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Britney -- Ashamed of Her Own Face?!

11/20/2007 10:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brit stopped for a fill-up yesterday -- no, not for Provigil and collagen -- gas. And Brit did a bizarre thing -- she hid her face from paparazzi! Unbeweaveable!

Spears went deep undercover at a 76 gas station last night, as paps begged for Britney to remove the sweater covering her daily-snapped mug. Brit wouldn't budge though, and even tried to drive off with her face still covered. All feet remained intact.

One thing's for sure -- her new car is as big a gas guzzler as the last one!


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TMZ you're all bunch of sewer rats!! Covering storys is one thing but to chase someone around to supply a low life blood sucker like K-dead with evidence is another thing. You suck!

2531 days ago


bam bam... that was great!!!

2531 days ago


Bam Bam, Suzi. Writing to yourself is weird.

2531 days ago


This is becoming ridiculous. She goes to get gas and puts a sweater over her face, because she doesn't want her picture taken, and you make a story out of it? Maybe the TMZ staff should be making stories of the positive things shes been doing, rather than trying to destroy her over stupid crap like this. Screw the haters and TMZ staff

2531 days ago


JJ.... SHUT THE HELL UP, YOU'RE NOT MAKING ANY SENSE!! Lets just ponder the fact that you could be wrong and then think of what an idiot you're being!

2531 days ago


My Dearest Misanthropic Moron in a Moo Moo Dress eating Moon Pies in front of the computer,

That post was.....uh, was just gross.

Do you eat with that mouth?

Take a lithium already.

Bear Hugs,

2531 days ago


To Misanthropic Mud Pie,

P.S....You ARE Equal Opportunity Offender.

It's not nice to lie.


2531 days ago


I actually feel sorry for this girl now.
The paps are actually contributing to the demise of her career.

2531 days ago


you know i dont even like britney spears as far as music and a role model for kids, but i believe that there should be a law that paps no matter if it is spears or any other celebraty should not be allowed to crowd around anyone with their childeren and flash camera's like crazy i think if your a celebraty unfortunately paps are a nature of the beast but when someone has childeren it is endangerment to surround them or block them like i have seen lately.

2531 days ago


I don't know why people won't leave this poor girl alone. Are we all a bunch of idiots with nothing else better to do than watch Britney get gas and Starbucks? There are so many bad things going on in the world that truly deserve our attention, yet we choose to focus on this??? We all need to get lives and let this girl live hers.

2531 days ago


I think people who bolster their comments, by writing to themselves are quite strange. Nobody agrees with them, so they boost their low self esteem by writing back to themselves. How very weird!

2531 days ago


Whatever...if she throws herself into situations where the paps can get at her, what do you expect?. It's not an issue of "Well she should stay home..." it's a simple case of not allowing herself to get caught in moments like that, but I guess it's not easy for her these days. The Paps are brutal, and she's admitted to thriving off the attention, so whatever. She seriously needs a reality check...

2531 days ago


LOL, Pebbles, you're just rediculous. It's a shame your mother didn't swallow.
I'm done supporting your pathetic plea for attention. I've got much better things to do.


2531 days ago

just me    

This scene has already been seen. She covers in desperate defense from the umpteen gazillion flash crazed paparazzi! Britney is not the story in that scene, it is the paparazzi behaving in exactly the same manner as the crazed paparazzi that chased Princess Diana to her death. Unbeweaveable!

2531 days ago


i wish she would freaking stay home and stop wasting so much gas on useless crap. obviously, just another example of her not caring about anything (including her kids) except herself. selfish and stupid

2531 days ago
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