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Chris Crocker Confuses the Homeless

11/18/2007 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While Aries Spears continued to be denied at Hyde, cross-dressing Chris Crocker had no problem getting inside -- but not before giving a homeless man the wrong idea. Beggars should be choosers!

The YouTube boob was decked out in pigtails and miniskirt, and shocked a Sunset Blvd. pedestrian when he revealed his gender. Don't leave poor Chris Crocker alone ... watch the video to see who got the last laugh!


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ya know... that homeless man and that crocker "thing" have something in common... they are equally irrelevant... I blame the media for even giving this monster a chance at 15 minutes....

2494 days ago


stop hating on him just because your face isnt on tmz

2494 days ago


For God's sake, TMZ, are you too dense to realize that Buffalo Chris here craves publicity? He wants ATTENTION, good or bad, and you idiots are just feeding him. Please, PLEASE stop reporting and posting articles on this no-talent, narcissistic psychopath.

2494 days ago


Chris Crocker is the best! He's becoming one of the best safeties of the entire Falcons lineup! GO CHRIS!

2494 days ago



2494 days ago


EVERY SINGLE PERSON who hates on CHRIS CROCKER is just upset over the fact that he is gay. That's the only explanation! Chris is not annoying, he's not ugly, he's not whiny, and he's definitely not an attention whore. That time he showed the paparazzi his micropenis? Perfectly natural behavior, not a cry for attention at all. That means the only reason y'all is hatin on him is cuz he's gay! GET OVER IT!

2494 days ago


yall nEEd 2 stop h8in on my man cris croker!!!1111oneoneone yall is just jealouz cuz yall dont hav a TV sho, a movie deal, a book deal, a recording contract, and a modeling contract like my man cris!!! BTW cris crocker was named people magazines SEXIEST MAN ALIVE OF 2007 LOOK IT UP BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2494 days ago


The homeless man had no business sizing anyone up,who was he to think he was going to get lucky,in his condition.

2494 days ago

Lenn K.    

It sound most are one step from excepting child molesters, what has happened to this world?

2494 days ago


Freaks like that shouldnt even be given any publicity or air time. That trashy waste of human dna is not a celebrity. Famous Amos should have kicked him in the nuts to see if he was really a girl or boy then followed up with a ninja chest jump.

2494 days ago


He is my hero!
Everyone who mocks him needs to get on with their own pathetic lives and stop mocking him for him being better than they are.
Posted at 5:56AM on Nov 19th 2007 by mandamagicbear

It's sooo true people need to stop being jealous of Chris Crocker. He's my hero too! I bet these people talking s**t are Panthers or 49ers fans upset that we beat their asses! Or theyre just Colts fans talking trash cuz they know were gonna beat them on the 22!

2494 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

As I recall, his hair was styled like Sienna Miller's when he did his Leave Britney ALONE video. Maybe it is just the season, but now his hair looks kind of ho ho ho.

2494 days ago


May I ask what bathroom you used at the club,chris.And next time tell that bum its none of his business what gender you are....

2494 days ago

Chris Crocker is my hero    

When I read these comments making fun of Chris, I cried for hours.Chris Crocker is a National Hero, he's done more for this countrythan anyone else in history. Would any of you have the balls to standup to adversity like Chris does in his Leave Britney Alone video? That was the most courageous act I've ever seen a human being do. His passion for protecting Britney from the media is inspirational. Nobody in the course of human history has ever stood up to anopressor with such courage. He also has the guts to say that Britney is more important than the events of 9/11, and you still hate on him?Get a life losers! Chris Crocker should be the one with streets named after him, national holidays in his honor, and his image on U.S.currency! He's a REAL American hero, our country seems to have forgotten what a hero is these days.

2491 days ago

Chris Crocker is my hero    

To all the parents out there: turn off your Faux News, See-BS News and all other mainstream media. Go to Youtube with your children, find Chris Crocker's Leave Britney Alone video, and watch it together. America's children need to have a genuine role model, someone they can look up to and be proud of. Chris Crocker is a fine American role model, and makes me proud to be an American. I can only pray that our country's children grow up with even a thread of Chris Crocker's moral fiber and decency. With Chris Crocker as our moral leader, this world will, without a doubt, be a better place. Chris is the face of this generation of Americans, representing our country in the eyes of the entire world, and I must say, I could not be more proud to have him as the cultural ambassador to the United States of America. GOD BLESS AMERICA, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, GOD BLESS CHRIS CROCKER.

2491 days ago
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