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Miley Cyrus & Mom

Who's Who?!

11/19/2007 1:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Move over Dina and Lindsay Lohan -- there's a new mother/daughter duo burning up the Hollywood scene!

Miley and Mom
Looking more like an adult than ever, "Hannah Montana" sensation Miley Cyrus (right) hit the American Music Awards red carpet on Sunday with her mother Tish (left) at her side -- 14 going on 30!

Like many child stars, Miley has yet to reach major milestones in her life, like getting her driver's license, graduating high school -- or going to rehab!


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Lol, ok, Baba. Your comment explaind everything... again, noone cares.

2440 days ago

Winky Vitalic    


I KNEW you didn't graduate from middle school - it's "no one, " idiot - not "NOONE."

And apparently there is someone who cares - YOU, fatso! Or else you wouldn't bother to comment on my little old musings.

Sorry you have such a sad, pathetic life. I hope that you can lose weight and find a man one of these days. Or not. Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner of turkey lunchmeat and marshmellow fluff, my little butterball!

Peace OUT!!!

2440 days ago


BABA you are an idiot. You must be the one who is an uneducated fat body since you constantly harp on that. Maybe you will get out of the trailer park soon. Or out of the ghetto soon. Good luck on that.
You can't compare Miley and her mom to LiLo and Dina Lohan. They may be the back woods version. Miley has a head like a horse and her mother has some really ratty hair extensions. And just give Miley time. She will be flat on her back in no time.

2440 days ago


You sound like a psycho, Baba. Lol, and say what you want. Sounds like you have a little pathetic life with your Stedman obsession, freak. I'm not going to justify myself to someone who is obsessed with Stedman - you must be an angry, fat, uneducated woman yourself. Have fun flying your Stedman flag - weirdo. The only reason I'm commenting on your stupid "stedman story" is because I see them posted whenever your obsessed little mind sees an outlet to unleash them. Freak.

2440 days ago


Miley =Hottie!!!

2440 days ago


BTW, thanks Beefcakes. ;-)

2440 days ago


According to a not-long-ago article in People, Miley still is enrolled in a public school, has chores, attendes church weekly with her family, and gets a $300 month allowance.

I don't see a train wreck in her future. She seems to have a loving, grounded family life, and her show one I will watch without the munchkin being around.

2440 days ago


Miley looks great!

2440 days ago

just sayin    

I don't know if this was answered yet or not but Miley's mom is not dead in real life but she is dead on the show Hannah Montana.
Also I think Miley looks great. My little girl is a HUGE fan and I think she is a great role model.

2440 days ago


both look great

2440 days ago


They probably have the same father.

2440 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

What is wrong with you people?

First of all, this young lady is still a child, regardless of whether
you like/approve of her clothes. How can you say such hateful things
about a child?

Just because she is an entertainer, do you think that somehow changes
her heart and makes her immune to your cruelty? Does that mean that
you have no responsibility for what you say because she is in the
public eye?

And why on earth do you have a problem with a young person being an
entertainer? In the entertainment industry, there are roles for
children/young people. If no young people/children get into the
business, as you apparently support since you trash parents for
letting their children get into the business, who do you think will
play those roles? Do we start having art or entertainment that does
not include any young person and reflects the American experience
without the inclusion of children?

Of course, child actors/entertainers do have a reputation for not
succeeding in life and having a skewed vision of life. I get that.
However, there are many child actors/entertainers who have made the
transition well. It's about how they are reared and it's an
individual thing.

I don't know this young lady. I am not in this business - far from
it. But, she is not Brittney or Lindsey and has done nothing to
deserve the bashing she is getting here. Give this girl a chance and
leave your cruel comments to yourself. There is nothing unbecoming of
her dress here, and I am a very conservative person. If you don't like
red on a young person, what on earth does that have to do with this
girl? That is simply your opinion and is no reflection whatsoever on
this girl's virtue.

Now, as for her mother, what do you know about this woman? Does she
love her child? Does she discipline her child reasonably and does she
keep this young lady centered? Of course, we have seen clearly that
Dina Lohan has not done that according to what I think most of
American parents would agree is reasonable. But the woman in this
picture is not Dina Lohan.

So they are from the South. Big freaking deal. That doesn't mean they
are trashy or stupid. Stupidity and trashiness is definitely not
limited to the South.

And finally, why do you people spew such hatred? I am grieved when I
read these boards and I read so much anger and hatred and bitterness.
I know I could just not read the boards. I get that. But I do enjoy
reading about celebrities like many others. My only thought upon
seeing this young lady's mother is that while both of these ladies
are lovely, I don't see any resemblance between Miley and her mother
or father. I guess she must have just gotten enough of each not to
strongly resemble either. I was reading the boards here to see if
anyone else thought that, and saw all the ugliness here and just had
to speak about it.

I enjoy hearing what other people think. But when something like this
comes up on TMZ and the hatred just starts spewing - I am just so
saddened. Where does this hatred come from? Why are you so full of
hatred and hatefulness? And why do you feel the need to hurt people?
I am not angry at you all, just grieved by your bitterness and
horrible words that reflect the hatred that is in your heart.

C'mon guys. Don't put other people's issues on this young lady,
including your own. Give this girl a chance. Perhaps her parents will
raise her in a way that will cause her to be a valuable member of
society as she grows.

There's just so much hate here. I hope that bothers someone other
than me. I hope it bothers us enough to be kinder.

2440 days ago

South Carolina    

I think Miley and her family are wonderful, and I applaud her parents for setting strict limits and enforcing discipline on Miley and her siblings. Other celebrity parents should pay attention!

2440 days ago


I do not believe Tish is Miley's biologicl mother, but her stepmother.

2440 days ago


This is just scary to me. You'd never know the one in the red dress is an actual CHILD, a minor. I guess if you're making money hand over fist you don't need to have a childhood. Money's so much better! How sad. Guess this is what happens when Hollywood dictates the ways of America and Americans fuel the machine. Gross.

2440 days ago
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