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Halo 3 Allegedly "Crashes" -- Gamers Pissed!

11/21/2007 3:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Microsoft is being sued by consumers who are upset about the Halo 3 video game frying while they're playing it on the Xbox. Heaven help us!
TMZ obtained a class action lawsuit filed in Federal Court, which claims Halo 3 is causing major problems when played by people using Xbox systems. Randy Nunez alleges that when he used the nearly $60 game on Xbox it would "crash, freeze, or lock up" while running.

According to the suit, Microsoft and Bungie, the company who makes Halo 3, raked in close to $300 million in the first week. Nerds!

The class action suit seeks over $5 million in damages.


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warranty nemesis    

Eh #4 you're an idiot, nuff said! The 3 Year warranty is only for "Red Light Issues" not for anything else, only the regular warranty of 1 year would be applicable!!

2530 days ago


Playstation 3 rules. Resistance of Man... The best ever.... too bad for you blue ray need not apply guys....

2530 days ago


Hey, it's a Microsoft product. They get a hold of your processor and they squeeze the heck out of it until it crashes.

Microsoft's Flight Simulator for PC is even worse. I have 4 times their recommended configuration and it crashed and damaged the MFT Table.

If it's from Microsoft, you have to expect problems because they rush out products before they really are properly tested.

2530 days ago


makes me nervous to play mine again... i dont want to have to buy a new xbox 360.

2530 days ago


Microsoft goes for features not for workability. They did this to the MSN gaming zone. They allowed a subcontractor to abuse people at will. they carred only about keeping the contract this contractor not keeping things functional.
Now the site is like how the contractor wants it ....single player no chatroom sites.

2530 days ago


I've had Halo 3 since it came out and I've never had any problems with it. No one I've talked to has.

2530 days ago


I'm a gamer and do not have a 360. However, if I did and had played Halo 3 and it crashed, I would have returned the game instead of suing M.S for it. I wonder if Jack Thompson is rejoicing in this lawsuit.

2530 days ago


Played the game without one problem, must be the gamers doing something wrong.

2530 days ago


Wow, what a bunch of ignorant people to assume only nerds play video games. I live in a frat house at the Rhodes College of TN and we play it almost every night and even have some sorority girls that like to play it with us. Wake up you ignorant, uneducated jackasses.

2530 days ago


The person who filed the lawsuit is smart enough to know that it was Halo3 and only Halo3 that damaged his 360 enough so that it specifically caused the red rings of death... but was too stupid to figure out that a $19 accessory ( cooling fan ) would prevent it? What's the world coming to? I'll bet he forgot to Read the Manual (RTM) about ensuring adequate ventilation for his equipment in the first place. It's almost too bad that M$ is gonna get stiffed by this idiot. I wonder if he's also sued McDonalds for serving their hot coffee too hot? What a dumbass! I have an older 360; I have a cooling fan; I played Halo3 almost non-stop the first weekend it was out in both single and multiplayer mode (had to finish the single player storyline!!!) - sorry, no Red Rings of Death on mine - does that mean it won't ever happen? maybe, maybe not, but even if it does I know that M$ will fix it free of charge (and the games kick PS3 square in the shorts). That guy just has way too much time on his hands and a bad attitude - I hope M$ finds a way to countersue.

2530 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

@ Kitty

Thankx 4 pointing out the speling errror. Without peeple like ew, all posts wuldnt make cents.

2530 days ago


I'm not surprised, the Xbox 360 is a hunk of junk. We're awaiting our THIRD replacement, which will stop working like the others. Plus, all the money I've spent for online play, never have a damn game station to play at all. And, no, we don't play all day long. In fact, I haven't even played one game yet. If you're wanting to get one, tear your money up instead and avoid the endless b.s.

2530 days ago


Cooling fans will void the warranty, and they can tell if you've used one. Also, they don't allow the heat to escape, but rather blow it back inside. I don't recommend them at all.

2530 days ago


I dont get the chance to play with my 360 anymore since having kids. It plays more "Thomas and Friends" and "Spongebob" DVD's then it does games. But I just received Halo 3 as a birthday present and as soon as I put the game in the console a dialog box popped up and said that I needed a update tp play the game. I proceeded with the update and when complete my system froze, after rebooting it I witnessed the cursed "Ring of Death". Mind you I never had one problem with this unit until trying to play Halo 3. Off to the repair shop I go! Total BS that quality from expensive products like this sucks anymore. When will these corporate fatheads start putting quality and service in front of earning that buck?

2530 days ago


To DrDenNet #29

I might add that I was also using a additonal cooling fan when I tried to play the game, I didnt even get far enough to require it before my system crashed. Not even the title screen appeared.

2530 days ago
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