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'Dancing' Stars

Predict Winner

11/20/2007 11:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "Dancing with the Stars" finale is only a week away -- and TMZ caught up with a few of the rejects last night, giving their picks. Check out who Jane Seymour, Mark Cuban and dancer Tony Dovolani chose as the winners.

Also out on the town: former Mess USA Tara Conner, sign-happy Jason Alexander, a solo Ron Jeremy, attention whore Michael Lohan and Hilary Duff, who was in NYC with boyfriend Mike Comrie.

All this and more in today's "Get ready to rumba!" edition of Star Catcher.


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Old School    

Marie and her Brother are WHORES for any type of exposure! Marie on Larry King talking about her 16 year old child in rehab?!! Jesus why don't you sale your own son down the river Marie for an hour of exposure with old decreped Larry King...What an A**hole Both Larrry King and Marie are for talking on this subject and her son should disinherit her some day when he wakes up to the fact of him being used and abused by his Mother for telling the World about him being underage and is in rehab!! Marie you're a MOTHER and Larry King you're just PATHETIC!

2494 days ago


Just a quick trip down memory lane...Jerry Rice came in second? Who was that soap opera star who "won" the first season? Of course part of the show is popularity. Tom Bergeron and Samantha have never said, "Vote for the best one." They always say, "Vote for the one you want to see return." Obviously the fan base in the country wanted to see Marie Osmond on the show week after week. I have voted for her myself. She makes me laugh and is the reason why I have watched the show this season. Who is the dancer that America wants to see win?

2494 days ago


The show is called 'DANCING WITH THE STARS'! So where does it stipulate that the 'Star' has to be an American? Mel B is a 'Star' in her field whether she's British, Italian, or any other Nationality. That should not matter!
What does matter, is that neither the general public and their votes, or DWTS and their 'choice of results' do not seem to match up!
As I read all the comments about DWTS - it seems that the greater majority of them favour anyone but Marie Osmond - this does not make sense to me. If these people are all voting, which they say they are, why don't the results match?
It is perfectly reasonable to assume that this is an actual measure of what the viewers really want to see and could be treated as a Poll.
Personally, I truly enjoy the show but have never voted - for this, I rely on you!
May the best STAR win!

2494 days ago


Marie ..go home.. u do not deserve to win this ! and take all your THOUSANDS of relatives with you! lol

2494 days ago


Marie should have been gone a long time ago. She made the statement the other day that she would have never made it this far if it wasn't for her brothers and Her God. If she is so religious, why not Her God then her brothers? With her family voting, there is no way she iwll not win. She is not the best dancer and never will be. This is a coordinated plot to gain publicity for the upcoming 50 Years of Osmonds specials, which I will NOT watch. I do like the Osmonds but they would have had enough viewing audience for their specials without DWS.

I will not vote for Marie! I do not think she deserves the win! She has shown all along in the competition that she does not have what it takes to win.

I have enjoyed the DWS shows and whether I agree with the winner or not, at least it was fair due to fan votes.

Go Helio!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2494 days ago


In the interest of dancing ability vs. popularity, I'd like to see the judges comments weighted more than the call-in vote. I admire Marie's ability, showmanship and perserverence--BUT clearly Sabrina or Jennie should be standing in the final call on dancing ability. Marie has earned her fan-base with her long career as an entertainer--fine! But Mel and Max, Helio and Julianne have earned my respect as DANCERS!!! It is painfyul enough having to chose between those two teams on merit without having to consider that Marie could conceivably walk away the winner on fan-base support!

2494 days ago


I'm so sick of the "Osmond Show" weekly on the DWTS show. Talk about free publicity. I admire all of the dancers but come on, so many of them are already performers. How the heck did Marie stay in the runnings so long when Sabrina was voted out long ago. My vote goes to Helio and Julianne...what a pair! Marie and Donnie need to go home!

2494 days ago

Mary L    

GO MARIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

2494 days ago



2494 days ago

Ben Dover    

I don't watch the show. Now if they want a reality show that would really get attention, put the striptease in as one of the dances.

2494 days ago

Mary L    

GO GO GO MARIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2494 days ago


It's just entertainment, so stop getting all bent out of shape. Yes I agree that the best one is already gone, but the show is about a long time fun passtime that has stood the test of time. And getting people that would not normally dance(not just the stars) to get out there and try.

2494 days ago


As much as it should be Helio Castroneves; my gut feeling is the judge's choice will be Melanie Brown(Mel B), as she's so favored by Len, and another reason; they need another woman to win, since season one when Kelly Monaco won, it's been the men, Drew Lachey, Apollo Anton Ohno.
My choice if it should've been a woman, would've been Sabrina Bryan(Cheatergirl), she was so vibrant and energetic, had alot of stage presence.
Then my theories can be all wrong, and for sentimental reasons, they may just pick Marie Osmond.

2494 days ago


I love ballroom dancing and by far, Mel and Maksim take all the glory. Give me a break about Marie. She's doing okay but should have been voted off a long time ago. Helio is just dancing with one of the most beautiful woman there is. My vote is for Mel and Mak

2494 days ago


damn whats with all the hating ?
Marie is fabulous , and has virtually sang and danced with almost every entertainer on the planet , give the girl some credit , it is s nice change to see a reality show on TV that DOESN;T promote back -stabbing ,lying ,greed ,ego and a lack of self respect to win ,,,
Marie comes from a very talented family , whats wrong with having a clean cut image ? These people have the same issues has everyone else and as a family the have had a tough year. sit back and enjoy and vote for your favorite , but lighten up and be happy to be entertained.........

2494 days ago
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