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George Clooney In A Rage After Chase

11/20/2007 1:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney: Click to Watch!TMZ obtained video of a seriously ticked off George Clooney going after paparazzi who were chasing him on his motorcycle -- Georgie don't play that!

Clooney, accompanied by girlfriend Sarah Larson, pulled over and lashed out at photogs (not TMZ) he said were cutting off other vehicles to get a good shot of him. George is a little touchy -- and who can blame him? He and Larson were involved in a New Jersey crash in September when they were hit while riding a motorcycle -- leaving George banged up and Sarah with a busted ankle.

Even when he's upset -- he's hot.

Patrick DempseyIt's virtually impossible to catch Patrick Dempsey when he isn't looking his handsome best. But TMZ may have had that rarest of spottings.

Late last night, we caught up with the TV doc, who looked a bit worse for wear during his shill-tour for his new film. As he made his weary way back to his hotel, Patrick demonstrated perfect curbside manners for a couple of fans who had suffered in the cold to see him.

Enchanted, for sure.

Baby's First Reality Check

Trista & Ryan Sutter's baby, Max, is getting a head start on the whole reality craze his parents are famous for -- by having his first Internet video at age 3 months!

Former "Bachelorette" Trista and the incredibly adorable baby boy (not her husband) taped a segment for MomLogic, a new site devoted entirely to moms. Watch the tiny tot steal the spotlight.


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Maggie Swift    

I think the Paparazzi should have cameras clicking in their eyes and ask "how do you feel about your son's overdose"?
I hate Paparazzi and people should have say so on the matter. They have too much power and literally get away with murder and the destruction of people. How about finding a better way--like getting rid of them!!
George Clooney I love you for standing up to the nuts.

2493 days ago

The Man    

Two things.... who gives a crap about that Trista baby. Also, I see where Gorge Looney is out and about again. What a perfect example of a rich hollywood elitist liberal moron. Put this putz in a big container with Rosie, Britney, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Tom Cruise, Paris Hilton, Oprah, Tim Robbins, Danny Glover, Lindsay Lohan and you get the idea..... and launch the thing into space. AHGGGG!!!!

2493 days ago

Mr V    

Good for you George...most men would've done the same thing. Nothing wrong with looking out for you and your beautiful lady friend's safety. Hopefully the paps will start backing off and start being a little more responsible

2493 days ago

Rob The Wize    

I can't wait till someone starts gunning down the paparazzi

2493 days ago


Hes a WACKO !!! He totally sucks !!

2493 days ago


he sucks

2493 days ago



2493 days ago


The Papparazzi are crazy people who think we really care about these people. I DON'T care. Clooney is a Liberal so I care even less. But they shouldn't be chased around town like that. Same for Brittney who cares? She 's in desperate need of help. Never mind chasing after her. Someone is going to get killed just like Princess Dianna.

2493 days ago


Obviously the Hogans were wrong; but the paparazzi are the bottom feeders of the world.
They play that "Got ya" game, which must come back to them, since every dog has its

2493 days ago


Good for George. These Paps need to be put in their place and reminded of the danger they put not only celebs but everyone. How many times do we see celebs hitting other cars in the parking lots. They can't even get around these morons. It's too bad that they have forgotten how they were responsible for the death of Princess Diana. These Paps need a real wake up call.

2493 days ago


George is a typical Hollywood big mouth. He is a either a full blowen Socialist or a
closet communist just like his friends Soros and Penn.

2493 days ago


The pap cut him off (as seen on vid). Clooney wasn't in a rage but he was justifiably PO'd. When the photogs surround Britney it's no wonder she can't but help to drive over a foot or two. When pap's invade a celeb's personal space causing danger to both then it's time for an arrest or two. Or three.

2493 days ago


When TMZ and the likes stop buying this sort of crap the crazyness will stop.
How many people need to get killed before there are some laws put in place to protect the artist and the public? These are just people. People who deserve to live some normal life after giving us some entertainment.
It's rediculous and I believe they should be allowed to shoot back using bullets.

2493 days ago


When will the paparazzi be delt with about their reckless behavior? One of these times they are going to kill someone if they havent already!! Then what? This should be taken very seriously, I can't blame any actor/actress for lashing out at them, You can bet I would!

2493 days ago



2493 days ago
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