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Inquest Into Daniel Smith's Death Begins

11/19/2007 6:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith's mother, Virgie Arthur, and lawyer/wanna-be-baby-daddy Howard K. Stern were both in a Nassau, Bahamas courtroom this morning for the beginning of an inquest into the death of the the late celebuwreck's only son.

The proceedings were postponed in October, when a tropical storm slammed into the Caribbean island where Daniel Smith, 20, mysteriously died 13 months earlier in his mother's hospital room, three days after his sister Dannielynn was born.


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Bahama Mama    

Why isn't Larry Sue there representing his daughter's interest in the death of her brother? and to back up his written statement made to the Bahamian Police?

Larry Sue sucks! He better tell the truth and back up his statements that Howard killed Daniel, fed Anna drugs and wrote checks out of Anna's account and signed her name and that he was moiney laundering...

Also, Larry Sue better get ready for another heir to Anna's house he is living in.... The Arizona boy's DNA will kick Larry to the curb and there is another Baby Daddy Larry! LOL Get Ready because here I come! LOL

2498 days ago


I hope they will do a good job, and get to the bottom of things.

Good luck Vergie. There is not a person here would would like to go through what you have.

2498 days ago


I'm so sick of fly on the wall. He's everywhere. Get a life. We are sick of you. What the hell do you do all day....THIS!!!

2498 days ago

'SAY WHAT?    

Posted at 5:32PM on Nov 19th 2007 by Barbara

its not virgie that neds to make the peace. she has always extended to larry.
larry is the one taking instructions from the murderer not to let virgie see the child.

howard wants full and total control over the "sole heir" because he can control the SOLE HEIR.

If Virgie was allowed in dannielynn's life howard would lose that control in a new york minute.

if he killed for it what else is there he wont do to hold on to that money?

2498 days ago

Fly on The Wall    

LMAO people can be so funny at time

Sent to

2498 days ago

K are an idiot. We all know she lives in a house. But you must shack up with her...two peas in a pod.

2498 days ago



2498 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

This is all about someone getting their hands on that big wad of $ that is still possibly up for grabs. And while I still think it is sad that an innocent baby will grow up without a mother and brother, I will always believe that this comes down to greed. I don't pretend to know the true motivations of any of these people, but I still doubt is is strictly for justice. I wonder how these same people would act if there was someway to remove the money from the picture. THE DEAD WILL NOT REST UNTIL SOMEONE GETS PAID ( sorry for shouting). Until then, Danielynn will probably suffer for the rest of her life. That is the True Horror of this story.

2498 days ago

'SAY WHAT?    

Posted at 5:43PM on Nov 19th 2007 by SANDRA CHAVEZ

"poor" he isnt and "mourning" you wish. killed he did.

2498 days ago

Marlb Man    

Hey Headcheese,

Why do you have to attack Harvey Levin for being gay? And what is a "fluffer"? Anyway, Sharpton is a huge Assh..., Howard and Larry B. are in this as thick as thieves! Howard is the gayest man I have ever seen, and I could swear he and Larry are lovers! Leave them alone, they had to murder fat ass Anna so they could be together. As for what happened to that poor Daniel, he was most likely tired of Larry and Howie playing hide the sausage and overdosed after realizing his momma was a brain dead whore who turned to him for some "lovin"! As for two ton Virgie, she just wants some money so she can but a tricked out Caddy.

2498 days ago


Ihave the feeling , the lawyer and the daddy offed the son first so the baby is the only heir, then offed anna nichol so they can split the cash, wanna bet ?

2498 days ago


#63 KATIE......Virgie only wants money. She is a loser and deserves everything she has gone through. Don't feel sorry for her. She was a bad mother and only wants one thing...MONEY. Don't you get it? Apparently not! Seriously, wake up and get a clue.

2498 days ago


#65...what the hell are you trying to say.....

2498 days ago

Just Guessing    

I can only imagine how difficult this is for Virgie.

I hope and pray that justice prevails and those responsible for this young man's death meet their just dues very soon. Then maybe both Anna and Daniel can rest in peace.

2498 days ago


Anna hated Stern after Daniels Life was taken. At his Funeral she screamed "You killed my Son. Why did you do this to me. Get away from me." This was heard by all present. Even the Police that where there. Anna tried to kick Stern out , but instead he began Annas Knock Out Program with Dr. E. The picture of Anna past out with vomit on her face and chest was not taken out of love, but to prove that she was an uncontrolable addict. Anna hated Stern. She died from an overdose of drugs supplied by Dr. E. and Stern. riveing

2498 days ago
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