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Dennis Quaid's Newborn Twins in Medical Nightmare

11/20/2007 6:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Dennis Quaid's newborn twins are fighting for their lives after being inadvertently overdosed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Sources tell us the twins -- Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace -- were accidentally given a massive dose of Heparin, an anti-coagulant. Babies typically get 10 units. Our sources say they were each mistakenly given 10,000 units. The drug is used to flush out IV lines and prevent blood clots. We're told one dose was given on Sunday morning, another on Sunday evening.

We're told late Sunday night, both babies started to "bleed out." Both babies are now at Cedars in the neo-natal intensive care unit where we're told they are stable.

The twins were born to Quaid and wife Kimberly Buffington November 8 via surrogate.

A rep for Quaid did not immediately return our call for comment and there was no immediate comment from Cedars.

We're told a technician stored the Heparin in the wrong place, and when a nurse grabbed the medicine for the babies without looking -- it was the wrong dosage.

A source says the babies are now being given Protamine, which reverses the effects of Heparin.

UPDATE: We're told as many as thirteen patients at Cedars were mistakenly given the overdose of Heparin, but the effects are more critical because of the age and weight of the twins.

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Looks like Mr. Quaid now owns a hospital!

2528 days ago


This is just a horrifying thing that happened and to 13 other patients - fire that nurses ass! And let the lawsuits begin. I had twins at 34 weeks and as a parent all you want to do is protect them and have the peace that they are getting exactly what they need being so small - how horrible of this to happen. I hope there aren't long term effects to these precious little ones and I wish only the best for Dennis and his family that they are okay and that God is watching over them.

2528 days ago

Nancy Lazarus    

Cedars overdosed me in 2004 on dilauded and then overdosed me again on ephedrine. The overdose caused a heart attack and I was in the ICU and then moved to their cardiac unit for 5 days. Cedars is considered one of the best hospitals in the country. However approximately 15 years ago they overdosed a neighbor's baby and killed her. There are serious risks in hospitals that most people are unaware of.

2528 days ago


This is unfortunetly a somewhat common medication error. The exact story was taught during my Nursing school education however the infant in that story did not make it. Not only is the pharm tech at fault but the RN that gave the Heparin is at fault for not checking the vial and taking for granted that the correct medication was in the correct spot. She/he will probably lose her license.

2528 days ago

B Sanchez    

Even if there was a mistake in putting the Heparin in the wrong place, it is ALWAYS the person who is administering the drug that takes the final responsibility - meaning double checking what you are giving . Nurse did not observe the 5 Rights of medication administration.

2528 days ago

Carol M    

As a nurse, I know that many medication bottles are marked similarly for the same drug or even different drugs. I am so sorry for the Quaid's. I'm sorry for the Pharmacy tech who mis-stocked the medication, but the nurse.......well, he/she knows through massive training, check, double check then triple check the med, dose, route etc. and being an infant, she should have then checked three more times to be sure. A nurse should never "assume" she's got her hands on the right medications.

2528 days ago


As a nurse, I am horrified at this tragic error. The fact the technican stocked the drug in the wrong place is indeed an error. However, the nurse who administered the drug should have never made the mistake. We are taught in nursing school that drugs such as heparin ,that are anticoagulants and, drugs such as insulin , MUST be double checked with the doctor's written order,by another registered nurse before they are administered.
My heart goes out to the Quaid's. I pray there are no permanent effects for these babies as a result of two gross errors. I applaud Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for acknowledging the error and not attempting a cover-up or offering excuses.

2528 days ago


I worked as an RN in hospitals for 10yrs. Although the tech was wrong for stocking error, it is the ULTIMATE responsibility for whoever is administering a medication to verify the correct drug and dosage. Also, it was standard operating protocal in the hospitals that I worked in for 2 nurses to verify the drug and dosage on heparin and other medications, such as Insulin, prior to there administration, ESPECIALLY when giving any medication to a pediatric patient. These health care workers should have their licenses suspended.

