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Britney -- Ashamed of Her Own Face?!

11/20/2007 10:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brit stopped for a fill-up yesterday -- no, not for Provigil and collagen -- gas. And Brit did a bizarre thing -- she hid her face from paparazzi! Unbeweaveable!

Spears went deep undercover at a 76 gas station last night, as paps begged for Britney to remove the sweater covering her daily-snapped mug. Brit wouldn't budge though, and even tried to drive off with her face still covered. All feet remained intact.

One thing's for sure -- her new car is as big a gas guzzler as the last one!


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Lenn K.    

Why not let someone else get gas? Stay the hell home for a change!!!

2491 days ago

I'd hide her whole body! lol ;-) first

2491 days ago

Dawn Day    

Thank You Britney!!!

2491 days ago


Who cares?

2491 days ago


Dana, you SUCK! I am so sick of these spammers. The 'wealthy millionaires" were bad enough, now we're getting nudists. Puhleeze! Wait, Dana, you forgot to mention that Charlie Sheen found his true love there! Why is this crap allowed?

2491 days ago


Why should she stay home and have someone else pump her gas? This is America and she's free to go where and when she sees fit. Why aren't you asking why the Paps are allowed to swarm her vehicle and heckle her from outside her car? You have it backward.

2491 days ago

death on a cracker    

she keeps filling up her car becuase she never turns it off... she bought that car day before yesterday and it already has 64,000 miles on it!!!she needs to cut two eye holes in a sheet and just drive aroun all day like that.


2491 days ago


harassment ring a bell? I don't know why this is legal. If it were anyone else stalking her every move they'd be in prison for it!

2491 days ago

death on a cracker    

Get Real, don't be an idiot... this is America and in America the celebrities have a different way of life... if she doesn't like it then she needs to decide if she wants to be famous or not... if she does then the paparazzi have the right (although questionable) to follow her like they do many other celebrities... that's what she gets for wanting this lifestyle...

sorry you are wrong.

2491 days ago

Logo Designers    

to #6 - if i had a 2008 SL550 AMG - it would already have 64k miles on it

2491 days ago




2491 days ago


Why would she hide her face now..we ALL know what she looks like...tee hee

2491 days ago


Come on TMZ, can't you give us a real story? Something like "BREAKING NEWS: Photos of Dolly Parton Without Her Wig" or "BREAKING NEWS: Menudo Back Up Dancer Sprains Ankle"

Poor Brit. That woman gets beat in and day out and yet, she does her thing...stays strong...goes out in public only to be bashed and humiliated over and over again. The day she met Kevin was the day her life took a turn for the worse. That cheese bag never truly loved her. I just feel genuinely bad for her either way...drug user or not. I think she is severely depressed...brought on by post partum and it has simply spiraled. I wish she would turn into a bull dog and rough up Fed Ex a little in court. She has the money to do it, but I think her heart is too kind for that. She needs to dig deep and get tough.

2491 days ago


Why is this not suprising behavior? I don't think there is anything this girl could do that would WOW us...well, other than act normal.

2491 days ago


trying to drive away WITH the sweater over her head? yeah, cause THAT'S safe...

2491 days ago
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