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Kid Drowns in "Ocean's" Star's Shadow -- redirect

11/18/2007 6:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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Click HERE please.    

The writer strike is a good thing.

2533 days ago

Chick in CA    

It's a good thing huh? Well, we are in this busineess, on the crew, and now out of work. Soooo, please, to you ignorant people that think this is good or funny or whatever.....PAY MY MORTGAGE til this is over. I'll send you my account #. sheesh.

2533 days ago

No Kidding    

Why is this surprising? It's like comparing Cheese Whiz to Brie.

2533 days ago


What did Kid Rock say anyway?
Too bad his album ain't selling...

2533 days ago


I think Writers Salaries should be tied to the ratings of a program. Hell if a studio president can get fired if shows don't perform the people who write them should as well. Maybe it would give us more great shows like the first seasons of Desperate Housewives, Lost, Battlestar Gallactica...and less shows like the SECOND season of Lost and Desperate Housewives.

That said.....people still follow George Cloony? I thought he was about as relevent as Jessica Simpson these days.

2533 days ago


Have you ever seen anyone more full of themselves than George Clooney? What a jerk!

2533 days ago

below the line    

Is that the current GF? The Vegas skank?

Do they EVER stay home and eat? My guess is her strong point isn't cooking...well in the kitchen anyway.

2533 days ago


Hey Pay My Mortgage,
I would consider your request, except one question....Do you have an American vehicle? If you are driving a Honda/Toyta/etc. you deserve to be out of work with the rest of the auto workers. People did not support them when they went on strike. I am not union, but we need to support one another over Japanese or Chinese or Mexican imports.
Just saying...

2533 days ago


They can never seem to dine alone together. Of course, I've seen the videos and heard her speak and I can assure you, there's no real intelligent, independent thought there. I think it was something along the lines of "I wanna bite your ass". Which she then proceeded to do. Of course, I'm sure Georgie is paying her a pretty penny to do the exact same thing. BTW, that's a real energy efficient car George is driving. And the $25,000 he donated to "help out the workers affected by the strike" is a real slap in the face. This guy is pathetic. I wonder if Fabio is waiting at home for him. Word is he really likes to be spanked.

2533 days ago


It is amazing how the older he get the best looking he is
I want to be like him :D hehehe

2533 days ago


Note to TMZ: I wish you would have followed Kid Rock - he's a hell of a lot more exciting. How many pictures do you need of Clooney looking down at the ground as he walks, looking up occasionally to smile...... You might have witnessed a knock down drag out following Kid - dummies.

2533 days ago


Is that the Vegas Skank who bites ass? Nick and Nina must be proud.

2533 days ago

Dave the pig    

I don't advocate violence but for once I wish Fabio would have taken George down and bit*hed slapped his p*nk ass!!!!!

2533 days ago


Did the moron who wrote this not know what a Mullet is? A mullet is Long hair in the back & short cut hair in the front. You do not have a mullet if you pull your hair back into a ponytail. Its as stupid as people who say the term "Ass-Less Chaps". All chaps are ass-less you jackasses. Chaps are meant to be worn over jeans, hence no backside.

2533 days ago


Someone told me Clooney's girlfriend has one brain cell.

2533 days ago
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