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Hospital Chief Calls Quaid Tragedy "Preventable Error"

11/21/2007 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis QuaidAfter staff at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center accidentally gave Dennis Quaid's newborn twins and several other patients an overdose of the blood thinner heparin, the hospital's Chief Medical Officer, Michael L. Langberg, MD, apologized and issued a statement this evening.

According to Dr. Langberg, the error was "preventable" and involved "a failure to follow our standard policies and procedures." He said "there is no excuse for that to occur at Cedars-Sinai."

As for the twins, the statement did not identify them by name, but did say after giving "two patients" protamine sulfate, they "indicated no adverse effects from the higher concentration of heparin or from the temporary abnormal clotting function. Doctors continue to monitor the patients."

lick here to read Dr. Langberg's complete statement.


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Bigmama P    

My heart and prayers go out to all families involved. and very great that hospital takes responability.

2491 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

If Cedar Sinai one of the top 10 best hospitals in the USA is making life threatening mistakes..I shudder to think what's going on in lesser known hospitals..Stay healthy People!!

2491 days ago



very hard to remain optimistic for the twins considering everything

feel so sad for the parents

hope that having the prayers of a lot of people is comforting for them

pray for a miracle outcome

2491 days ago



2491 days ago


It is a bold move in this day and age for the Hospital Chief to step up and claim responsibility (I'm sure their Legal Department has now slipped into a coma from the news). I'm going to be watching this situation closely, because I'd personally like to learn, and hear, that these innocent children will be alright....and that there, hopefully, will be no lasting effects. THAT IS WHAT IS TRULY IMPORTANT! No parent should be put through this hell....
'nuff said!

2491 days ago


Jbird, you are a dip 'poo'. The ones we blame is the staff who did not follow-protocol and gave the babies to much heparin. Did your comment come straight from the 'Liberal Herd of Cattle Book of Pat Answers" basically, blame Bush for everything? You guys are unreal.

I hope the babies will be ok.

2491 days ago


It's a nice thing to know that we have one in the crowd who suffers from BDS. Bush dysfunctional syndrome. Come on, do you really think that the president is responsible for everything bad that happens.

This is a medical community problem.

2491 days ago


How incompitent. How many have died while they PRACTICE medicine. That was a violation of the Hippacratic oath to do no harm.We can only hope they will be okay.

2491 days ago


I am cery curious about this.
1. Babies were born on the 8th.
2. News said they were given overdose on Sunday the 18th
3. Hospitalized on Tuesday the 20th

This doesn't add up to me. Who gave the shots on Sunday?
Why the delay to hospitalization on Tuesday?

I feel horribly for the Quaid family but this timeline just doesn't add up?

2491 days ago


I simply do not understand how a God that is suposed to me merciful lets things like this happen to baby's, This situation is very sad!!!

2491 days ago


What a shame

2491 days ago


I've seen Dennis Quaid go left B4, and that hospital and nurse, has HELL to pay! The bad thing is, we all know the state of hositals today. Most of us can't understand how this can happen in America, but it does and we have just gotten a wake up call ! I will pray for all the families and babies!

2491 days ago

A. Mom    

I watched my daughter's OB walk into the room late in labor, and wait until way beyond the very last minute to decide on an emergency C section. He never showed up for the first delivery, until after the baby was born, despite repeated calls. The first baby was almost 7 weeks early, and spent weeks in NICU, had a heart murmur too. This time, my daughter lost a dangerous amount of blood because that quack put off the C section. I went into the "family" room after they moved my daughter to an operating room, and the containers of blood sitting around were frightening. I took photos, just in case. A family birthing room should not look like a MASH unit after a truckload of injured were brought in. This damn doctor just laughed off the delivery. My daughter had to stay longer in the hospital, and the doctor signed anything and everything to get her a private room, far away from the other mothers. My daughter didn't get a lawyer, so she wouldn't make waves. This man does not need to be delivering babies, and his insurance company should know this. The second baby was also stressed, this time from spending too much time in the birth canal.

2491 days ago


Quaid's wife had a gestational carrier. Why didn't she carry her own babies? Why are celebrities doing this?

2491 days ago

Ms Misti D    

Can you say God Answers Prayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted this prayer last night.....
Dear Father in Heaven,

Please put the angels of heaven with these parents during this tragic time. We ask that you stand guard over these twins that you gave life to, as you hold them in your healing hands. Protect them from the effects of these drugs, that were so carelessly given to them.

Send your Holy Spirit to convict the spirit of those responsible for this tragedy, that they might feel the burden of the pain this family is going through. Send your Holy Spirit to the many thoughtless people on this site, that do not have the mind to commit this situation into your hands without interjecting their hateful thoughts, that they too would feel this families pain.

It does not matter if these babies were born through a surroggate or not, at this time the only thing that matters is that THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL GIFTS FROM YOU, FATHER.

Protect them we pray

2491 days ago
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