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Klum Loves Her Bazooms

11/21/2007 3:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It looks like all the guys who drool over Heidi Klum's fantastic rack aren't alone -- Heidi likes playing with 'em too!

In preparation for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on December 4, Heidi made an amazing video, showcasing the hidden talents of her two best assets.

She would have made a great Fembot!


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Her family must be so proud.

Generally, I think she's an okay gal, but about embarrassing. Someone is trying waaay too hard, here.

2493 days ago



Here I've put together a celebrity top 7 asses:

2493 days ago


We love those bajungas too! See the whole collection...

2493 days ago


i am a little weirded out by that video. just saying.

2493 days ago


yeah, "me," teaching children to love their bodies and sex is what goes into the making of a....PARIS HILTON AND A LINDSAY LOHAN AND A BRITNEY SPEARS, you dork. God forbid children should learn to RESPECT themselves through the good example of parents that actually understand that being good role models is the best way to raise children that grow up WITH MORALS. Of course, I do realize how old-fashioned this kind of parenting is to people like "me" here, which is why Hollywood parents churn out so many PARIS HILTON/LINDSAY LOHAN/BRITNEY SPEARS types who, in turn, will raise their own messed up kids in their own messed up images and likenesses - it's a vicious cycle of crap parenting from self-absorbed morons who grew up loving their bodies and sex. Time for Heidi to grow up anyway, besides being a mother , she is too old to play the ingenue in heat bit. And I so agree, Heidi needs to stop talking, she sounds so vain and dumb, and now this video just validates her lack of intelligence and class. Tired of her.

2493 days ago


Puleeze, why is it that WE (collective), think that BIG breasts are such an asset/jewelry/to be shown all the time (J.Jackson, M.Carey)...they're for feeding babies, thats it, that was the sole purpose of them...I wish that every women in America, specially the ones that are so proud of their big ones (implants or otherwise), would have to volunteer 1 night a month on a breast surgery ward (particularly, the mastecomemy unit) and have to hold the bedpan for the patient to throw up in, because their collossal breasts, got maligned with cancer, and then they can see just how really beautiful and what an asset it is, to have those things cut off to save your life.

2493 days ago


Ummm, aren't they plastic? If they were natural, they'd be impressive, but bottom line, they are plastic. How can that be a turn on? Go to any toy store, grab a couple of balls and have at it......same thing!!

2493 days ago


I never, EVER thought that Heidi Klum could do ANTHING that would be annoying to me! I mean, gorgeous, cute voice, perky and up-beat........but YIKES HEIDI - that was some ANNOYING giggling you did there - COULD NOT watch it again......usually, I will watch Heidi Klum several times - because she is just so darn adorable......but NOT here.........YUCK - I need to go take some Tums to get over that one.........STICK TO SINGING and judging fashion, and modeling bras with your voice box OFF, HEIDI - PLEASE!

2493 days ago


Wall fly, what happened in your life to cause such bizarre & useless behavior? Fetal alcohol syndrome? All you do is post-up meaningless & trite nonsense. What's the point to your redundancy? That's a rhetorical btw -- & if u don't have a dictionary, this means it's more like a comment, with no answer required -- especially when there couldn't possibly be one that makes one iota of sense.

2493 days ago


It's obvious her implants are lobsided. She looks ridiculous.

2493 days ago


Heidi is pretty and such but so are many other women who are not on a cover. Moreover, I find Heidi types annoying and overrated. On her project runway she seems fake and over the top (just like Tyra Banks) . These people are just totally consumed with themselves...there is no separation between what they do for money and their private lives. I am also sick of her flaunting her husband Seal, for a shock value of him being black and ,well, less than good looking, around. Overall, she behaves like a ho who just has a job and a lot of money. A disgusting woman!

2493 days ago

L Dogg    

is she high?????????? i don't get it. she must have been on something to think her video is that funny that she has to keep laughing like a crack head.

2493 days ago


She's beautiful, but she is too aware she is. And she is being a silly turd acting like that - 3 kids and all. She cavorted with Britney at her Halloween party - the chick is obvously wacky.

And Seal? Nice guy, but he has a face only a mother could love. Heidi just loves his undercarriage.

2493 days ago

Lou Lou    

This woman is so overrated. She looks plastic to me, with that botched nose job and fake breasts. I don't really understand the appeal - she just looks like a plastic barbie to me.

2493 days ago


How very anna nicole of her

2493 days ago
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