health showcased Dr. Jan Adams, who operated on Kanye West's mom the day before she died. The Dr. has 3 DUI's, multiple malpractice cases, and on and on. The director of the Medical Board of California is now going after his license.

We also wanted to know why E! is using doctors who are not board certified for "Dr. 90210" -- in particular, Dr. Robert Rey and Dr. David Matlock.

Oprah, Discovery, Jan Adams
We've been asking for a comment for three days now -- Oprah, E!, NBC, Discovery Health are not returning calls.


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This is racism pure and simple. As evidenced on the news this morning, racism in America is on the increase! Dr. Jan Adams was lynched and not even the preliminary results of the autopsy are available. Is it accidental that he's Afro-American?! Dr Ray, who has nothing to do with the case, has been thrown into the mix. Dr Ray is Latino. Not to stop there, Dr Matlock is afro-american and is also being lynched. Bottom line, is that, the American Board of Plastic Surgery is a good old boy's club. They exploited this sad situation for their own gain.They have the occasional token latino or afro-american plastic surgeon, but not representative of the national population. For the record: Licensure as a physician (ie. The New York Medical Board) is a requirement to practice medicine. Board Certification is voluntary and is primarily a marketing tool. If you have any doubts, notice how other non-board certified plastic surgeons on reality shows have not been criticized on this site, for example: Dr Gary Motykie and Dr Will Kirby nor does TMZ talk about the "board certified" plastic surgeons who are on reality shows who are currently being sued for medical malpractice, such as Dr Frank Ryan and Dr Garth Fisher. These are all white doctors on reality television. How can filling an oval on a written test or an oral exam determine how good of a surgeon one is? During the exam, the Board does not go into the operating room to examine his/her skill. Plastic surgeons should be eval. based on training in plastics and experience as well as body of work. Many board certified surgeons have hardly any experience in many cosmetic procedures and have multiple malpractice violations.

2534 days ago


Oprah pushed Adams ,just like she's pushing Obama...because they are black......pure & simple. Doesn't make her a bad person, just misguided. And, to her credit, one doesn't really know a person's true character...until they f**k up.......and then it's too late....look at the African school fiasco.........

2534 days ago

A. Doc    

People, look. To become an M.D. you go to college for 4 years, then to med school for 4 years. During med school you take two huge comprehensive tests. You then do an internship for a year. This is basically supervised, on-the-job training, and you more-or-less do a little bit of everything (surgery, general medicine, pediatrics). You take another huge comprehensive test, and only then are you eligible for a full medical license. After that, you continue your "residency," more supervised, on-the-job training. A surgery residency takes, at minimum, 4-5 years. Plastics, a year or two more. ONLY THEN are you even eligible for board certification. Board certification is another specialty-specific test. I dunno if these guys (Adams and Rey) are board certified in anything. But, although they may not be boarded in Plastics, maybe they're boarded in Surgery. But, I would bet that they completed at least 5 years of training in surgery, but didn't take the test. A lot of M.D.'s don't. If you sucessfully completed a residency, your'e "board-eligible," and you stay that way. Now, if these guys didn't complete a full residency, that's a whole different ball of wax. In that case, they're idiots.

2534 days ago


Dr Rey is board eligible in plastic surgery - he completed his residency in general and then in plastic surgery and then went on to complete a voluntary fellowsip also in plastic surgery - he's board eligible and better trained than most who are certified.

2534 days ago

Elliot Duboys, MD - Certified - American Board of Plastic Surgery    

Check out this link. Several years ago, I pitched a story about Board certification and that there are "fringe" boards out there. This is first coming to the lime-light now.

2533 days ago


it is because of all these entertainment shows that give these unqualified plastic surgeons so much business. I am actually a victim that went to Dr. Richard Ellenbogen who was featured on Dr. 90210 (E channel). He ruined my face and mutilated my nose. I later found out that he has done this so so many people young and old. And the only reason he even has any patients is because of these shows (including oprah) that are featuring him. its disgusting!!!

you can see the pain that this doctor caused to so many ppl:

2533 days ago


Thank you TMZ for asking the question I have been wondering. People keep asking why Mrs. West didn't get a good doctor. The answer: because she thought she was. First of all, these unneeded surgeries are showcased on tv and made to look great. The fact is that they risk people's lives for no reason. Secondly, Oprah putting this clown on her show gives him instant credibility to millions of fans. Me personally, I don't care what Oprah says. I see her for what she is: A tough and effective businessperson who is very good at making money. Don't be fooled. She is a biased as they come and out for a buck. Why do you think she didn't put a 50 year old board certified unattractive white guy on her show?

2532 days ago


I think Oprah should go to court for promoting a non lince doctor and sue her for making people beliced that he was a good doctor...THE EVIL OPRAH...I think she is the anticrist...

2532 days ago


PLEASE!!! Investigate and expose Dr. Robert Rey for who he is! He is making millions (which I don't begrudge anybody IF done appropriately), one people who do not know how, nor will bother to check medical malpractice/history. He generally will not operate on people over 30 years of age(as I am told)., Check into his status at Cedars Sinai Hospital. Does he still have priviledges there? Perhaps there is something more to his Tae Kwan Doe (or is it Take your Dough)? ABSOLOUTELY NO DISRESPECT INTENDED TO THE MARTIAL ARTS COMMUNITY! REGARDLESS OF THE STYLE PRACTICED.

1475 days ago
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