2528 days ago

DR K Johnston    

Heparin is not used as a RAT poison and is not a RAT poison. It is probable the best and safest blood thinner to use. Coumadin and Warfarin are rat poison and long term cause cacification of the arteries and veins. So, coumadin cause heart disease long term. Heparin is awesome for a multitude of health conditions. The pharmaceutical companies have it going great. Show me the money. What if you had a business that killed hundreds of thousands of people each year and made a large profit. If you designed a toy that killed one child there would be a stir, but no one makes a stir about pharmaceutical cause deaths which are into the hundreds of thousands. No big deal, because the Stockholme syndrome has taken over your lives.

2528 days ago


Let's not blame a pharmacy tech for this error. I am an R.N. Pharmacy tech do not give the medications. It is the responsibility of the person giving the medication to make sure they are giving the proper mecication, the proper dose and to the proper patient. If the pharmacy tech placed the wrong medication in the drawer it is still the person that gives the medication responsible for making sure what is given to the patient. The order must be verified, as well as the patient and dosage. Nurses and doctors quit blaming the other people for your error. It is the error of whomever gave the medication, not the person that put the wrong medication in the drawer. Many hospitals have a policy of two people checking heparin doses and other medications that have a potential of being wrongly dosed. Nurses, check your meds and assume nothing. If you give the medication you need to read the label and dosage. Thank God that insulin was not put in the drawer. Would the person that gave it blame the pharmacy tech had they given insulin rather than heparin? I am a R.N. and am sick to death of hearing nurses blaming other people for their errors. If you give the meds, YOU AND ONLY YOU are to blame if the wrong dose or med is given. All of us have made errors and we need to learn from them to make sure it will not happen again. The solution is not playing the blame game and point fingers at others. The bottom line, whomever gave the med needs to own up that this was their error and take measures to never let this happen to them or anyone else. I am sure that pharmacy tech will be fired as is the method of instutations to take care of things. There are many links in this chain that are broken and need to be fixed to prevent this from ever happening again. This is devistating for all involved, and again thank God that this is a fixable thing since heparin can be reversed, unlike insulin. Take more care in what you are doing and less in shoving blame on others. Thanks for taking time to read this for those of you that did so.

2528 days ago

Denise Yvonne Thomson    

Dear Dennis and Kimberly,

I am truly sorry for your troubles you are going through in a moment that should be merely joyful. I will pray for you and the two precious little ones that they recover completely. WithGod's help, all things are possible. Matthew 19:26. (Facing the Giants movie)
My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
May you still have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving and be thankful that the babies are alive and they WILL get better and come home to the parents who love them so much.
God bless,
Denise Y. T.

2528 days ago

Sue RN    

I am really pissed off by some of you, blaming nurses.....she is going through hell you idiots! She went into this profession to help babies and parents in the hardest of specialities and yes she made a grievous error and she will probably never be the same for it. You are an idiot.

2528 days ago


Too, Bad #481. Praying doesn't work because religion is all fake.

Posted at 11:46AM on Nov 21st 2007 by dust

Dust is exactly what you will be, when you die ! Your soul lives on Forever,,,Dust !
Too, bad Dust ---You feel this way ! I am sure--- in Your life time? You have prayed,
when you needed help OR FOR SOMEONE ELSE !!!

Some of Us, do pray and are believer's !!! Prayer does work ! Try it, you might like it !
I am praying for the Quaid Twins...
Innocent babies, need all of the prayer, this ole world can give them :)))
Happy Thanksgiving Folks !

2528 days ago


Cedars is NOT one of the worst hospitals in the country, far from it. They take on tougher cases (those not expected to live), especially in the nicu, babies are transferred from other hospitals. If a doctor or hospital takes on tougher cases, they will have a lower percentage of positive results. Cedars is not my first choice in the LA area, but as someone who knows lots of hospitals' dirty little secrets, it's definitely my second choice.

As far as a lawsuit against Cedars, it will be tough to win anything substantial (it has to do with the way the system works) and the stress a lawsuit will put the family under will be immense. Let's all pray that the little babies recover, and if they suffer brain bleeds (IVH), they are of low grade and will very possibly have no future effect.

Please, don't think that this is an unusual occurrence. If you have a family member in the hospital, be there, ask questions and keep your eyes open. You may not make friends of some of the staff, but many will understand.

2528 days ago


One of the first things health care PROFESSIONALS learn before administering a drug is READ the label. Come on, there is NO excuse for this negligence!

2528 days ago
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