Wacky Colin Farrell Chick Arrested for Prostitution

Desserae BradfordShe's off the hook! Dessarae Bradford was arrested in Hollywood on prostitution charges on Saturday. Who? Surely you recall the loopy dame who wrote a book about Colin Farrell called "Colin Farrell: Dark Twisted Puppy."

Miss D has declared in a statement that she's "innosent of all charges" (sic) and that she feels "absolutely violated and tramatised." (sic). She claims that she was merely walking near Sunset Blvd. at 11:30 PM, when a guy in a jeep pulled over to chat her up -- for 20 minutes -- after which he arrested her for prostitution. LAPD hauled the 32-year-old down to the Hollywood station.

Now Miss Bradford says she's going to sue LAPD.