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Awkward Moments with Mel B

11/21/2007 12:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Last night, paps wished Mel B a happy birthday as she left a celebratory stop at Hyde.

Mel was confused -- probably because she was born May 29.

Oh well, at least she's going on to the "Dancing" final. Happy birthday, Mel!


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I hope Helio beats her ass.

2530 days ago


she always looks like she is going to cry. look at her face here and on the show when your about to hear your score, her lip quivers and she looks like she is going to break down.

2530 days ago


Mel is a gorgeous and very talented woman. Leaver her alone

2530 days ago


I just want to know who is watching her children while she is always out and about partying. i suppose with eddie murphy's money child she can afford a nanny or two,.

2530 days ago

Happy birthday

2530 days ago


I don't wish Mel B. any ill but I have thought from the beginning that the judges are pulling for her to win and don't critique her honestly.

2530 days ago


Please don't vote for her. Vote for Marie or Helio! The Cheetah Girl got kicked off because she was a "professional". Mel B is just an older "professional"...hello...she was and is a Spice Girl...

2530 days ago


I don't care for the Spice Girls, as a group they're pretty pathetic, but I have to say Mel B is fantastic on DWTS. She is a terrific dancer, and has got a beautiful body. And after having a child only 7 months ago!!!
GO MEL!!! I'm voting for you!!!!!

2530 days ago


Dancing with the Stars hit rock-bottom when they put that slut Mel B. on, goes to show crime does pay for slime like her and her Harry Belafonte wannabe husband who only married her to get his hands on Eddie Murphy's child-support money. Geez, Mel B. extorts money from Eddie Murphy by getting pregnant, how low and disgusting is that? And her husband changed his name to Belafonte just so everyone would think he is related to the Belafonte family, talk about lame and disgusting. Mel B. and her husband are the lowest kind of GRIFTERS, and dancing with the Stars should be ashamed for promoting this kind of crap. And Mel B. sucks as bad as a dancer as she does as a mother, why is she still there?

2530 days ago

Logo Designers    

go mel b

2530 days ago


I think she is the best dancer but her personality is rather rough around the ages. People here are SUPPOSE to be judged on there dancing ability not if she had a child with whomever, or whatever. If anyone should be voted OFF is that howdy-doody time laughing cutsey Marie Osmand. Her brother is on ET constantly getting "sympathy" votes for her and the others have NO ONE plugging for them. UNFAIR she is a good dancer but as stated by the judges her steps were off, and they made it quite clear but still the public votes for her. She should have been gone by now. I would not be surprised if she wins it cause she "fainted" and she is getting a "divorce" and her Father dies, yada,yada, yada.

2530 days ago


Um...did anyone one notice the blonde leaving with them holding hands? Scary's a self proclaimed carpet muncher that's the story! I'm sure that husband has his video camera rolling!

2530 days ago


Mel B. is THE top dancer EVER on DWTS. Judging isn't to be based on popularity - and THAT IS the biggest problem I have with that show...i.e., Sabrina should never have been voted off; Jane Seymour should've BEEN gone within 2 weeks' time; Marie Osmond's cacle and so-called cutesy ways are insufferable - she, Donnie and the Osmond clan are garnering a HUGE bunch of sympathy votes constantly telling of her woes and tribulations (many of us have had multitudinous trials and tribulations, and we just keep getting up (we haven't the luxury of broadcasting it to the public for money and votes) -- Still, at the end of the day, this isn't what DWTS should be about -- it's about THE BEST DANCER! And that, without a even a hint of a doubt IS Mel B. She has the agility, the grace of a swan, the discipline, the personality -- she IS EACH AND EVERY DANCE given her. Inasmuch as I don't like that the public votes rather than just the panel, because the show IS based on the public's votes, I have been and will continue to vote for the BEST each week...and the BEST HAS BEEN AND IS Mel B. Anyone that hasn't the capacity to SEE this, has serious vision as well as rythm problems.

2530 days ago


Mel doesn't need "dead beat dad" Eddie's money!
She earned millions and millions with the Spice Girls, she's financially independent so anyone who says she wants his money need to get their facts straight.
Besides that that loser needs to take his responsibilities regardless of what he thinks
of Mel. He has 8 other kids already for God's sake!If he didn't want another one he should've used protection.

2527 days ago

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best abs in hollywood

2498 days ago

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