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Inquest Into Daniel Smith's Death Begins

11/19/2007 6:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith's mother, Virgie Arthur, and lawyer/wanna-be-baby-daddy Howard K. Stern were both in a Nassau, Bahamas courtroom this morning for the beginning of an inquest into the death of the the late celebuwreck's only son.

The proceedings were postponed in October, when a tropical storm slammed into the Caribbean island where Daniel Smith, 20, mysteriously died 13 months earlier in his mother's hospital room, three days after his sister Dannielynn was born.


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Howard looks like he is getting fat. Hair is receeding a bit. thought he would wear the power pink tie. Looks like a new suit and shirt. Don't like the tie. Doesn't do anything for his face. But really don't think any thing could. What a slime ball. He identified the body of the life he destroyed. How kind of him.

2539 days ago

No so Swim    


Looks like Virgie is giving Stern the finger!!!!!!!!!!

I love it!

2539 days ago

'SAY WHAT?    

all you loyal howard supporters dont forget that loyalty when it really counts.

we want see this same show of support fighting to see him on visiting day.
and dont you dare claim you never supported him unless you intend to change your email address and names, cause its gonna be awful embarrassing.

yeah, i want to see you right there on Christmas, Thanksgiving and on his birthday. I want this loyalty proven. You'll recocnize me. I'll be the one there with a camera to snap you as you go in 'cause i figured out it could be worth money. It will be such a RARE THING for him to get even ONE visitor that it will be something the tabloids will pay big bucks for.

2539 days ago

these people are a joke    

Ahh, the paid Virgie blockers never give it up...

2539 days ago

Fly on The Wall    

My life is here.

Send comments to FLyontheWallTMZ@AOL.,COM

Have a wonderful evening and I hope your panties are clean.

2539 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

To by ...

Vergie lives in a house , moron.

2539 days ago


Blow me Donna! and spell my name right idiot!!!

2539 days ago


#40 (Government Cheese) are truly a sicko with a sick mind. Have you excaped from the mental institution? Take your drugs before your sorry ass makes another sorry comment. Your so not funny so stop trying to be!

2539 days ago


Government Cheese. .WOW you need to take your pills NOW. Lay down if you can. I can't believe that anyone could be so vile. Call Dr E. for Government Cheese.

2539 days ago

Fly on The Wall    

45 Now that is something I would pay to see.

Thanks so much for the comment. Your opinion is valued


2539 days ago

'SAY WHAT?    

Posted at 5:19PM on Nov 19th 2007 by .

yup! that's the same trailer i loan your mom when she made that five dollars the night you were (oooopsps conceived) - -the guy thought she was only worth five, but when she got knocked up with you, the five wasnt enough to get rid of you so here we are, five-dollar blogger.

if only she had nipped that in the bud!
but again, like i said, she was only worth the $5

2539 days ago


Virgie is looking better....I think all mothers can understand some of what Virgie does...It was her daughter, her grandson.....even estranged it is still her family, not Howards. I hope she can make peace with the babys daddy, for the sake of the child.

2539 days ago


I think that whoever wrote this article and other ones involving Anna Nicole, need to have a little more respect for the dead. Instead of calling her a wreck, which we all know she had issues, maybe you can concentrate on something good or prosperous she did while she was alive. I like this website but when you start really disrespecting people for no reason it makes me not want to visit.

2539 days ago


TMZ BEST BAN >(Government Cheese). . Just a little to vile for this or any other blog.

2539 days ago


Hi Fly on the wall! Seen anything juicy, lately?

2539 days ago
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