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Warrant Out for Dr. Adams

11/16/2007 4:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Dr. Adams just arrived at the hearing -- late. The warrant has been recalled. The hearing is set to start at 2:00 PT.

An L.A. County Superior Court judge has issued a warrant for Dr. Adam's arrest, because he didn't show up for a hearing today.

Lori Ufondu sued Dr. Adams and won a judgment in excess of $100,000, after he left a sponge in her following surgery. Ufondu's lawyer told TMZ Dr. Adams hasn't paid.

Today, Dr. Adams was ordered to appear at 8:30 AM in San Pedro, Calif., for a "judgement debtor" examination hearing, in order to establish where he had assets. The doctor was a no show, and the judge issued a $30,000 civil warrant.

Dr. Adams operated on Kanye West's mom the day before she died.


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When it rains it pours. Now he's facing jail. Next TMZ will report that he was in the same hotel room with OJ holding a gun! LOL It's bad enough all the mentally unstable, insecure women, with poor self image he operated on are crawling out of the woodwork. Even idiot white racsit moron's (#16 popsicle) are getting in on the act.

2497 days ago

death on a cracker    

something isn't right here....i thought i read where he left a half eaten Quizno's sub in her body, not a sponge!!!

2497 days ago


Harvey, a bunch of us have chipped in to get you a butt-lift from Dr. Jan.


2497 days ago


This guys career (such as it was, knowing what we do now) is over.
Maybe Adams and Dawg can start a reality support group together.

2497 days ago


I want to know why Tyra had some doctor on her show yesterday regarding talking to your kids about sex saying that young girls should take Gardasil. There have been many deaths of young girls from this stupid drug. Tyra acts like she is 15 years old herself. She will believe anything that is said to her. She is EXTREMELY unaware about adult life experiences.

This perverty doctor actually said that you should let your 2 year olds see you naked so you can explain body parts and make them feel comfortable with their bodies. That crap caused me to be molested by my biological father who had me bathe with him everyday when I was 2-5 yrs old. Bet that doctor isn't board certified either.

2497 days ago


I think we will be hearing from others who have been mistreated by this doctor now that they feel empowered to do so.
Some will be looking to cash in but those will be the minority and will be weeded out.

I am willing to bet a few tried to do something and knew about his past but were intimidated or making money off of of his fame and helped keep it quite.

Those who allowed this Doctor to raise to such heights in the entertainment industry ( there by leading many to assumed he was the real big deal) are guilty of Donda's death as well.

They cannot be held less responsibile because Donda did not investagate.

There has been intentional deception towards the public and patients as well.

2497 days ago

Roxanne Wood    

@#15 Poop-sicle

Gee your Mum must be proud of you. How many teeth do you have missing? Did u even shower today in the outhouse?? What is the last book you've read...THE THREE LIL PIGS?
Thx dumbazz for the chuckle.

2497 days ago

Melanie Cooper    

Okay, I don't care who in this comment pool got surgery, the bottom line is this very ignorant for operating on patients when you don't have a legitimate license to practice with.

Jan Adams killed "Donda West" and right in that surgery room, he knew and donda knew that she did not need that surgery. C'Mon people she was way too old to be getting a breast reduction and a tummy tuck??? please she was 58 years old...What the hell was she thinking?? someone should have talked her out of it, like how about JAN ADAMS!!!

As for Mr. Adams, considering all the mal-practice suits against him, he should be doing some jail time real soon...and it'll be well deserved.

2496 days ago

About time this guy faces the music

2496 days ago
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