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Halo 3 Allegedly "Crashes" -- Gamers Pissed!

11/21/2007 3:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Microsoft is being sued by consumers who are upset about the Halo 3 video game frying while they're playing it on the Xbox. Heaven help us!
TMZ obtained a class action lawsuit filed in Federal Court, which claims Halo 3 is causing major problems when played by people using Xbox systems. Randy Nunez alleges that when he used the nearly $60 game on Xbox it would "crash, freeze, or lock up" while running.

According to the suit, Microsoft and Bungie, the company who makes Halo 3, raked in close to $300 million in the first week. Nerds!

The class action suit seeks over $5 million in damages.


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Glisten Garbor    

I've seen the inside of Travolta's house in a magazine and it is very masculine. You would never know that a woman lived there. No fem touches anywhere from what I could see..How can Kelly stand it?

2506 days ago

Demon 13    

I would like to say two things 1. I play Halo3 and I am not, I repeat NOT a game nerd so you can take that and stick it where the sun doesn't shine. 2. If you were smart you would have gotten the warranty and insurance and then you wouldn't have this problem now would you? But you probably didn't think about that when you bought it did you? By the way to TMZ I don't appreciate being called a nerd and I'll remember this when I change the channel off your rag TV.

2506 days ago


Hey - dude (someone named Me?) who posted this @ # 27 - are you a completely mental? The cooling fan doesn't go INSIDE the 360, but snaps on the back (adds a vga monitor port, 4 USB ports, etc.) - doesn't crack the case or anything. It does not void the warranty and blows the hot air out of and away from the system.

Has anyone else noticed that most of the people who've had the Red Ring of Death have had it more than once... is it coincidence or perhaps environmental? or just because they can't RTFM? (read the F manual).

Techwise, the PS3's are awesome, gamewise, they rely on a bevy of old and proven titles with very few but notable exceptions. Being from Sony, you can bet that by this time next year, their slew of games will probably include many more 360 killa's - where they can't compete (at least not today) is with online multi-player - that belongs to the 360 and to PC's.


27. Cooling fans will void the warranty, and they can tell if you've used one. Also, they don't allow the heat to escape, but rather blow it back inside. I don't recommend them at all.

Posted at 4:39PM on Nov 21st 2007 by Me

2506 days ago

The Truth    

The truth is that the XBOX360 CRASHES. It red rings. Games don't make the red ring of death come up. Faulty xboxes or misused xboxes. In my case, I replaced 4 xboxes. It was not caused by any game nor misuse. Just faulty units. Some were lucky enough to didge the issues.

The simple fact is, if you play xbox for months then some day you try a new game anmd it crashes, it's easy to assume it's the game. It's not. I'm not advocating any lawsuits but, if you want a class action suit sue over the xbox itself, NOT a single game. That just makes you and anyone who goes along with you look silly. Just check the oldest logs on every game post on xbox forums. There are ALWAYS 12 or more people claiming (whichever game) crashed there xbox. Silliness!

2506 days ago

The Truth    

Yes I know I had mistypes. You try keeping typing without errors while keeping a todler out of trouble and responding to a silly story..:)

2506 days ago


$5 million! that's rediculous...and what a wase of what if you lost some money but he's going to lose even more with laywers and i don't think he's going to win

2506 days ago


he probably just played the game for 20 hours straight and fried his xbox on his own by doing that.. i did that when halo 3 came out cause me and my friends are gamer junkies. but they fixed my xbox for free. actually just sent me a new one. halo 3 doesnt kill xboxs. addicted kids kill xboxs lol.

2505 days ago


Yeah? Well if Electronic Arts and Tilted Mills aren't careful they will find themselves in the same position over SimCity Societies. The $50 game was released last week and despite a useless patch that was released the very same day the boards are full of furious gamers who want a refund because the game is essentially unplayable. It freezes and/or crashes on most systems regardless of highend specs and the manufacturers are mum on the release of a new patch. EA games has a very loyal following of Sims and Simcities players who are livid over the most recent games using secuROM as a copyprotector which stays in your harddrive after uninstalling the game and requires extreme skill to remove.

2505 days ago


This is nothing, the xbox eats games for lunch if put on its side during play. It can either be on its side or upright, but cannot be transitioned during play. If one does, then microsoft will replace the disc for 20 dollars. Thats right, theyre defective hardware cost you money if a guest doesn't know about the flaw. Whats more the hardware is more likely to freeze up within minutes and not hours of play - due to a flaw in the active cooling. If you let it run first, then there is no problem. But if you leave it off in order to conserve power, then your game may be unplayable. WTF is up with that?

The ps3 will replace discs for free, never eats them, and even gives you new remotes when your internal battery finaly kicks it. Whats more, online play is free with the ps3.

Kinda makes you think huh.

Microsoft sucks.

2505 days ago


Women have Mickey, Winnie the Pooh, and Hello Kitty to play have Xbox's, PS3's and cars. So ladies, lay off the "nerd" comments-you'd be surprised about the gaming demographics.

2505 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

My girlfriend plays and can rock the games she likes! Plus she's a college grad with good looks! So much for demographics.

2505 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Does the 360 Elite fair much better, or is it the same deal with fancier packaging?

2505 days ago

The Truth    

sorry but you look like say a game killed xbox360. I guess my last post fell on def ears. I am a desktop support guy and this is the same kind of response the novice who doesn't understand these things would respond. Like for example: It worked yesterday. Of course it worked yesterday. that's why now we call it broken. The game is just a coincidence. If you get a flat tire on the highway because you hit a nail before getting on the highway then it happens again the next day with a new tire, it's not the highway breaking your tires. Are you really going to blame the highway because that's the only time it ever goes flat? Or are you just driving on a crappy road before getting on the highway? Bad Xboxes not bad games.

2504 days ago



I love all the people calling the gamers nerds, but you guys post on a website dedicated to stalking celebrities. bahahahaha

2504 days ago

Ben Dover    

F@#$ TMZ. I'd rather play an online game than hear about Britney Spear's weekend.

2504 days ago
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