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George Clooney In A Rage After Chase

11/20/2007 1:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney: Click to Watch!TMZ obtained video of a seriously ticked off George Clooney going after paparazzi who were chasing him on his motorcycle -- Georgie don't play that!

Clooney, accompanied by girlfriend Sarah Larson, pulled over and lashed out at photogs (not TMZ) he said were cutting off other vehicles to get a good shot of him. George is a little touchy -- and who can blame him? He and Larson were involved in a New Jersey crash in September when they were hit while riding a motorcycle -- leaving George banged up and Sarah with a busted ankle.

Even when he's upset -- he's hot.

Patrick DempseyIt's virtually impossible to catch Patrick Dempsey when he isn't looking his handsome best. But TMZ may have had that rarest of spottings.

Late last night, we caught up with the TV doc, who looked a bit worse for wear during his shill-tour for his new film. As he made his weary way back to his hotel, Patrick demonstrated perfect curbside manners for a couple of fans who had suffered in the cold to see him.

Enchanted, for sure.

Baby's First Reality Check

Trista & Ryan Sutter's baby, Max, is getting a head start on the whole reality craze his parents are famous for -- by having his first Internet video at age 3 months!

Former "Bachelorette" Trista and the incredibly adorable baby boy (not her husband) taped a segment for MomLogic, a new site devoted entirely to moms. Watch the tiny tot steal the spotlight.


No Avatar


Hey, isn't old George doubled parked there? Look's like he feels it's okay for him to break the law.

2439 days ago


Your favorite fan rags are so willing to pay thousands for a picture, it's hard to blame the photogs for trying. Quit reading the mags and harassment would stop. Not.

2439 days ago


it looks a sounds like clooney had a couple of drinks in him stuttering like that , if they did all that he should of call the police but he did not

2439 days ago


Has Clooney ever wondered why other countries aren't helping out WITH BANGLADESH'S problems,oh,he's too busy battling the Papparazi'z.Never too busy to slam our country though.the traitor.

2439 days ago

Vaclav Booktapeeka    

IN MY HUMBLE OPINION ...George Clooney aka "LOONEY CLOONEY" has HAS NO TALENT OG HIS OWN and has been treading on his late Aunt Rosemary Clooney's good name for his whole career ... If she wasn't his Aunt, he'd be digging graves at some cemetary.

2439 days ago


Ummm....who really gives two sheuts about dollywood! People should wise up get the hell out of America....America is not "thee" super power anymore! If that -MUSLIM- (Jew/Jesus Killers) Obama (Osama...DOH!) gets into office...SAY GOODBYE TO ISREAL AND YOUR LIFE! -READ THE QURAN BEFORE YOU COMMENT WITH IGNORANCE- We -ALL- Better Wake Up and get ourselves straight with the "REAL" and "ONLY" God of Isreal! ***IGNORANCE ISN'T ALWAYS BLISS!***

2439 days ago


When are the laws going to be inforced that take care of the photostupids that break them everyday, all the stars don't have a chance when those guys are hanging all over the car. I say just run over their feet like Brittney did!

2439 days ago


Steady, George. It's common knowledge that the paparazzi are lowlifes and that dogs, rats, and swine all have higher morals and ethics than they do. But I don't want to see you get arrested for assault, not that I would at all mind seeing one of the paparizzi punched in the snout and left with a permanently disfigured face. But sure as hell, he would whine to the police and even cry to his mommy about it and they would find a way to make you look like the bad guy in all this. It just ain't worth it, George.

2439 days ago


George held his cool!!! I would have shot the two bastards dead immediately! After all the Paparazi are lower on the food chain then Telemarketers!!!

2439 days ago



2439 days ago


Hey Natalie, the God of Isreal is the Jews' God! Are you that stupid? And what does that have to do with George Clooney or Dancing with the Stars?

2439 days ago


I have absolutely no respect for the Hogan family now. They are irresponsible and all spoiled brats and that includes Linda! How disappointing. I thinmk VH1 should cancel there show! I can even stand looking at them on there reality show anymore. They disgust me!

2439 days ago


what happened to pammy? i can find hotter chicks at wal-mart!!!

2439 days ago


oh yeah and another loses his show over a word, and hogan's show is still on, where he put someone in the hospital and they will be a vegatable for life???

2439 days ago


Trista is boring and she just wants camera time i guess she needs her 15 minutes of fame back!
Is she ever going to really do anything with her life I mean she was a PT for 2 very short years.

2439 days ago
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