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"Sopranos" Star Puts a Hit on Joy

11/17/2007 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Steve Schirripa kibbitzed backstage at the Comedy Cares Celebrity Poker Tournament in Las Vegas last night by attempting to sign Joy Behar's boobs. Joy is clearly enjoying the most action she's seen since Rosie's fight with Elisabeth.
Joy Behar, Steve Schirripa
The event benefited Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. And Joy.


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The only redeeming factor of " The View " was Meredith Viera. All the other " ladies " are nightmares. I wouldn't watch the show for anything now.

2502 days ago

Karin B.    

Joy is the most ill-informed talk show host I've ever seen. I wished they'd get people who have a clue on the show...not these comedians, who are just used for they're comic value.
The show is complete nonsense. I can't even bare to watch is anymore. I watch Tyra now.

2502 days ago


Joy is the BEST...... Love her, and her comedy,AND HONESTY... I remember yrs ago her having her own talk show.. LOVED IT.. Would love to see her in person someday....

2502 days ago

Allred Tree    

Joy thinks she is right about everything all the time and that is why the loud-mouthed bully is so despised. She really gets grosser with each appearance; notice her hands and how they are constantly moving and twitching. SHE IS REALLY ANNOYING and we are not interested in her opinions or anything she has to say or any of her unfunny jokes.

Last weeks shows were especially awful with the panel modeling their clothes from various stores and Joy looked the worse, as usual. She is obviously cheating on her diet and will soon need a stapling operation. With any luck, the doctor who performed surgery on Kanye West's mother will do Joy Behar's much needed cosmetic surgery and liposuction.

2502 days ago


Joy is a hoot! Very smart and comical! Negative comments coming about her here must be from REPUBLICANS or very JEALOUS WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!! RELAX women, open your minds and try to feel better about yourselfs!!!! Geeeez

2501 days ago


Laura Ingam was on the view last week and Joy said "I'm not attackig you", but clearly
she was. I gets soooooooooooooooooo uncomfortable to watch, I won't watch it anymore. Joy is lookng to be the new Rosie and she might accomplish that. She has
turned into a smug, Im right your wrong , total a-hole.........................................................

2501 days ago

Lenn K.    

I'm still in shock that Joy has a boyfriend. Wow, I guess money can buy love, oh I mean attention.

2501 days ago


"Joy's political views should be kept to herself."

There's a little thing in America, it's called right to freedom of speech and expression. Ever heard of it?

2501 days ago

chin chin    

To: #37 "Shut Yo Ugly Mouth Joy"..... Thank you- Loved your comment- couldn't have said it better myself :o)

Baywhore is loud, overbearing and intolerant. I witnessed her classic behavior during O'Reilly's appearance. She angrily yelled at him,"I can shout louder than you!!!" (in her painfully grating accent) Thankfully, he politely ignored her & chose not to roll in the mud with the PIG!

Poor Steve. Get out while you can dude- the money's totally not worth it- I'm impressed though, that you haven't slit your wrists!!!!!

2501 days ago

Allred Tree    

Joy was horribly rude to Laura Ingram and I hope Barbara and Bill took note as well as the sponsers. She is just a pig and you are right in that she seems to be the new Rosie.

Here we thought the show would be bearable after Rosie left but instead, it seems to have emboldened the awful Elisabeth and Joy. The next time she butts in and ruins the flow of conversation, they should tell her to shut up or the studio audience needs to start booing Joy Behar. She laughs at her own jokes and then sits there with that hideous evil grin on her face like she is so pleased with herself occupying valuable time and they have to cut to commercial. When that is over, whatever good discussion has been ruined by Joy Behar.

IMO Joy IS JEALOUS OF WHOOPI and is doing everything in her power to overpower her and Sherri. They do not need Joy and her whiny nasally voice just grates like fingernails on a chalkboard - it is almost as bad as Elisabeth's and is more noticeable now that Rosie and Elisabeth are gone.

2501 days ago
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